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  1. Hey, I remember you! I also was a kid when I was on here back in the day, I think I was....14? Glad to see you're interested in writing matches, the more the merrier! My username is pretty cringy too, but can't do anything about it hehe 🤧
  2. I look around, to see if there is anywhere I can hide. If I can get out if it's view, I might be safe.
  3. Uh, I try to sneak by all quiet like
  4. Well, in that case...if what SSJ states is true about them being equal in hand to hand, I honestly think Canary's screech would give her an advantage.
  5. Ma, that seemed like a high budget porn flick. I think if Widow can get the drop on Canary, she could just snipe her right?
  6. We're starved for matches. We'll jump on anything, just a crumb of a match.
  7. I try to river, everyone knows zombies can't swim.
  8. I decided to go to the police station!
  9. Yeah, isn't Apocalypse stronger than Superman?
  10. I look at my surroundings, need to find something useful.
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