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  1. So I watched Gunbuster, which I thought was pretty amazing for such a short anime. It heavily reminded me of Evangelion, which is one of my favourites. I then watched only half of Diebuster - pretty average, it didn't grab me the same way and I'll probably come back to it at a later date. On the note of Evangelion, I finally found a Blu-Ray rip of 3.33 and I can't wait to watch it sometime this weekend. Next anime, Black Lagoon.
  2. Gurren Lagann with ease, the mech is the size of at least several galaxies and destroyed a universe with the side effects of his drills power.
  3. A cage match to the death/k.o - the cage is roughly the size of a small supermarket. Each fighter will be in character. FIGHT!
  4. I loved Samurai Champloo and I might get stick for this, but even more so than Bebop. What an amazing anime. I wonder what I will watch next.
  5. Well, they have every other kinda merchandise imaginable. KISS: The definition of a sold-out band.
  6. I heard this song the other night in a club and was pissing myself, I think it might be Chinese, or Japanese "Op Op Op OPIUM GANGBANG STYLE!" i'll try and find it for you all >< hilarious.
  7. I today became part of the forty people luckily enough to go to a special night with Shinichiro Watanabe in Edinburgh. Where he will choose two of his favourite Cowboy Bebop episodes to be shown, have a Q&A session and then a signing with special edition prints being handed out. The best part was it only cost 6 pounds for a ticket . The geek inside of me has turned into a Mind Game character freak out ><
  8. Recently finished Daily Lives of High School Boys and Is That a Zombie? - both very enjoyable in their own rights. I am currently watching Samurai Champloo which seems pretty cool.
  9. After the Red Coats had defeated the X-mansion a new target was set in place... The Avengers. For this battle though the Red Coats were going to need some reinforcements. This fight takes place in an abandoned New York city with team Red Coats starting in Hells Kitchen, whilst the Avengers are in Brooklyn. A fight to the death/K.O Teams Avengers Iron Man (Standard suit) War Machine Hulk Iron Fist Captain America Hawkeye Black Panther Spiderman Venom She-Hulk Red Coats Alucard Dante Vash Vincent Valentine Tetsuo (Akira) Edward Elric Itachi Uchiha (w/regeneration technique on) Akuma Lazengann FIGHT!
  10. Black Adam > Superman Wonder Women + Solomon Grundy > Wonder Women Aquaman > Batman Raven + Cyborg > Hawkgirl Sinestro > Green Lantern Yellow Lantern + Superman > Martian Manhunter Clean Sweep with the only real threat coming from MM.
  11. I doubt it since they are releasing the complete collection soon, but who knows.
  12. I actually enjoyed the whole series. I just finished Kore wa Zombie Desu ka haha and it was very enjoyable with its fan service bulging in every scene.
  13. I love how Baneblade's post just went right over everyones head.
  14. That video almost made me a lil Wayne fan, what a knob.
  15. Lil Wayne is bottom of the barrel material, piss poor.
  16. Some hip hop straight from the greatest city in the world - GLASGOW! Mistah Bohze Mog Gasp
  17. Q-Tip, Andre 3000 and Mistah Bohze.
  18. Hmm I'm afraid I don't know too much about the Star Wars universe in order to have a fully informed opinion, but I do know that Edward is highly versatile in using the environment for both protection and attack. I'll have to wait and hear exactly what Anakin is capable of.
  19. Couldn't Edward just make the ground swallow and crush Anakin?
  20. Ehm, he has leveled cities with one blast, blew a huge chunk off the moon, on panel it stated that his angel arm was able to destroy a planet, a healing factor which could make him near immortal, speed and reflexes that are able to easily dodge people that can out maneuver bullets with ease, he can fire mini black holes through his gun, perfect aim, he was able to mentally defend himself against Legato who can control cities of people with no effort.
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