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  1. I bet the OTHERS are not sinister at all. That when we finally encounter them, they'll just be a bunch of old NERDS. Also, the Voice is obviously voiced by Jessica Walter.
  2. Apparently, I wrote this on November 5th, 2019. Something which I forgot about until I was going through my files just now. It seems I was doing some sorta reboot thing, fiction-wise. Re: FPL Caxan was dying... and there wasn't a damn thing that could be done about it. For endless eternities, it had been the Nexus of All Realities. A place where the impossible was merely improbable. And the probable was definitely a reality. But now, the unthinkable was happening. The end of the long and winding road. Perhaps most vexing of all was that the Apocalypse wasn't even triggered by anything or anyone. It wasn't the Void finally breaking through to existence in all its magnificent nothingness. It wasn't the machination of some uber villain. It wasn't even some cosmic accident. It was simply a matter of fact. Things die and so does, apparently, a "place" like Caxan. And with the end of Caxan, so too, does everything end with it. For despite the efforts of the heroic Sentinels of Liberty & Justice and their vigilante counterparts, the Reavers or even the "bad guys", from the Fallen to the Marauders; from gods in heaven to demons in hell, to those purveyors of Fate known as the Powers That Be or the Admin, who run the Arena and maintain the Core of Caxan; all the way to plain ol' Joe Average who happened to know what was happening... and inspite of those few who would actually welcome and work toward the death of Caxan... At the end of it all, their efforts were for nought. Caxan has died. In that instant, reality and the nature of the universe collapsed. Everything and even nothing itself, imploded into oblivion. Even the Void was not spared. All across the multiverse, it happened and by extension, unhappened. No version of any individual was not undone. There was no escaping it either. The once Nexus of All Realities was connected to everything, even so-called personal bubble dimensions. Time travel didn't work either. Every moment of time, whether past or future, disintegrated all at once with the present that was Caxan's end. In the end, it was... the end. In the beginning, there was nothing left. But then something happened and it lasted a really, REALLY long time, but fortunately, that ultimately died off as well. Don't worry about what that thing was. Trust me, you wouldn't want to have anything to do with it. The point is, after THAT, there was nothing again. Until... Let there be light.
  3. I'd go with Dogpound and Fishface. Bebop and Rocksteady had access to higher tech weaponry, but didn't really do too much with 'em. At the height of their threat level, they were tough but I wouldn't say legitimately deadly. Unless we're talking about the time they got training from a ninja spirit, they never quite recovered from villain decay. Tokka and Rahzar, eh, they were limited by the rubber suit technology of the time. Dogpound and Fishface are legitimate threats to the best choreographed/animated turtles yet. Sure, they suffer villain decay, but not too much yet.
  4. I dig it, very "the Ring". Also reveals more of the whole MG thing. Yeah, like J-Pop or K-Pop idols, picked out, trained up, used up and finally thrown out. And by thrown out, we mean allowed to die/killed.
  5. This started as something in m' 'ead as the setup for like, a group of people who like, bust ghosts and other supernatural stuff. But it works as a Crow-Man mini-fic, so here we go. ------------------------------ At the end of World War 2, after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the people there suffered and died for years to come. Now bear in mind that even in the modern day, there are people who genuinely believe in spirits and the supernatural; and that information was hard to come by in those days. Back then, the people there had no idea that it was the radioactive fallout that was the cause of their prolonged torment. So while we as men of science might scoff at them now, it was with great earnesty that a group of high ranking officials arranged for and held a massive exorcism at ground zero of both Little Boy and Fat Man. The result, as we now know, was catastrophic. Quite simply, the exorcisms failed and ripped the fabric of reality at both those sites, allowing all manner of malevolent forces to barge into our existence. The gods, roused by this, quickly mobilized their numbers, but caught off guard by this sudden influx of antagonistic spirits, they only managed a desperate stalemate that was fast disintegrating by the minute. Only the sudden appearance of a powerful "Tengu", turned the tide at Hiroshima, allowing gods and men alike to repair the damaged existences there. Nagasaki, faired less well. With Hiroshima secured, the gods and men there went to support their brethren. They pushed the invasion back, but the damage to reality there was too extensive, they could not repair it fully like they did at Hiroshima. The most they could do was seal the worst of it. And even then, several incredibly powerful entities had already come to our side and there was nothing that could be done about it. Fortunately, as we've already mentioned, information did not travel freely back then. The entire disaster was covered up. What knowledge of events that escaped to the public, was dismissed as superstition. Science prevailed. Of course, we now know who that mysterious "Tengu" was. It's obvious, now that we have retrospect on our side...
  6. My computer died, and in its final death throes, it dug its claws deep into my internet and dragged it along into oblivion. But through the magic of science, I've returned, to find that you're still a goddamn slacker. Release the next bit you git!
  7. Part 2 gosh darnit, cons are no excuse.
  8. Yeah I dig this. Like the 2 hours ago/10 minutes later device too. Lotsa nice MLP-ness and it further unites/cements the universes. Fic's good so far, on account that there's plenty-a unicorn, ohoho. But the effect is Continuity, which is also good.
  9. Oh, and I think to further clarify, while Peccavi's Cafe itself does deal in "business activities", it's also a place where a lot of private or side deals happen. Also, Seryph is a Gibbon, literally. Like Momonga Segal is a momonga, literally. CANON!
  10. Only Kurio probably wouldn't pay 600 bucks for what is obviously a worthless piece of junk. Nor would he take the first outlandish offer. Not that I watch Pawn Stars, but I managed to catch the occasional reality show where they sell these "super rare finds" and jeeze, those guys don't know how to bargain at all.
  11. Yeah, he's a curio merchant (ohoho, meaningful name). He deals in occult stuff mostly. Buys and sells. And the occasional services like appraisals and stuff. As far as the current setting goes, he's arguably the most knowledgeable guy around (in a general, non-specific sense).
  12. The boy gave her an unrestrained smile as he dug into his meal with gusto. His guardians(?) chastising him for his poor manners. Sierra smiled back and went about her way. As she did, the bell rang... The ambassador swaggered into what to him, was a lil' crap hole excuse for a pub. Although years of diplomatic experience mentally corrected him, it wasn't shitty, it was "dingy", maybe even "quaint" if he was feeling generous. Which was something he was willing to be these days. Years of getting everything his way mellowed out the ol' hellraiser. He ignored the light ring of a bell which marked his entrance, as did anyone who deemed to see who the newcomer was. They were more surprised to realize who it was who's just entered the establishment. It wasn't often that someone of his standing would make an appearance at a place like Peccavi's Cafe. The cafe was known more for being a relatively family friendly affair with a side of dangerous seedy underbelly that most "normal" patrons were happy, no, eager to ignore in favor of the affordably priced class that the area generally lacked. Besides, it added to the thrill of being there. But here was something, or rather someone, harder to just ignore. Someone who made all of the "normal" and even some of the "abnormal" patrons wish they were somewhere else. It wasn't simply the way he looked or how he liked to carry himself. Both of which were rather prominent and hard to miss. It wasn't even because the ambassador was well, an ambassador. A well known one in fact. It had more to do with WHY he was such a well known ambassador. Indeed, he wasn't simply famous. He had achieved the level of fame commonly referred to as "infamous". Tattoos showing through clothes that could abolish poverty, the ambassador of United Spain & Portugal to the U.S. of A was a key participant to the Michigan Massacre. Ramirez Dosaz was a player of the public world stage. Not the shadowy behind-the-scenes clandestiny or mundane criminal activity that Peccavi's Cafe normally caters to. Hell, the fact that he wasn't using an agent or obsfocuting his identity meant that for whatever reason he came here, it PROBABLY wasn't a matter of conspiracy. Which put the "abnormal" at ease as far as the significance of his went, but nobody was still comfortable with this tiger in their wolf's den. None of this, Ramirez cared one bloody lick about. He scanned the cafe, he knew who was he was looking for, and the little twat had best not be lat- ah, there he is. In front of the bird serving him coffee. Ramirez made his way boldly toward the little merchant of curiosities, who was already clearing a place for the ambassador. "A bottle of Johnny Blue for my mate and I 'ere, lass" he said, groping the waitress' ass a little longer and more familiarly than was kosher. Sierra took it in stride. "Of course", she returned with a bow. "Might I suggest something from our Black Menu, the selection there would go especially well with your drink". "It's alright lass, I won't be 'ere long, but give yerself a big tip. I'll leave the size up to yer discretion". "Very good sir", Sierra gave another bow and went to fill the ambassador's order. Turning to the merchant, the ambassador finally deemed to greet him. "Oi, Kaufmann". "Hello ambassador, so what can I do for you today?". "A simple matter for the likes o' you", carefully, almost reverently, the ambassador took out a small package, wrapped in silk, and placed it on the table with a small 'clink'. He motioned for Kaufmann to proceed. Proceed with what? He was wordless. But presumed that Kaufmann would know the procedures better than himself. To which the small businessman did. Seeing how cautiously the former member of the villain group, the United, treated the package, Kurio Kaufmann took his own precautions. Putting on protective gloves and subtly activating multiple wards, he unwrapped the silk package, which he noted, not only had protective spells cast upon it, but was wrapped in an impossibly asymmetric manner of cloth origami. And within the silk wrappings, was a little iron box, etched with runes. Well, that explained the "clink". Kurio looked up, in the time it took him to unwrap the package, Ramirez was already well on his way with a third of his Blue Label. "Smooth stuff", the ambassador chimed in with a smile. He did not offer Kaufmann a glass. He wanted the man to keep a clear head. Kurio gave a slight nod of acknowledgement and returned his attention to the little iron box before him. He opened it carefully and took an involuntary sharp breath at seeing what was inside. He couldn't close the lid fast enough. Ramirez leaned in, but not too closely, since the box was between them. "So, what's yer appraisal then?". "Well, you seem to know what it is. So what do you want me to confirm?". "Is it the real deal?". "Oh yes", Kurio leaned back. He dabbed away a bit of sweat he just noticed and helped himself to some of the Blue Label. He felt a little more relaxed now. The tension earlier was from not knowing what was inside the package, yet being spurned by instinct not to find out. Now that he knew what was inside, he could suppress his instinct and allow his reason and knowledge to keep him safe. "It's the real deal alright". "Really? 'cause it didn't seem like you looked at it too long enough t' find out". "Don't worry, I looked long enough. Besides, you know where to find me if I'm wrong". Ramirez mulled over that for awhile, perhaps a longer while than he should. "It's just, I'll be presentin' this to m' ma'am". Ramirez let that hang for a bit. By "ma'am" he meant the Queen of United Spain & Portugal. He wanted to give Kurio a little time for that to click in his head. "You sure about this?" Kurio nodded, "I'm sure". Well he BETTER be sure, Kurio thought to himself. Which he was, but still, the Queen of U.S.P. was not someone you wanted to disappoint. The architect behind the Michigan Massacre, she's pretty much up there as far as heavy hitters go. This was serious business, and well, Kurio IS a damn good businessman so... "Here, let me wrap this up for you", Kaufmann said, taking back the package and carefully but deftly restoring it's protective spells. "And I'll add in this chain for added security". Ramirez grinned, "Sure sure, ever the opportunist are we?". Kurio returned the grin and gave some bullshit salesman line about how the chain was totally necessary or that he's not making anything off of this or it's a living or whatever. It's the same salesman small talk that always goes on after a successful sale. They bullshitted for another few minutes before Ramirez abruptly stood up to take his leave. The Ambassador took back his package and threw a thick wad of cash at Kurio to pay for services rendered and to cover the drinks. He also gave Sierra a sizeable tip on the way out. "So what was in the box Mr. Kaufmann?", Sierra asked innocently whilst clearing up the table. "Fragment of a unicorn horn. Nasty nasty business there. No good ever comes of unicorns you know. Hey, did you know that-" and so Kurio rambled on while Sierra just smiled and nodded, ignoring him as usual. Unicorns eh? Like that nice unicorn boy at tabl- eh? She looked at where the boy from earlier was and only saw the boy's guardians(?) sitting there, very very still. But I could have sworn he was just there... Sierra sighed. Well, there goes her tip.
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