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  1. Yup. Ok. Found some actual stuff about her. The Kherubim High Lord Too Stronk. The Kusar Blades are a hell of a loop hole, but I digress, she still kicks super butt.
  2. Really? The missing slot says other wise. In all seriousness, what does Zealot really bring to the table? Skill? Their easily equals in their own right. Experience? It only goes so far in a hand to hand fight. Their speed and durability are around the same. Strength on the other hand goes to Master Asia.
  3. Zealot has no slot. Master Asia wins with no effort.
  4. *Maharil was apprehensive, but she was able to push it aside to help the poor guy. She checks on the head, remembering the medical books she once read. "Hmm, ok, it looks kinda ok, but we definitly need to take you the sickbay." She then looks over to the boot, "now let's see what kind of damage we got here." She says as she slowly pulls off the boot to see the extent of the damage. *"Copy that." Hell-Cat replies back. "You heard that team? We just gotta leave it to the grunts, but, we got to make sure there won't be any more surprises. So, if your bored, widen the perimeter."
  5. If Lady Shiva can beat this kind of guy. I`ll give her the win. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?feature=youtube_gdata_player&v=inxKYrkasNU&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DinxKYrkasNU%26feature%3Dyoutube_gdata_player Basicly a guy that is able to manipulate hydrogen and oxygen particles to his whim
  6. Interesting indeed. Uncanny even. Two "Star" warriors battling it out, or are they actually battling out? Tom, would you like to agree on a specific scenario? Maybe other than a battle, though if you really do want a "battle" I would not disagree.
  7. Riri was about to go help, but she noticed off to her side, Kaito, and the new guy that appeared right next to Aishi. So she quickly stopped not tring to interfere with waht ever they might have planned
  8. If there's still room; Name: Viewtiful Joe Series: Viewtiful Joe Where he was: Watching a Captain Blue Marathon and Name: Kirby Series: Kirby Where he was: this-
  9. Don`t know how I feel about the set-up...but, I say Fox wins this. He has been more on his feet then Falco. He`s the better close quarters combatant, though if this was in arwings, falco takes it.
  10. Hellcat- "No, Lynx. We take definsive manuvers, just in case..." Hellcat then hears Talon over the intercom and she laughs. "Is that really an insult? It's going to take more then that to hurt my feelings, Tweety Bird." She then regains composure and orders Talon and Cutthroat back to their postition. Maharil-Maharils ears perked up, her heart started racing again as she heard the moan. Steeling her nerves, she took another breath before carefully jogging towards the lowmoan. "Hey...where are you? How badly are you injured?" She says worried.
  11. It isn`t. He most likely saw the intro to Metriod: Other M. Where Mother Brain kills the Metriod Hatchling, but not before powering up Samus giving her the Hyperbeam. As for the match, if they are IC, DV will take out his light saber, sizing her up and in that time Samus scans him figuring out he has a life support system that can easily be shorted out, which she has the means too.
  12. If it`s an end-game Samus, it be more even. Anything less and she`s a gonner. Though, we don`t really know the parameters of the rumble. It could very well not be a fight at all. Maybe it`s a pretty cool fanfic in the making?
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