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  1. The Force >>> Biotics I've debated enough star wars to know that even with numbers, skill and homefield advantage Shepard and crew are going to be KIA with fairly little resistnace. For one thing, Vader with a push easily deflects their weapons. The thing about extremly small mass projectiles, is that while they can be accelerated quickly, they also decelerate quickly under conventional resistance... that's why even the sniper rifle only has a range of a few hundred meters... Next there is litterally no defense Shepards crew has against the force. Biotics works on manipulation of element zero via the mind and amps. The Force is a manipulation of pretty much everything the user can think of. Presumably Vader could theroretically manipulate their powers as they use them. Then you have Vaders Precognition, with that, essentially there is no homefield advantage, or an advantage due to their unfamiliar weapons (which I'm sure seeing as how there was already a battle with stormtroopers and such that he'd already have been briefed on their weapons) He would know where they would by hiding, and when they would initiate their attempted ambush of him. And with a wave, their weapons are either destroyed, ripped out of their hands, or if they get to fire, the rounds would be scattered into the hull and do nothing... And THEN their weapons would be gone. Then they'd have to enter into unarmed combat against Vader... if they even get that far. As Vader would no doubt kill one or two of them before they even get to him, via a force crush or push with enough pressure to crumple them agaisnt a bulkhead or something. However, you could make the arguement that Wrex distracts him with some Biotic powers... presumably Wrex would be the first to die then, or at least be wounded out of the "first round" of combat. Lets assume that Shepard and Garrus then get into close combat with Vader. Vader then cleaves them apart with his lightsaber. As ME shields don't block directed energy weapons. Limbs will fly, and then if wrex survives the push from earler he dies at this point.. That is unless Vader wants some captives to interogate... Then it's a whole nother game, but Vader still wins though.
  2. In all likelyhood though, until/if the flood adapt themselves against the acid from the Xeno's the whole battle would be on be faught a cellular level. Flood would start breaking down all the biomass their spores come in contact with, creating more spores. Xenomorphs would fall, and perhaps a handful would rise as combat forms, but the key function they would provide wouldn't be in combat or large scale infection, more in propagation of more spores deeper into places that the wind or water couldn't take spores.
  3. Wish I had a tablet... and the time to draw...
  4. If at all... a Xeno is just a paracite, the Flood are a full on Virus. Any egg or embro that a face hugger would be able to put into a flood form would end up dying and being absorbed into the flood biomass. The Xeno on the other hand while being able to take on and posibly win battles against infected Xenos, would eventually all fall as the flood start converting the planets atmosphere to produce infecting spores. Which don't require breathing to infect, as in large quantities evne being covered in them is enough to infect.
  5. Ooh, how about something like this... The Hero: A Smuggler, Han Solo type, s/he's in over their head on a debt from a botched shipment. Needs quick cash, so has to take a dirty/dangerous job... That leads to... The Setting: One of these strip mine worlds... only in the early stages. The natives are being occupied by the CIS... the Republic knows about this, but can't send any forces or enough jedi to do anything about it. So they... The Plot: Hire a smuggler to drop off weapons shipments to the natives... do a kind of Afghan vs Soviet war style conflict. They need a smuggler willing to run the blockade of the planet, and get weapons to the natives, so they can sabotage the mining works... You could add a whole slue of side plots and objectives, and such to something like that. And they would have to do it up like Mass Effect, with player Choices and Skill determining the outcomes of various plot elements. Edit: just thought of a twist, after the game, and the ending credits... we see that the trouble isn't over. The CIS may have been beaten (depending on player choices, though assuming best ending) but... Dun dun DUN, the republic wants the planets resources too... this leads to a cliff hanger, where the Smuggler must decide to help the natives and be an honorable person, or such and such...
  7. Apparently not, but judging by the civilization tiers, it was obvious the Covenant would win.
  8. Firefly crew win, They're on the bridge... on a Space Station. With a few commands, the entire station becomes depressurized, except for the bridge. Then they wait a couple hours, until the cold and lack of pressure kill "whatever it is on the station" (Scar), and they can proceed to repressureize the station again and move out. While I'm sure that a Predator can withstand alternate atmospheres with it's mask... I highly doubt that they can withstand prolonged periods of time exposed to the vacumme of space. Plus, if he tries to break into the bridge, that's Everyone there and armed, bottlenecking the pred into a crossfire killing field. Even if Scar uses his cloak, he would be walking into his death. Oh and River's a telepath or something, so there's that too...
  9. Not nessisarily. The prime vector of damage from a Plasma attack is the fact that it's Super Concentrated Heat. If it hits any substance that it can instantly boil, then it would Violently explode, much like the common steel and aluminum that modern vehicles are composed of. A T-850's endoskeletal structure is composed of some unnamed substance which allows it to better resist Plasma Weaponry then lesser T models such as the T-800. Being hit with the blast, and being resistant to the extreme heat and force of a plasma weapon, there would be no violent explosion of instantly vaporized material. Ergo, Without a Violent explosion, the propagation of heat from the weapon would go nowhere. This is why people call you dense... The Temperature of a Nuclear Fireball is essentially equivalent to sitting within the heart of the sun. You also added a whole order of magnitude onto my number. So, again, I say this, pointing to Every recorded instance of Atomic Testing done by man, which can easily be found, pretty much Anywhere you look, if you bother. The Temperature of a Nuclear Blast within the Hypocenter is 1 , 000 , 000 °C to 10 , 000 , 000 °C This isn't some 2012 bullshit... as well, Name some Actual Scientists who stated that 2012 was the end of the world... I bet you can't. I suggest you rewatch the movie, because apparently you missed that scene. Either that, or you are liying about your not seeing it. 1) Can you provide a link to where we can see this deleted scene? Or an official script of some sort? Or pictures from the set? Quotes from the actors, regarding this mysterious scene that was never mentioned ANYWHERE else? 2) No, no you can't, because it doesn't exist. 3) Even if it were real, it wouldn't be canon, as it was an Alternate Scene which apparently never made it off the cutting room floor. 4) Oh wait, you're denser then nutronium, so you'd say that said deleted scene which is completly unsupported, is more significant then the Actual scene, seen by millions of people, and accepeted by millions of people, as well as chronologically important to the next movies.... 5) So, please, do provide some sort of link or evidance for your scene, probably written by a ten year old, closet gay, chiristian child, with abusive ultra conservative parents...
  10. Weaponized Plasma has temperatures in the base range of 5700 °C This is a Bottom Estimate for Viable Military Grade Directed Energy Plasma Applications. Projected estimates for temperatures range quite a bit higher though. Going even as high as 100,000,000 °C Iron Melts at 1538 °C (THIS IS NOT AN OPINION, THIS IS SCIENTIFIC FACT) In the several scenes shown where she takes it out, it takes approximatly only several seconds to charge it from no charge at all. I believe you are counting the time between shots, which is rather stupid, considering there are a vast number of outside fources that are interupting her. http://hypertextbook.com/facts/1999/SimonFung.shtml Please, know what you're talking about before you open your mouth. 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 °C is the average estimate by Nuclear Scientists who know alot more about Nuclear Physics then you or I. A Scene Directly from the Movie... It shows Her Termiantor Vision, with all her specs showing... It shows her selecting from that List of Weapons, the Plasma Cannon... It's in the Movie.
  11. Quite wrong, fire is one thing, and usually reaches temperatures of 1000 give or take several hundred degrees. Plasma Weaponry usually opperates in the Several Thousand if not into the Tens of Thousands of degrees. The melting point of iron and steel is 1538 degrees. A direct shot would instantly vaporize large chunks of metal, as seen in the Firetruck Explosion, as the suddenly Superheated metal of the cab Explosivly Vaporized. Actually, you could tell he was more advanced in the later film due to the fact that he Could get into situations that the earlier models couldn't. You could also tell there was a substantial weight increase between models to account for the additional armour and differing alloys used in their construction. Recall during the chase, while the T-850 was hanging from the crain. He was knocked into a vehicle and instead of being knocked off or being knocked about, he litterally knocked the Vehicle over with his sheer mass and force of impact. IIRC there were feats from the T-800 where he was hit by vehicles and did not show the Same weight or ability to not be knocked down, over or away. You are saying that the 40mm grenades were somehow as powerful or More powerful then a Plasma Cannon. This is false, as clearly seen from the chase sceen in T3, where the T-X was litterally blowing vehicles apart with it. A 40mm Grenade would only be able to Wreck or Disable the same vehicles. Thus, the Plasma Cannon would probably have a Much Greater effect of scattering the T-1000 then a 40mm Grenade. Not to mention the Superheating effect from the previous points. Actually, the Charge time between shots looks to be only a few seconds, maybe several (3-5 seconds)... The reformation time from a 40mm grenade, was somewhat similar, perhaps slightly faster... However that was against an inferior weapon. The Splater effect of the Plasma Cannon would be substantially greater. You're forgetting her Armour and Durability Death by a nuclear weapon is all it took to destroy the T-X, In my opinion it would KO the T-1000, but the T-1000 did show to recover from explosions twice in T2, So chances are, he would probably recover from the explosion that killed the T-X. I wouldn't be surprised. Except that a Nuclear explosion reaches temperatures of Millions of Degrees, as well as having an Ionizing effect, as well as having an Electro Magnetic effect... If it didn't vaporize a T-1000, then it would render it into Metalic Soup as it wipes it's OS. Plasma Canon took out TERMINATOR's of like what Models? It never showed any future wars in the films of Plasma Weapons taking out Any TERMINATOR.... A T-800 got KO'd by it, but that was it. All the Future War scenes, iirc the one from T1, the resistance and Skynet were shown with guns that shot bolts of energy or light, like blasters in Star Wars. Those were Plasma Weapons. And they wouldn't be using them Over conventional weaponry if they weren't Better. Nothing at all suggest that she had half of that weaponary that you listed. I mean yeah she could of had God only knows how much more weaponary that we didn't get to see her use in the movie, but unless she used it, theirs nothing either that suggest she would use it on the T-1000 since she didn't use most of it on Arnold. Actually all of those were gathered from an in movie Screen Shot of her selecting weaponry from her internal HUD. As well, presumably a fair number of those weapons were also housed in her modular arm, which was damaged, not by being crushed, but by being hit with an RPG While Charging a Plasma Blast...
  12. The Scene in question https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu1ke8bHclA#t=3m25s 1) She utterly Demolished the trucks cab. With a Massive explosion. Plasma doesn't tend to detonate in a burst like that unless it's Extremly EXTREMLY hot. Not to mention, that a truck can't Explode like that on it's own, not even with pure Kinetic energy input. 2) And the T-850 series was hardened against Plasma Weaponry as a direct counter to the fact that the resistance was aquiring more and more plasma weapons from captured Skynet assets. 3) A T-1000 would still go Splat from the Kenetic energy of the attack. Loosing mass from the Heat of the Plasma (which by it's very nature is Super Heated), where she could just do it again and again and again... Incorrect Yes there is a charge time, however you forget the fact that she has to aim and line up a shot from a moving vehicle being attacked, against a moving vehicle that is activly dodging incoming fire, with Other vehicles buffeting said vehicle. not only that, but one shot would scatter a T-1000 apart like a firecracker in a jello cake... The time it would take him to reform, she would have easily been able to charge up another shot. Except that a T-1000 has no onboard weaponry, aside from Melee weapons like the Spike. It has to rely mostly on Current Era weaponry, which as was stated in the First terminator, just not up to the task of taking out a Terminator, no matter the Number. Terminator 1: Death by Factory Hydrolic Mold closing on it... Terminator 2: Death by Molten Steel Bath Terminator 3: Death by Nuclear Weapon You can see why you need Plasma Weaponry to take out Terminators. Which is why the Resistance in the Future swaps out to them whenever they're avaliable. Plasma Weapons like the one the T-X has. Oh, don't forget the OTHER Onboard Weapon Systems IAD ChemTech Flamethrower.223 Automatic Stopper.45 CascaderM41 pulse rifle783 CHAIN RepeaterADMOR BioBlasterBioRail 32SR-9CG45 NeedlerCONSIGLIO EBlasterCrescent Corridor BlasterEMP GeneratorFinite Rapid Cluster GunHDE Predator (333b)HK-54334 (modified)KLD-Magnum RepeaterLaser X-ray Burst GunRumsfeld P31 CausticSubauro Neutralizer (.444)Tracking EBlasterTWIN Barrier GunXFLRG 44mmM41A pulse rifleNano-Disrupter (.222)P31 Caustic Shells x231 Not to mention her Nanobots which would easily infect and corrupt a T-1000's systems like it did to the T-850. It took a full reboot to clear it's systems, which is something that a T-1000 wouldn't be able to do without a bucket.
  13. You do realize that the T-X has a Plasma Cannon A Plasma Cannon that fires Super Heated Plasma at temperatures higher then required to smelt Steel IIRC, the temperature required to melt steel, is the same temperature needed to destroy (and I mean No coming back from) a T-1000. Now, I understand that a single shot from this Plasma Cannon wouldn't nessisarily destroy a T-1000... but that's why she can shoot it Multiple times. Tell me this, How would a T-1000 survive that?
  14. Yes... Like the Military... the US is the #1 for spending on Military out of every country in the world, and spends as much on the military as the other top 10 countries, Combined. I don't know the Exact figure, but I believe it is close to or well into the Hundreds of Billions of Dollars. Maybe if you cut back 1% of your Military funding, you could at least make all Colleges free in the States. Who knows... if you were Radical enough to cut 5% of your Military Budget you could make Universities free as well. But God Forbid you have one less Nuclear Sub to prowl around the oceans, or yet another weapon that won't end up being used because no other nation on the planet has the ability to mount a war on the scale needed to deploy said weapon...
  15. Debate moved to the Derailment Room http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/29631-the-all-purpose-derailment-room/?p=423644
  16. Sirmethos Posted Force Echo replied Britain tried the same thing with their students, look how that turned out. Also, if you work hard enough, nearly anyone can get a full ride to a damn good public school. Our best schools have immense financial aid programs that are no-loans. It's just not worth it for the US to 100% fund over 20,000,000 people every year to go to whatever school they want, especially since there's no guarantee that they'll actually take a major in something financially viable. Yeah, maybe if we only had 5,000,000 people in the whole damn country, we could actually fully fund college education. And yeah, we could make ALL of our schools state funded, but then the US wouldn't have the best university system on the planet, that attracts people from all over the world. Hayesmeister6551 countered Of all the people I know and talk to that have graduated college(which is a lot) most of them are in debt with no jobs in their career field. So most have to work minimum wage jobs. If anyone thinks this is a good system, hasn't gone through the college yet in the USA. I hope you do find work with a good paying job, but chances are, you won't. Personally, I am middle class, but I am too rich for financial aid, and to poor to afford college. That is the case for a lot of people. The system sucks. Our college system attracts foreigners because it is cheaper. Mercyhurst has A LOT of people from the UK, and South America. I talk to them and they say they are here for the fact that it is cheaper to go to school in another country, rather there own. Foreigners come to the USA and live 7 years tax free. Why would you not come here? @Sirmethos- "when will it be enough for you americans?" The answer is; it'll never be enough. We are a bunch of lemmings that do what the suits say. It disgusts me how emasculated americans are. Force Echo responded to that with I know a lot of college students too, including my older sister. Actually, "chances are" that I will get a job, because job placement out of UChicago is over 75% with a median salary of 80k and up. If I go to grad school, median salary is over 135k. Even at my state university, the median salary is 55k with a 75% job placement rate, and this is a university you could easily get a full ride to if you just work hard enough. Yeah, if you go to an unknown school in the middle of nowhere and get a degree in art history, you're probably going to be out of a job, as is probably the case in Norway or wherever. If you actually believe that going overseas to school is cheaper, then whoever told you this must be a woman from a middle eastern country. Foreign students don't get financial aid, and living costs are aggravated, and there's also the fact that they're living overseas, which is a drain on the transfer of money in the first place. Besides, if our schools are cheaper than schools elsewhere, then I guess our system actually works pretty well, and your entire point collapses on itself. International students don't apply and go to schools that cost 60k per year and up because it's cheap, they go because they're the best schools on the planet. The US has the best Universties in the world, and it's because of the system of private schools we have in place. Heck, even my state school has 10% international students, even though they're the only 10% who pay full price. EDIT: Exemption from taxes? Oh yeah, I forgot about all of the taxes college students have to pay. Property taxes. Income taxes. Wait a second... Hayesmeister6551 clarified I meant as in they can choose to live here after college and live 7 years tax free. Skirmisher adds I tend to agree with Mr.Silhouette that Higher Education should be free. An Educated people are a free people, who can work to build and stabilize their nation. A Dumb people (Which the majority of Americans are) are an ignorant and kept people. The Lords of America like to keep their serfs in the mud, it prevents uprisings. PS: This Thread should be stickied.
  17. Here's another one I never really finished... he was a character from one of my Star Wars D20 campaigns... Poor fellow was a techy that got his arm shot off mid mission.
  18. Here's another... Drew her years ago when I stopped drawing really anything... And well, like Years ago, I was a horny teen, so of course she'd be wearing next to nothing. Still covered though...
  19. Shat this out in about 5min, needs alot of refinement... Plus I could move it down and actually finish the top of the weapon... Supposed to be a Halberdier with Shield, but his Shield arm looks kinda apishly long...
  20. Did you know that the Best personal Shields in 40k amount to I believe only a 50% chance to stop a round from killing you?
  21. /me is sad... missed the last two eps
  22. Not sure where to dump this or if it's not already somewhere else, but here's a good spot... Various Freemium MMO's, we should form a group here so we can all get together on these things. I play: League of Legends Planetside 2 Minecraft (with Tekkit) well, it's not really freemium, but it is something we can do together Mechwarrior Online Perhaps these could get their own Topic, for people to gather upon. But I'll leave that to Mods to deem if it's appropriate.
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