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  1. Because Hammy told me to doodle something...
  2. Hmm, while some don't see the movie as canon, There was that one scene in PREDATORS, with the Japanese yakuza who faced off in melee combat against that one predator. Given that Preds are gennerally honourable enough to go Melee when their opponent doesn't have ranged weapons, I could see it playing out like that. Then it comes down to, does Smiley have Dlex weapons/armour... If he does, then yeah, no contest, they fight, but eventually Xena's weapons and armour will break against him. Because I think while she May or may not have a steel sword, she's only got Bronze and leather armour. Also, I'm not sure about the physical advantage, Xena WAS a favourite of the gods or something while she was out slaughtering people with her army. There's a Reason Aries had a thing for her. I'm not sure if it were Directly stated or just hinted at, but I do believe she is more then just a Mere Mortal.
  3. Renamon, cause I like dah furry girls. But seriously, personal bias aside, any arguments for who should win this fight?
  4. I don't see why everyone's deciding to pick on Serge for this... It's a trial run this Roster thing, of course it's going to be broken for the Beta Test. Which is why we give Feedback, so he can Improve as we go... To expect a finished product, without testing in this day and age is akin to saying Man Can't fly because he doesn't have Wings... Of course there are many characters that break the limit of consensus... that's why we have to refine just What that limit is. Rather then beat up on the guy providing us with this platform for entertainment, I would rather see you put your criticism into actually Helping him make it better.
  5. Lot's of bewb and nips in them videah's, Nice I think I have a new anime to watch That said, I know that Zealot has had a LONG time to train and perfect her fighting techniques, in addition to having beyond natural physical prowess... From what I gather of Honey, she has a varity of transformations which make her the best of the best for whichever situation she finds herself in. The question I have about Honey though is: Aside from the instant skill boost each transformation has, as well as the costume perks, such as the bullet resistant armour, or the angel wings, or what not... Does she have anything else going for her? If not then I would think that this would be a tough fight. Zealot would clearly have the edge in combat, however Honey's transformations, I would think would keep her on edge and even the fight out.
  6. Battle ground is the hall of mirrors? Samus switches out to one of her Light based weapons and fills the arena with laserbeams... Presumably Black Canary has standard human durability, so I would assume that one beam would be a serious wound if it hit...
  7. Not to sure on Zatana... but Magic... Can't she litterally do ANYTHING and make ANYTHING happen if she just speaks it backwards?
  8. 1) Vash doesn't kill 2) Cage Match, I see that Vash won't use his guns, as he has nothing to shoot. 3) That means it's more hand to hand... 4) Legolas, while not as fast as Vash 4a) Has more experiance in hand to hand 4b) Has weapons for hand to hand 4c) And won't hesitate to use them. Then again Vash is Vash, and despite Legolas being a badass elf warrior, I'd say Vash has more then enough of a chance to take this.
  9. And this is your speculation that he would instantly do such a thing. I know comics, and I know they love to talk... at length. I could see Bulma freaking out that she has to fight a guy like Iceman, she's experienced dealing with alien looking people before, and would probably be trying to think up several ways to either gtfo or deal with him. At the same time I could see Bobby talking with her, hitting on her and such, generally underestimating her, since she's obviously freaking out on him. She'd probably pull an uzi on him, which would only tickle him. He'd tank the gunfire, then to make a point of it, stop and show her that well the gun did nothing to him. She'd move onto plan B, more higher powered weapons, vehicular weapons like the High Powered Laser, or Blaster Cannons. And she'd get a chance, because Iceman now knows she's only normal human, no mutant powers, to him he just thinks her best is normal human weapons. There would be no army of ice clones... That hesitation would allow her to use a capsule like the Escape pod mecha, only perhaps more substantial. Then it would be a fight. Taken aback by the sudden transformation into a mecha suit, he'd probably Then start to fight. At that point it would be an even fight, not one that Bulma could actually win in any sense of the long term, but long enough for this fight to end.
  10. Well from the wiki he's supposedly descended from 30 continuous generations of gunslingers, as well as King Arthur... and his guns are apparently crafted from the same metal as Excalibur... Genetically speaking, he'd probably have ALOT going for him in the way of Gunslinging. It's just Darwinism in action, as only good gunslingers would gunsling their way long enough to get a chance to breed. Survival of the fittest would pick off all the weakest gunslingers, leaving only prime Gunslinger genetic material to be passed on. Do this for 30 consecutive generations and you would have someone who would presumably be far beyond Peak Human in regards to all the required attributes of a Gunslinger.
  11. For one thing, in episode 59-60 Bulma had a capsule for a submarine equipped with many torpedoes as well as a high powered laser cannon... Despite that she still had to abandon it when a giant crab crushed it. Except she was able to use a capsule for a mecha suit, which apparently formed Around her, as she was deep under water and had no time to get into it, as well showed no sign of ever being wet. That was also just an evacuation pod model mecha... presumably she could have more substantially equipped suits for a variety of hazardous planetary conditions. Perhaps she could not kill him, but she could definitely knock him out or make him insubstantial for the duration of the fight.
  12. Bulma's arsenal is totally unclear anyway... she became a noncombatant halfway through the origional Dragon Ball... and only had a minor showing in DBZ while on Namek. The only way to figure out how she can fight is basically thinking about What she can fight with. Seeing as how she's exceptionally smart, enoug so to see and reverse engineer FTL tech in under a year, without any prior knowledge of FTL technologies. As well as other things like the scouter and capsules... it's an educated guess at what she can use, but Blaster Technology isn't out of the question when she's encountered it before, and presumably has samples of the technology at Capsule Corp.
  13. Well, the problem with water is that it can be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen... he hasn't been through That before. And if anyone can do that, Bulma can. Hell, I bet after going on her space trip she has some blaster/plasma tech from the regular mooks they defeated. Reverse engineered it like she did with the Namekian space ship, and has some Plasma Blasters which would reach temperatures high enough to thermally decompose the H2O he's composed of into things like H, H2, O, O2, OH, H2O2 and HO2. I'm quite sure that would ruin his day...
  14. One word... Capsules If Bulma has to fight, you can bet she would bring a vast array of weapons and technology to bare on Iceman. For instance, in the field she's been seen to easily wield small arms and explosives. These could keep Iceman at bay until she can pop out a mecha suit or something. Or poof she now has a Heat Ray Gun, which melts Iceman down into Waterman, or Steam Man... And you can Bet she would use her feminine wiles to take advantage of the situation. Perhaps, flirt with him to distract him from the fact that she's going to use a Capsule.
  15. True... but I'm not sure if that Wouldn't count in this fight anyway. I mean, it's a Trait of the Doctors to somehow land in these situations that test him and his companions, but never enough to kill him. I would consider it to be the same as the Master Chief's "Luck" which is like an inferior version of the Doctors.
  16. Ok, points in favor of Booker 1) He's technically Human, the only thing Alucard goes easy on and will allow to kill him. 2) He has a varity of Vigors and Gear which sets him above and beyond the normal humans Alucard normally faces. Perhaps setting him on par with Anderson, another Human who Alucard would have let kill him. 3) Alucard will probably never release his seals fighting him, not even if he needed to, to survive. Points in favor of Alucard 1) Technically 1,000,000 "extra lives" counting the souls he has within his body that he uses to tank deaths. 2) Already Massive regeneration 3) Extremely high physical strength and speed, with enhanced senses and athletics 4) The ability to phase though walls 5) The ability to walk on walls/ceilings regardless of gravity 6) Various other low level powers such as telekinesis, hypnosis and the like associated with vampires 7) Two oversized handguns and a cool trenchcoat and hat. Also, Street Level Alucard is not...
  17. Got to agree with everyone here... I mean, the latest doctor said it best when he was dealing with the Atraxi... "What happened to [all the alien races who tried to harm the earth in any way]?" The answer was The Doctor...
  18. Black Stars my guy. Wouldn't mind setting a scene with you [person who has Kirby]. Except I don't see how Kirby can really win this in a battle anyway. With the varity and speed of his attacks and defenses, he could easily get around Kirby's vacumme power. If we go off of the only other game to have intense close combat and Kirby, then the Smash Brothers games work well. However, even considering his shown combat strengths, Black Star still has the advantage on him...
  19. Except when considering the greiviously overpriced tuition fees for universities. You have to consider the cost of books, food and housing which accounts for another portion of the debt. Under government contracts books could be provided free, food could be provided free, and housing could be provided free. Not to mention, if you were to governmentally fund schools, then the salery of proffessors could be capped so that that $90,000/yr is more in line with their actual position (note, that's just the average, with some profs raking in more then $125,000/yr) What students are paying for in actuality isn't an education anymore, rather they're paying for a Brand and Logo.
  20. Compared to the US DoD Budget of Over $600B That's over 10 times the budget of Education...
  21. I think it said they were holed up in the cargo hold... so Vader needs to take the 3min elevator ride down from C&C to reach them.
  22. Damnit Ruinus... you beat me to it... Edit: Oh, I see I was a full day late... meh, whatever.
  23. Since they're made of focused plasma held in a looping magnetic field. The beam might have some mass, but on a scale that would make it effortlessly pass though shields without much problem. I would assume it would be akin to cutting through wet paper with a katana. Wrong, Precognition Even if it's not EU levels it's still enough to easily alert Vader to the threat of danger, it's direction, and the action he needs to take to avoid that danger. This is just an guess, but fairly valid here. I would assume that the situation that would allow the Normandy to be boarded would be one like in Ep4 with the Tantive IV. I would safely assume that the Normandy is inside the main vental hanger bay of a Star Destroyer or Super Star Destroyer. And that venting Vader out would only really plop him into the Hangerbay... As well, they would need to have some control of the ship to vent him into the hanger bay, since EDI is shut down, they would have to manually open the doors... Which would leave them out in the open to be attacked, and vented as well into the hanger deck... Fact is, even if they shot off the bat, Vader would still block their shots with a wave of force. That would disperse their volley of fire and knock them around or down. Vader then takes on the most stable (wrex) of the trio, and probably squish his brain with a force crush to knock him out instantly. by then Shep and Garrus are probably up and firing again, sliding out to either side to try and flank Vader. Another force explosion (like seen in SW:FU) knocks their sand away, while they too are knocked down again. Vader would have gotten close to one of them, and as they get up (let's say Garrus) he slashes the Turian in half with a clean swipe. This leaves only Shep alive, and Vaders full concentration is on him. Which means, he has no hope in hell of surviving, unless Vader wants to ask questions... and that only buys him some time... Except, that Midicholorians only allows a person access to the force, it doesn't make the force.
  24. Technically the EU is all PIS... seeing as how Force users could easily be gods amoung men, but aren't...
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