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  1. That can be said for a number of fighters in this tournament... <.<
  2. Problem... Metal Bending doesn't actually bend metal, it bends the Earth Impurities within the metal. 1) The Staff and Zat are made of an Alien metal, and I would think would be Exceptionally pure, and therefor Uneffected. 2) The Metal parts of a P90 are to Military Grade, and I would think of exceptional quality too considering these ones are given to teams ventureing off world. While probably not as pure as whatever metal Jaffa weapons are made of, They would still be of an exceptional purity to the point where they wouldn't be able to be bent.
  3. From what I can see of the shots of Death Mountain from OoT, they'd have two choke points to defend, as well as a nice bottle neck situation. First point, a wide gentle slope with a small switchback trail up it. Bolder in place to form makeshift barricades. This is very very idle for the Defenders. At this point, I believe only one or two of the saber tanks could attack at one time, and if the clones went in line abreast, they'd be forced into ranks maybe 20 men wide. From here, the Gorons, could toss large stones which would kill a few troopers per hit, and Would, due to the fact that they'd be funneling in and be easy targets. Doomguy would have a fun time with the BFG and RPG, I would think he'd save his plasma rifle for later when they have to fall back to defense point B. Other weapons would be worthless except maybe the chainsaw and fist. For link, I'm sure his magical arrows and spells would rain destruction on the troopers as well. However their position would still be over run. I presume moderate casualties for the defenders, perhaps 50 to 100 Gorons dead, with perhaps half the clones vaporized, dead, dying or wounded from the rockfall and other weapons. The tanks wouldn't be destroyed, but I don't see them making it over the first obstacle. I didn't mention AT-AT's either, due to the fact that MAYBE only One could make it up the first part of that pass... However, if the Gorons were able to take one down, that would be just another barrier for the clones to have to fight over. I see them holding back and functioning more like Artillery. At this point the Goron city is lost, but I would guess that Link and Doomguy would have urged the leaders to evacuate the inhabitants to the Caldera for safety. However this presents the clones with an exceptionally good Foothold on the mountain. Except they would have to destroy the defenders at the top eventually... At this point though, the battle would break down into a siege. The remaining clones would fortify their hold at the top of point A, and use the city to rest and recuperate their soldiers for the coming battle. It would be exceptionally tough for the clones because they have another choke point in Obstacle A, a long trek up an extremely exposed path, at the end of which they'd have to scale a sheer cliff, all defended by Goron and the two heroes. And this time they wouldn't have any vehicular support. However, for the Heroes, I would think their supplies would be dwindling. The BFG doesn't have that much ammo, so Doomguy would be forced to use his Plasmagun, and I'm sure that Link would have used up all his bombs and arrows by this point. It would be a fun thought that some of the Goron may have been able to loot dead troopers of their weapons as they mounted the first obsticle, but I wouldn't think they'd have more then a handful at most. Eventually when the Clones attack, it will be similar to D-Day. Up the narrow defile they would run at a sprint. While rock and bolt of plasma rain down on them. 1 in 10 may make it to the bottom of the cliff, where they'd have to start the grueling climb to the top, all the while rock and bolt of plasma would be killing them. Eventually though, ammo would be expended, and the defenders would be forced into hand to hand combat as the clones make the lip of the cliff. This however is to the defenders advantage. Gorons I would think would be as strong as enraged wookies, and the Master sword should treat even plastoid as nothing more then tin. Doomguys Chainsaw might not be able to make it through the hard armour sections of their armour, but chainsaws have a wonderful way of walking across difficult surfaces to find purchase in the softer sections. What few clones make it to the top of the pass, would have to deal with That. But with their numbers, make it they would, eventually to the point where they could start using their rifles again, and not as bludgeoning weapons or spears. It would be similar to the last battle in "The Last Samurai I would think"... Eventually, It would be Link and Doomguy the only survivors. Link having gone through all his fairies and health pots, Doomguy without his armour or shields anymore. They would have been pushed to the mouth of the cave at the top of the landing. There would be a gentle hush over the battlefield, the last clone in that wave would be kicked off of Links sword, by the silent hero. The two would be breathing heavily from the days of battle... But it's over... Doomguy places his hand on his comrade and friends sholder as the two look at the formed rank and file lines of troopers, waiting for the order to fire a killing volley of blaster fire. Link grins a stupid grin at the smashed helmet of Doomguy, who can be seen to grin back at Link through the smashed glass of his visor.... Two gallent and beat heroes charge the line into a hail of plasma blasts.....
  4. Yes, That's where I was going for with Cunning, While the bear's not dumb, I doubt he's use to fighing in terrain that is bent on trying to kill you... like Riddick has. Riddick's survival instincts, Furian instincts, and lifestyle make a trap filled environment a paradice of posibilities for him to win.
  5. Then it falls to their respective inteliginces... which even though a smart bear, Riddick would be smarter...
  6. Explinations of your opinions is required in a debate... I mean, Grizzly Bear, yeah, ok... Smart enough to become a martial arts master? Ok, still going to die here... As well, Riddick himself is a master of close combat
  7. you can say that again... the Masters from Kenichi are basically cheatcards for winning this.
  8. From the look of it, I'm not impressed... He'd still be too slow to deal with Riddick. Before the beat even knows what hit him, his intestines would be spilling across the bricks of the wall they're fighting on...
  9. Hmm, she's probably much much faster then Namor, and has vamperic regeneration... however, I don't see her being able to do Much damage to Namor. She could whittle him down eventually maybe, but All it would take would be one serious hit from Namor to put her down, and then she's ripe for a coup'de'grace to finish the fight.
  10. Hrmm... ... ...... yeah, I can't think of anyway Teal'C can win this... Jaffa Staves are only accurate out to maybe 100ft, so he can't sniper her from outside her sense range. And within 100ft he's her plaything with her earth bending.
  11. And Riddick easily beat monsters that would teat the Bear a new one... Plus has weapons like Rifles, Shotguns, Kinetic Pulse guns/pistols, as well as swords. Seeing as how it's the Melee master spot though, I doubt I can give him ranged weapons ... Oh well, he still evicerates the bear like he did to the Night Hunters of M6-117, or the Wampa like creature named an Urzo from planet U.V.6. As well as the large and highly dangerous unclassified creatures deep within the bowels of Butchers Bay. A Bear wouldn't stand a ghost of a chance, this only only Doesn't stand a chance even with it's martial arts.
  12. Thought that was just an SMG... it's the Angel Arm that's the real thing to freak out over.
  13. Except, I don't think he ever shot to wound people before? It's been awhile since I watched the anime... I think his pacifism extended to even wounding people, aside from concussions and the like...
  14. Well to be fair, Legolas also can poke him with his arrows if his bow's broke, and I think he has some short swords? let me check on that... Edit: Yep And I believe that the Elven quality of the metal would make it resistant to breaking from being shot by Vash.
  15. Wouldn't most powerful Heavy be Ubered Heavy? Would his Extreme Regen and Durability protect him from her Matter Manip?
  16. I has a suggestion for the next round, would it be possible to move the Ref's post on who wins to the First Post in the match? That way if people want to continue debating past the match final, like has happened, his post doesn't get lost.
  17. idk? I assume she can make a varity of things with her matter manipulation, including weapons .
  18. Well... Not really, as it says in the wiki, not living animal matter... but all I know is from the wiki
  19. Basically she can manipulate any source of matter with her mind, rearanging it into anything she wants. Any excess matter she doesn't use in whatever she creates is stored in her body as waste product that she has to crap out... litterally.
  20. So you're saying that he's invulnerable to regular bullets, punches, and the like as well? And Disruptive, Nonharmonic energy pulses while being energy, don't fall into the criteria of "radiant or conductive energy" They aren't readiated, but focused at a target, and they don't conduct so much as tear apart.
  21. I think Boba wins here... He's definitely got more experience then Bishop. Decades of bounty hunting vs a large variety of subjects, including run ins with Darth Vader. All of which he survived. As for weaponry, I'll have to disagree that Blasters wouldn't work against Bishop. Sure the Thermal damage they could cause would be able to be absorbed, but the Kinetic aspect of the blasts wouldn't. I would bet that each blast without the heat would still feel like getting shot by a regular gun but having a bullet proof vest on. Not leathal, but would still feel like getting kicked by a mule. Then there's his Disruptors, which don't operate in line with "radiant or conductive energy". From what I gather of it's action, it sets up an interference wave that interacts with matter and shakes it apart... The target area simply turns to dust. As for the Non-Energy based weapons he has. One of his pistols is a Concussion Grenade Launcher, which would be like shooting 12.5mm HE grenades at targets. However there's only a 50% chance that he'd be carrying that one, as he alternates that with his personal blaster pistol for handguns. Hidden in one of his gauntlets was a mini-concussion missile launcher, which had enough power to easily punch through most personal armours and kill a man or droid with ease. In his kneepads was hidden yet Another missile launcher system, they fired special darts that could deliver molecular acid, stun agents, or explosive tips to targets. All of which I would think Bishop would be suseptable to. On his jetpack was also an Anti-Vehicle Homing Missile... Needless to say that's Overkill. Protecting Fett from Bishops weapons and powers is his armour. At his most powerful, Fett would be wearing plates of beskar, a technically indestructible metal in Star Wars, almost like their version of Adamantium. The indestructible armour in addition to his extreme mobility thanks to his jetpack and personal conditioning would allow him to Easily withstand attacks from Bishop. Fett Wins
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