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  1. When's round 6 or Season 2 starting?
  2. Aye, anyone who would do That, doesn't deserve her.
  3. I think it was both actually... Or something like a Hardened skin with a thick under layer of a denser rubbery like fatty tissue to absorb impacts and electricity or something...
  4. For that, she's earned my immortal wrath. Of course Peter was a dumbshit for even considering it in the first place... Hmm, Extend my aged aunts life by maybe a dozen more years, where she will grow older and more infirm, and possibly loose her mind to dementia, alzheimer's, or suffer organ failure or any of the other many many age related illnesses which claim the elderly. OR Live a happy life with the girl of my dreams, who's a smoking hot redhead supermodel. She has an amazing personality, with which I can open up to about my whole life, including my identity as Spiderman. Not only that, but reds are always hellions in the sack... Tough choice Parker... if only you had one more day to think about it.
  5. Then it must be the VR-057 one then, and yeah, he should take it unless Forge has some obscure Super Form from a oneshot or something, or has Preptime with materials.
  6. From what I remember the kids were rather basic psychics. Only readers, and limited manipulation of minds. One guy actually managed to fight them off and out of his mind until the whole collective of them bent their will onto him. Presumably they could do the same to Izayoi, however, it took them time to break that one man, and Izayoi's also apparently psychic? Which should give her some edge that the guy didn't have. Not only that, but Once she gets some monsters out, their focus would be split. This would be a tough fight though, can the children break her mental defenses down and have her kill herself with something in the bar before she can summon a monster? Could they control the monster and attack her with it before she could get another out? If they did control the monster, they could still chip away at her own resolve because there's more then one kid. I'll hold my vote til more talk.
  7. Would he be using the VR-038 the -041 or the -057 model of armour?
  8. And this at 1:13 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVv5SA45-SE&list=UU5c3IgrdetOgS2c_mTiYp8w&index=27 Sorry for the double post, apparently I can only put in one video per post for some reason.
  9. From what I can see it moves at a speed Less then a bullet... but still quite fast. Maybe Bow and Arrow speeds, idk, I'd have to analyze a clip to nail down the specifics.
  10. Also, don't forget about the Cloak... I mean, Wizards couldn't see Harry when he had the invisible cloak... so how would Voldmort see him? Not only that, but iirc there was something I heard a while ago about Preds having a natural hatred towards the Occult. If that's right, then I believe that honor rules such as not shooting non-ranged opponents goes out the window.
  11. http://client00.chat.mibbit.com/ Here, connect to Blitzed, put your nick in, and then use #Talk for channel.
  12. Try again maybe, I've found mibbit isn't the stablest of places... If you DO think you're banned, in the section where you type #CBUB or whatever, put #something else in and it'll make you your own personal temporary channel. Which you can't be banned from.
  13. I don't have AIM, but I can talk on a private channel in Mibbit if you wanted
  14. ... Well, I've said it before, I'll say it again, and I bet I'll be saying it in the future. But Rakai, you have to man up, and grow a thicker skin. We've talked, you're a cool guy, but you're too damn sensitive.
  15. I've gone over this a thousand times on Mibbit Order of Events are Clear: 1) Cop takes Aim and Fires, we hear and see this. 2) Scene change to Selene who begins to dodge. First round is unseen, presumed Wild. 3) We hear him fire a Second Shot, the quick succession of the scenes makes it hard unless you go over it like I have*. 4) When we hear the second shot, her head is already well OUT of the way of the shot when we See it impact the tree. * Let it run and just click the time on the progress bar... I must have done this a thousand times now, and it's Painfully Clear to me that she didn't dodge any bullets, only his Aim.
  16. Actually On further Examination of the clip on repeat of that exact moment. He fires Two shots. The first we do not see hit anywhere. She then does a twirl dodge to dodge the Aim, AS he fires the Second shot, Which admittedly Would have hit her given Where we see it hit the tree... But by the time we hear the Second shot, her head was already a full foot below where he was aiming However, She did not dodge the Bullet, merely moved fast enough to throw his aim off to the point where she wasn't where he was aiming when he corrected for his first miss.
  17. And This too is beside the point, She may acrobatically Leap and twirl in a blur of motion to cross great distances, but we've seen her in Hand to Hand and she's still not a Blur, your point Fails, as you seem to Fail to understand that point. I saw a Missed shot, and very odd camera time. Not any sort of Bullet Dodge. Did you see the Bullet? Would it have traveled through the space where her head would have been? Did we see the Angle of the shooter? No, We see him take a series of shots, One of which hit the tree behind her just before she did her speed leaps to close on him. Now that's a cop-out if I've ever heard one... Besides, she's shown Similar levels of Speed when dealing with Humans, as you have stated. And No times have they been Blurs of Motion except when she's doing Acrobatic Flips to evade the aim of her targets. Not only that but you still utterly Fail to realize that being able to Throw you body around at great speed Does Not equal Great Hand to Hand speed. If she Did have better hand to hand speed then a Spartan then we would have Seen it, but we haven't. No, we didn't see much from your video which cherry picks that exact moment regardless of context... However I do remember the scene from the movie, and she did have to Sprint at Full Bore to build the momentum to do that. Something which a Spartan just has to grab and lift to do. This point was addressed previously. It wasn't a Dodged Bullet, it was a Missed shot.
  18. She doesn't dodge the round, it clearly misses as the officer was rushed and had not even a split second to aim. In fact the look on her face was more like "crap, just not in the face please."
  19. She maims REGULAR HUMANS all the time in hand to hand... Regular Human a Spartan is definitely not. In fact, putting a Regular Human into Mjolnir Armour literally tears them apart as it amplifies their movements so fast that it shatters their bones and rends their muscles to jelly. From what I know of Healing Factors, she wasn't anywhere near Weakened or Lethargic. Maybe for the first few moments out of her Cryo, but once she got going, that was her All, and not the Decent to Medium you have her at... unless you want to downplay her Regeneration? I saw her Dive upwards into the ceiling, I didn't see her Dive through the rafters though, but they took a similar amount of time. Leading me to believe that her speed that you are Up Playing is only really her Acrobatic Speed. She showed Similar levels of speed in the Forest, doing pretty much the exact same thing, and Yes, it is my supported Opinion that a Spartan out of Armour and not weighted down by 1000lbs of Armour would be able to do a similar feat of acrobatics. Being able to dive flip a span of ~10m in under a second. Where have you even come close to proving this? I mean, she's been shot regularly by people who have had the reflexes to follow her Aim Dodging. That's what she does, Aim Dodges, Nothing more... Except, you can't dodge what you can't see. So Even if Selene were to close into Hand to hand, despite the numerous rounds going down field, all perfectly targeted on the sweet spot of the brainstem... She would still be beat in Hand to Hand. I've seen her Hand to Hand and I've seen her Acrobatics... and the two are Nowhere near the level you are Claiming. In hand to hand, she Most Certainly hasn't moved in a Blur like you say she can, Which has been described of Spartans. The only thing you have to go on is Off Screen Dive Flips that show no more speed then her On screen Dive Flips, that while Fast I give you, don't translate to Hand to hand speed... As we see in her Hand to Hand fights. And so far bodychecking a Van, where you said it would put her around Spartan in prior posts to now being lower then. You keep jumping around. Also you're implying that a Spartan can also output 180 tons of sheer momentum behind a van too as any Tuesdays would go? Cuz I was already skeptical of that in the wiki but the mention of it being applicable to the Spartan makes me think you're either downplaying or wanking. So, you are Implying that Selene is 180 tons? Now THAT is utter wankage if I've heard Anything... I mean Wow... Actually it would be have - had a life would mean you don't have one. What? Besides the point - it wasn't about you leaving, the point was you misunderstood what was said. There's also another instance where this happened but that's not the point - this was merely to clarify the misunderstanding about the van having momentum of 180 tons in its moving when it's actually that (apparently) when it gets bodychecked. I don't quite understand what you're trying to say... If I am getting it right then you're still wrong. In order to flip the Van like a Spartan does a Warhog, she had to be going at Full Speed, in a Linear direction, Full Boar into the side of it. A Spartan grabs the bumper and lifts it like that. Actually lemme correct you there. Punisher's never actually missed either. He's also shot beyond human limits by far as per alien weaponry. There are times when he missed... when people like the Sentry stepped in to stop the shot. Etc. It's a matter of accuracy, not a matter of oooooh I can dangle from a tree and shoot perfectly - that's also acrobatics at play aside accuracy. The point is, regardless of the acrobatics, Punisher Level is hardcore. And I'm saying that Spartans are Hardcore Without their Armour... inside it adds a whole new level to their game.
  20. Actually, If you time it, and base it off of how she's moved when we Can see her. She's not that fast. She Moves fast, yes, but it's not a fastness that would transfer into Hand to Hand combat. She's Acrobatically fast, and although she's is quite fast in hand to hand, she's demonstrated NOWHERE near the level of speed a Spartan has. Time? Where in the videos does it show this? lol I love how you think like that. I mean, we've seen Selene Move, and it's not a Blur of movement... She jumps about fairly fast, but nowhere Near the Blur you say she'll move at... Also... Selene has NEVER shown the ability to dodge bullets, At all... She's dodged Aim, she's even Moved the mans arm holding the gun Out of the the way so he Couldn't shoot her. But she has NEVER dodged a bullet. I have Never seen the speed, reflexes or Reaction time to dodge a bullet from Selene Yes, I agree that she would Need to enter into hand to hand to have a ghost of a chance at winning. However, you are Wrong on the fact that Selene would win. Selene has been shown to be Slower then a Spartan, in all but Acrobatic speed, which without walls to run up or Roofs to climb through would benefit her not. Her Smaller Frame wouldn't give her much of an advantage either, given that Linda is faster and stronger then her. Oh, your next point was Strength... which is also wrong, given Spartan Strength feats over power Selene's Strength Feats. Actually I was more under the impression that it was the sheer momentum the van had from her body-check, not the actual momentum from the Van's movement. And I never said she was in the several dozens tons category, I was skeptical of the idea but then you left while mistaking a word (as usual). I left because I had a life, is that a problem for you? As to the Momentum, At her Best with the speed she had to gain, and the momentum she had to build, was a Tuesday for a Spartan. Also she's nowhere as good as Bullseye - she's a very good sniper, maybe on the same level of Punisher (He's actually the best sniper in Marvel if not amongst non-augmented) since he's shot past human levels. Actually, while perhaps not as good as Bullseye given his propensity to hit anything with anything... she's shown that she doesn't Miss, not even on targets that are Nigh Impossible shots, such as Three Banshee Pilots under 99% cover, while they were flying at 100km/hour, while hanging upside down, from over a kilometer away. All within as quick succession as her rifles cycle rate could allow. That's Many Many Times better then Just The Punisher Level...
  21. Bravo, you've presented alot of videos. All of which fail to show me that Selene is better then Linda. From what I've seen of her speed, she's no faster then a Spartan OUT of Mjolnir. Strength? While the earlier shots presented her with feats that approached a Spartan OUT of Armour, her later ones, such as flipping the van are more in line with an Armoured Spartan, such as Linda. Senses? Again, More attuned to a Night Time Hunter then a daylight hunter. Not to mention that it wouldn't matter in the slightest. Scenario: Open Desert, Linda bunks down inside a sand dune, using some dead animal bones to cover her scope as she scans the terrain for enemies... It just so happens that the Black Leather Clad vampire stands out like a sour thumb and doesn't seem to hide at all, given this is a Ranged fight, and Not A Close Combat fight. Linda takes a bead on the Vampire as she darts around in vain, trying to pick up a scent or figure out Where Linda is... when Thwip, a round takes her head off... See, Selene never dodged Bullets... she dodged Aim, and only when she could See where it was coming from. Linda is a Super Ace Sniper, She's like Captain America + Bullseye + Iron Man (Albeit not as strong, but I was going for looks with the last point). Assuming that Selene already knows Where Linda is, Then what? This is a Ranged Fight. Are you saying that your Ranged Combatant closes to Hand to Hand? Because I mean, Selene's handguns aren't touching Lindas Armour or Shields. They're Far to weak, and her Special Ammo is made to take down Vamps and Lycans, Not Armoured Tanks. That said, I have a feeling You Want this to become a Close Combat Fight... Linda Still wins. Selene has shown Great Acrobatic speed, being able to flip around, and dive through places to make it seem as though she's fast enough to teleport. But I'm sourly unimpressed with her Hand to Hand Speed. Spartans have shown in quotes that I can get to move fast enough to Blur while fighting in hand to hand combat. Linda with a knife would be able to land five hits to one of Selenes if the two entered hand to hand. Although Selenes Extreme Acrobatics might help her, the terrain would limit that to only a Minor help. Strengthwise? She Knocked over a Van... Panzer would have you believe that the feat marks her in the several dozen Tons category... because of the Momentum of the van or something (Not sure if said here, but he did mention it in Mibbit)... Which would be impressive were it not wrong. She hit the van Abeam, not while it was bearing down on her. Meaning that all the Vans forward momentum wasn't focused on her. All she did was knock over a ton or two vehicle... Which is what Spartans do all the time. I've shown in various places that a Spartan does have the strength to flip a warthog (Not a 66ton tank though ), which is around 3tons iirc. And they do it in a similar manner to how Selene flipped the Van. What more, Selene had to Bodycheck the Van, whereas Spartans just grab and deadlift the Hogs into the air. Next up is their Durabilities. Selene has her healing factor to contend with, however Linda is armoured like a Tank, with Shields to boot. Selene's Strength is impressive, however It's no match for a Spartan. She might make it though Linda's shields, and knock her around abit, but nothing overly serious... and that's only if Linda were to not fight back. All Spartans have combat knives. With their size they're more like mini-Machetes though. One solid hit from Linda could easily sever a limb of Selenes, which would negate her Healing Factor until the limb was placed back on... What more, if Linda took her head off, then that's the fight right there... I could see Selene fight without a hand, or an arm, or two... maybe even missing a leg... but you kinda need your head.
  22. Except you're not getting the fact that 1) a Flash suppressor on a rifle makes it practically invisible in broad daylight. and 2) the bullet from the Standard Rifle Linda uses travels 4 or more times faster then sound travels. Senses wouldn't even factor into this fight. As to her Speed, you're kidding me right? You're talking about the woman who hit the pilots out of three banshee's in quick succession while they were chasing some ground targets. She didn't damage the banshee's, she Shot the Pilots, and this from about a klick away. Enhanced Sight? No, her Senses are atuned to Nighttime environments, as per the Vamperic and by extension the Immortal heratige. She wouldn't be able to see a Spartan, especially camoflaged in a sand dune. Wouldn't be able to smell one, with the fact that there Would be no scent from her suit. Wouldn't be able to hear her, due to Mjolnir being a solid piece without motors or servos. Lastly, she wouldn't even be able to tell by Movement where Linda was due to Spartans being able to remain Absolutly Motionless for Hours... So unless she has some sort of Other ESP sense I'm not aware of, she's not going to see Linda. You're also assuming that this is a hand to hand fight for Ranged character slots. As for Strength and Speed, Please back up your words. We all know my calculations on Spartans, I raved about them for years. All you have gone on about so far is conjecture and opinion until you can prove Selene's Strength and Speed. And So does a Spartan...
  23. heh, Linda takes this... from 2km away, before Selene can even see or hear the shot. Her head flies apart in a fountain of gore.
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