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  1. True, he's just a rather plane large shelled lizard that breaths fire. idk what his physical strength level is, though natural bulk would indicate that he IS somewhat strong, add on his Giga Form, and he Should physically be a match for a Rancor.
  2. No, there is no known martial art from Naruto in our world... Because their ninjitsue =/= our ninjitsue... Not to mention his access to techniques that just defy physics, shuch as Elemental techniques, Summoning techniques, and the various Bloodline techniques, of which Neji has... Presumably Ninja from Naruto are faster, considering their Children of preteen to teen can fight that fast. http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Neji_Hy%C5%ABga
  3. Except it wasn't a trap... Luke smashed the switch with a rock. Although you are right, the Rancor isn't that smart of a beast. It's just that, a Beast. With animal intelect that of Maybe a dog or horse. Bowser has the definite edge on brainpower and thus can easily put even Simple traps to use, while the Rancor could use None.
  4. First off, the door that crushed the Rancor was solid metal, maybe a half foot thick, maybe 6x15m... With a density of, say Iron... That's roughly 90tons. Not to mention that the door mechanizms were Closing said door, so once all that weight was being carried by the Rancor, the mechanizms would have been adding More weight onto that. That amount I cannot say. As well, it caught the Rancor unaware, hitting it behind the neck... Which means that even if the Rancor could have lifted the doors weight and overpowered the mechanizms, it couldn't from that stance, while not knowing that it was falling on him/her/it... also, going by the size of Giga Bowser from SSMM, he and the Rancor would be of roughly equal size.
  5. Neji wins this easily... I believe that Matrix people would be on par with Ginin (the kids fresh out of school) or at the best Chonin (middle ranked soldiery) in terms of strength and speed. That said Neji is a Jonin (Top ranked Elite), on top of having a varity of techniques which the Matrix people (except Neo) don't have access to. The Katana would give Morpheos reach, however Neji would sitll be able to get inside and land a hit with a kunai, due to the Extreme speed ninja have... or shut him down with his pressure point techniques.
  6. The Doctor uses the Tardis and his Sonic Screwdriver to hack into Pandora's Bio-Internet. Where he then convinces the collective intelegence that Dumbledore is a threat to the planet. then without ever having needed to lay eyes on the Wizard, The Doctor sits back and lets EVERYTHING on the planet fight Dumbledore for him.
  7. Well, Frankly she also has a fair number of other spells which would cause trouble. For instance, there's a magical loophole in her games mechanics which allows her to instantly defeat mostly all, if not all enemies (I haven't tried) where she uses Vanish on a target, making it invisible, but also a lightning rod for magic, and then uses X-Zone, which has a very slim chance (now 100% chance) of sending an enemy or group of enemies to another dimension. She could also use that technique with Doom, which is an instant Death attack with a low probability of hitting a target (now 100% due to Vanish) She could also Poison or Petrify (you've already said this one) him... Then there's the three elemental magics which she controls, Firaga, Thudaga, and Blizaga, each of which are Extremely powerful and high damage spells, that I would say would easily give even a captain a tough time. While Firaga wouldn't be an option due to Yamamoto's control of fire, Thundaga (all the power of an Electrical storm focused on one small target area) or Blizaga (the fury of an Ice Storm focused on a small target area) would most certinly help... As for the Gravity based attacks, she would have access to Gravija, which would be similar to engulfing her target in a miniature blackhole for a short time. She could also use Flare, a nonelemental (though looks like fire) based attack, with the strength of Bahamuts (An Exceptionally powerful Dragon) Fire... Or summon a flood, cause an earthquake, summon an F5 tornado, just go Nuclear or hell, Drop an Asteroid on the area... And then there's Ultima... which is like causing all the magic in the area (Except for targets IDed as Friendly) to litterally Explode causing tremendous nonphysical damage to every living thing (except as stated) in the area... This is just the Black Magic she knows... There is also the Grey or Effect Magic she would know. She could slow him down to half his speed, as well as Boost herself to Twice her own speed, with Slow and Haste. Or with limited sucess she could also Stop him in place for a short while. She could cause him to fall asleep, silence him, Confuse him (not illusion, think Acid Trip), Turn him into an Imp, etc. She could Also Put Reflect on herself, causeing all of Yamamoto's fire based attacks to redirect towards him instead of her. She could quicken herself to once again Twice her speed (in addition to haste), dispell any sort of magical effect that Yamamoto uses for longer then several seconds, and increase her own strength to double. This is in addition to her own equipment, which there are two unique end game sets that she would most like have. One to focus on being a Master Mage and the other to focus on more of a Hybrid of Swordswoman and Mage. In most cases I prefer and would think others prefer the Hybrid of FighterMage, as well, that would also give her the most shot in this fight. That said, She Absorbs Absorbs Fire, Ice, Lightning, Holy attacks (meaning they Heal her instead of hurt her) as well as Nullifies Poison, Wind, Earth, Water attacks against her. As well as stat boosts to her Speed and Strength from her Armour. With her Weapons, she has Lightbringer which boosts her strength, speed, stamina and magic. I cannot attest to it's ability to cut things, but it was able to deal significant damage to a God. OR she would have the Ultima Weapon, which utterly ignores all target durability (like a lightsaber ) and increases the strength of the hit by how much health the weilder has (at this point it would be maxed out) Which would make it deal significantly more damage then the Lightbringer. Or tossing out the Absorption of elements, she could straightup go Nukey with Dual Ultima Weapons, with relics that allow her the speed to strick 4 times in a row with each weapon... throw on her magic to up her speed to do that twice... and you have someone who would be able to land 8 hits for every one... Oh, then there's her Trance Ability which unleashes her Esper Side, significantly enhancing her physical abilities by more then double.
  8. Watching this fight, would be like watching two Tie Chi masters duel...
  9. Catwoman's dealt with the likes of Tommy before... he's gutter trash compared to some of the Real hitters she's taken down.
  10. I would challenge him to see who's parents love them the most
  11. Because 1) Android 18 isn't a Robot, nor is she actually an Android. She's more of a Cyborg. Dr.Gero picked her and her twin bro up as kids and augmented them, and brainwashed them into what they are. I really don't know if he enhanced their bodies to the point where they don't need air, but even then, I bet she could survive a long while in vacuum if she still needed to breath. Being augmented to have increased durability and such, as well as some sort of energy reactor, she could probably survive for a dozen or more min deprived of air and still fight at max. 2) This Megatron is the Beast Wars one, which I don't think could actually fly around... Even though he is a robot, and wouldn't need air, he would still need some sort of Maneuvering Spacesuit. It's either that or have him be forced to founder from rock to rock, which would leave him easy prey for Android 18.
  12. Halibel is too fast for him while he's out of water. As far as I can figure, the speed of Captain and Arancar level Bleach characters is around Mach5 when they blip around with their flashsteps and such. From what I'm reading of Aquaman, his average speed In the water (where he's faster) is 100mph, with bursts of up to 1000knots... Mach 5 = 3800mph, or 3300knots... Her average is more then 3x Aquamans Best.
  13. Not to mention that as JP said, she's Captain Class, which means that she Does have access to Shikai and Bankai. Presumably there will be some point int he manga and anime where she reveals how badass they are, and that she doesn't use them because she doesn't need to go 100% on targets.
  14. Yes, but you have a person with Human level of intelligence, who may or may not even need the equipment. vs A Giant Monkey... How long before the monkey takes off the breathing gear, and gets a lungful of Hydrogen Sulfide? Morlun just has to wait and hide... And with the breathing equipment, Kong's not going to be scenting him out anytime soon...
  15. Morlun wins easily... because he doesn't keel over dead from Pandora's EXTREMELY poisonous atmosphere. Hydrogen Sulfide FTW
  16. I didn't know Aquaman could control water... I mean, after he got that magic hand from the LotL, he could dehydrate people by touch, and shoot scalding water out of it. But afaik that was the extend of his "Hydrokinesis", which is vastly inferior to Halibels control...
  17. There is nothing on Earth that Aquaman could summon that would help him in anyway defeat an Arrancar... Except... maybe...
  18. Isn't the Fury a Super Interdementional Cosmic WTF that could literally pimpslap 100% Galactus into oblivion?
  19. The shrike also moves fast enough to seem as though he were in an infinite number of places at once.
  20. So... Zealot is very good... but I don't think she's good enough to take down battalions of Mecha with nothing but a Scarf... a Wool Knitted Scarf iirc... Then again, it might have been some other type of material like Silk or Linen or even Cotton
  21. 1) I can't see the forum slider thingy for some reason... it's on and off, and idk what governs it's cycle of me being able to see it. 2) Nova is Snarky 3) It's alright, I'll wait it out for season 3
  22. Well now, I was totally unaware that this thread existed... until just informed of it on Mibbit by a snarky Nova. I just kept checking the CBUB Season Draft Matches topic for any updates... Advanced Warning only helps when it's not in another country....
  23. For a Jesus Denied shot, head over to Ruinus' Beautiful Women Thread
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