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  1. but those shields were not on par with Brainy's level.

    iirc Vader crushed a mans throat from the bridge of his Super ISD, on the bridge of another ISD...


    A Supers Shields can withstand the impact force of 3+ ISD (Several Million Tons of Super Hardened Warship) traveling at Relativistic Speeds.


    Let me pipe that through a Calc...


    That's a minimum of 1.125e+26 joules of energy. Which is equivalent to the total energy output of a Star per second.




    Brainy can block out the air and just recycle what he has for an undefined time.

    Which wouldn't help him at all. The Force Bypasses Shields, it doesn't matter how Powerful they are.


    Also how long would it take a 12th level intellect to upload a virus into quite frankly low level cybernetics?

    He would have to make physical contact with some kind of input port on the suit. Still even if he didn't need to make physical contact, he'd still need to See and Recognize an input port, as well, there would actually Have to be an input port on the suit in the first place... or at least one unarmoured and unshielded.

    If it were armoured or shielded, he would then have to make physical contact with the suit. And before he could do that his head would look like a squished ball of tin foil.

  2. Well, Mercer can regenerate from a pile of goo... So he has That advantage


    He can also consume Zodak at the celular level rapidly, and if his physical durability is an issue stopping that, then Mercer could just aim to penitrate him somewhere where it wouldn't matter, like an Orifice into Zodaks body...


    That said, I think Alex wins via consuming him through his arsehole.

  3. Grimlock doesn't have to stay in Dinosaur mode. In a lot of the comics, he's stays in robot mode a whole lot and is a fierce warrior. Kind of the Worf or Wolverine of The Transformers. His gun should destroy Spartan just fine.

    Except before the Void Upgrade, he could easily shrug off Artilery Fire... Artillery Fire that is better or at least Par with Transformer weapons... And Then he got a Massive boost to his Durability.

  4. Yeah, being able to lift "Large Armoured Vehicles" would put him around 60-80 tons, and that was Before he upgraded and Increased his strength and durability.


    I don't see any Autobot of Dinosaur Size being more then a couple dozen tons. So I think it would be safe to say that Spartan could end up being able to toss the bot around like a sack of potatoes.

  5. Yeah, Arrancar don't use any metal, have no metal too... they're all that special Hollow Bone stuff for their equipment.


    Not only that, but being dead spirits, I don't even think they have Real Elemental Metal in their blood and tissues.


    As such, Magneto's magnatism shouldn't really be a major problem for her, aside from having to dodge and parry thrown objects and smash through his shields. But Captains and Arrancar should have the strength and speed to pull it off, and Tia is the 3rd most powerful (now 1st) Arrancar in all of Bleach.

  6. Outside help is allowed? Well then, let's see how Matt handles the full force of the death eaters+whatever the hell else Voldemort had with him at the battle of Hogwarts.

    Going by the army he had at Hogwarts, he would have access to:

    • More than a hundred Death Eaters and Snatchers
    • Dozens of Imperiused wizards
    • Dozens of Ministry officials
    • Some Slytherin students
    • 1 snake
    • Several Werewolves
    • 100+ Dementors
    • A Group of giants
    • 100+ Acromantula




    I don't see the airstrikes being any different from summons in the sake of all fairness.  That being said, Mattias has such a wide range of airstrikes, any of them could take Voldemort out.  From Nuclear Bunker Busters, to Fuel Air Bombs to Carpet Bombing runs.

    Also, no, there should be no outside interferance. I don't think Summoning would be allowed either. Special case would be for Pokemon Masters who actually carry around Pokemon with them...

  7. Actually going off of Lion vs Tiger, Lion stands a good chance of winning. Greater jaw strength, better claws, and more fight experiance on avg iirc...


    Character experiance and preformance however would even this out. Like was said before, Scar wasn't the example of a fighter in his prime, he had to win his pride via backstabbing his brother. As well, Shere Khan is a reputable fighter, having taken on and defeated a bear, no small feat, though not really in doubt. Not only that, but from the looks of it, Shere Khan is in his Prime, while Scar looks to be just passing his own, and more frail then a Real Alpha Lion.

  8. Hmm... Basing this off of a mutual understanding from each character that they are in a battle, and know what their foe looks like.



    First, I will consider each characters Stealth, as that's the first part of any fight. Matt has relatively 0 for stealth. He has as much stealth sense as your common man, instead relying on his call in's and such to give him the firepower to just waltz into situations.


    Voldemort however is a Wizard. The Wizarding world has for centuries stealthed under the nose of the Common man, with only top level officials in the muggle world being informed from time to time when the Wizarding world needs to do so. Not only That, but Voldemort is also a wanted criminal in the wizarding world, and spent pretty much all his time on the run, hiding and stealthing around from when he was struck down by the whole scar on the forehead incident to when that rat guy brought him back. This would give him a tremendous advantage in setting up the fight.


    The terrain would also be an advantage to Voldemort in this sense, as he's spent almost his whole life in the dark arts, dark places, doing and being pretty evil. Matt however has not...


    Voldemort wins this and gets the drop on Matt.




    Matt has whatever he could bring into a match. Presumably this is all hand held weapons, grenades, and the like, Though he might get One vehicle. If he does take a vehicle, he default looses on stealth, which wouldn't matter anyway. As I'm sure R'laeh doesn't have streets (idk?) he'd have to take a flying vehicle, presumably a gunship. That would give him either the Ambassador or the Warsong gunships. With a 20mm auto cannon, two 70mm rocket pods, two Anti-tank guided missile quad launch racks, and two Anti-air missile launchers. The only armaments of value in this fight would be the cannon and the rocket pods. Or on the warsong a  23mm cannon, two 57mm unguided rocket pods, and some Anti-tank missiles, with the missiles being useless like the other. This gives him Alot of firepower, and a really good chance at taking out Voldemort... if he could find him.


    Voldemort on the other hand has a varity of spells that could handle the Gunship, most prominent of them being Reducto. While Matt is flying around looking for Voldemort, he could cast Reducto, causing the Gunship to turn to dust around Matt, dropping him out of the sky onto the ground. If we are talking no Reducto, then he can use Fiendfyre to create an Independent, Beast made of Fire to attack the Gunship while he hides in the shadows. Then there's Confringo, which seems to have the power of a Tremendously powerful explosive, enough to decimate a building and leave a crater in the street, which could easily take a vehicle (even an armoured one) down.


    Winner of this bout is indeterminate. Voldemort has the power to easily compete with a high powered military vehicle. But if Matt is forced to ditch the vehicle, he would be at a huge disadvantage.




    Well, Matt is just a human, he could take body armour into this fight, but against Voldemorts arsenal of spells, it would be next to useless. Having a heavily armoured vehicle in the fight though would up his odds here. Assuming he takes a Gunship, that should give him enough armour to turn small arms fire, and survive glancing anti-armour hits. If it weren't for the unconventional weaponry at Voldemorts disposal, that could easily counter the gunship, he would have an awesome advantage.


    Voldemort however.... while being technically human in regards to durability is a wizard. And as a wizard of Great skill and ability would more then likely have access to healing spells such as Vulnera Sanentur. As long as the wound isn't too lethal, he could presumably be back on his feet in seconds. Not only that, but he presumably has spells like a Shield Charm, that could provide physical barriers against Direct Attack.


    Winner if this bout, well, I'd have to say Voldemort by a nose ( :D) against Matt in a Gunship, but out of it, Matt looses so hard it's not funny.


    Total wins? Voldemort. Though this would be an interesting fight to watch, the winner is clearly the Dark Lord.

  9. Poor Terra. e.e


    She either keels over from the sudden burst of Spirit Energy from the Captain Commander or is debilitated by it in which he simply strengthens his Spirit Energy further to render her unconscious. She is vastly under-equipped to deal with the likes of the Captain Commander. If this proceeds past the initial stages, whelp.

    Except after much debate on Mibbit, either her Magic = Spirit, which she has a Substantial pool of herself.



    Magic =/= Spirit, and thus she wouldn't have any and would exist outside of it. Thus not being effected or being able to effect Spirit based things.


    As such only the Effect these various magics would have would actually work on each other. Such as Elemental Generation and Control.

  10. Wow, this fight is such a stomp for Voldemort... the terrain is extremly in his favor, and he's fighting a muggle (or whatever wizies call normals.)...


    iirc muggles don't quite perceive Wizards on the same level of conciousness as others. It's how they get by with little random acts of magic that can be just shrugged off. Like people walking through walls on a train platform <.< That too would be in voldemorts favor.


    Mobility is his too, as I doubt you could get any sort of vehicle around R'lyeh unless it was flying, and that would be a highly visible target for a Wizard hiding in the shadows.

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