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  1. Wait, is this still on, what with the hackattack and Fox taking a look at security and all that...
  2. I think the reset poked my Aye out... so Aye
  3. iirc Vader crushed a mans throat from the bridge of his Super ISD, on the bridge of another ISD... A Supers Shields can withstand the impact force of 3+ ISD (Several Million Tons of Super Hardened Warship) traveling at Relativistic Speeds. Let me pipe that through a Calc... That's a minimum of 1.125e+26 joules of energy. Which is equivalent to the total energy output of a Star per second. Which wouldn't help him at all. The Force Bypasses Shields, it doesn't matter how Powerful they are. He would have to make physical contact with some kind of input port on the suit. Still even if he didn't need to make physical contact, he'd still need to See and Recognize an input port, as well, there would actually Have to be an input port on the suit in the first place... or at least one unarmoured and unshielded. If it were armoured or shielded, he would then have to make physical contact with the suit. And before he could do that his head would look like a squished ball of tin foil.
  4. Well, Mercer can regenerate from a pile of goo... So he has That advantage He can also consume Zodak at the celular level rapidly, and if his physical durability is an issue stopping that, then Mercer could just aim to penitrate him somewhere where it wouldn't matter, like an Orifice into Zodaks body... That said, I think Alex wins via consuming him through his arsehole.
  5. After anihilating Gotham City and all the heroes and villians that can't run far enough, fast enough, Superman swings by wondering why his BFF Bats hasn't answered the phone lately... he then Pimpslaps Akuma into the sun.
  6. Sure it's a Gladiatorial Arena, however, Being GOD Proof I doubt Mags could rip the metal through the walls of the pit to assist him. He'd have to rely on the other parts of the EM spectrum to damage Tia.
  7. Except before the Void Upgrade, he could easily shrug off Artilery Fire... Artillery Fire that is better or at least Par with Transformer weapons... And Then he got a Massive boost to his Durability.
  8. Yeah, being able to lift "Large Armoured Vehicles" would put him around 60-80 tons, and that was Before he upgraded and Increased his strength and durability. I don't see any Autobot of Dinosaur Size being more then a couple dozen tons. So I think it would be safe to say that Spartan could end up being able to toss the bot around like a sack of potatoes.
  9. There is? I thought it was just a barren sandy pit...
  10. Not Hollow as in nothing inside it, Hollow as in their Species Type - Bone, sort of thing...
  11. That's what you get with the support provided by Hollow Bone!
  12. Yeah, Arrancar don't use any metal, have no metal too... they're all that special Hollow Bone stuff for their equipment. Not only that, but being dead spirits, I don't even think they have Real Elemental Metal in their blood and tissues. As such, Magneto's magnatism shouldn't really be a major problem for her, aside from having to dodge and parry thrown objects and smash through his shields. But Captains and Arrancar should have the strength and speed to pull it off, and Tia is the 3rd most powerful (now 1st) Arrancar in all of Bleach.
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