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    Stealing a car from a fake Jamacian

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About Me

Names Mark, (Don't need to know my last name) , and I am the second oldest of five siblings.

In order of age

Jimmy: 21




Madsion: 6


Likes:ANYTHING by Midway, or THQ, Spongebob video games, Turok stuff, Splatterhouse(2010), Soccer, Tackeling in Football, Playing with my friends, writing, Playing on my computer or my video games.


Dislikes: ANYTHING by Sony, expect for the PS2(Its older than the PS3 and is STILL outselling it.), The Wii, most FPS video games, I do like Fallout, Bioshock, and Turok(2008) though.


So..thats pretty much all you need to know about me...well thanks for taking the time to read my profile!!'


UPDATE: Giving control of Jason if he survives and Freddy to Tomisn'tblue after Luthadnel is complete, as I am dropping out.


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