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  1. Man, 2 stars seems kinda harsh but I’ll take it all the same lol
  2. I would need to rewatch the first but I know the kid in 3 had one lol as for the sequels, I recently learned the director of the sequel hated horror movies...which explains quite a bit lol
  3. You see it’s interesting that you say that! A friend of mine mentioned that Kevin might be able to annoy them with the traps but they’ll end up just brute forcing their way in/outsmart him. i don’t really wanna give my two cents as it’s my match but I loved this post!
  4. (#2 of my tournament entries! This has been brewing in my head for a while! I love the lore behind the Trioxin Zombies/Return of the Living Dead in general. With the holiday season on the horizon, I thought it’d be fun to try and splice some horror with a little bit of holiday cheer. Though after this story, I doubt Kevin or anybody living in Chicago would find anything to cheer about! I do apologize for the length of this one! Less is always more but I feel that ideas need as much space as I feel they need to be properly executed. Nevertheless, enjoy!~) Lou was a simple driver. His contr
  5. This means so much! I’m working on my next match and I’ve definitely taken into mind your comments about length! It’s always something I’ve struggled with as a writer in general. But I guess a part of it for me is the mindset that ‘it’s finished when it’s finished’ I hope you’ll enjoy the second entry just as much ❤️
  6. Thank you so much, DS! We should catch up sometime! You know it’s interesting you say that because in the video game when Roy was added as another ‘Jason’, people complained about it’d be ‘unrealistic’ for Roy to perform the game’s kills and so the devs at first handwaved it as ‘oh Roy believes he IS Jason.’ And people still complained so they just outright said ‘guys. It’s a video game.’ Something I tried to play with as far as the story goes is ; is it really Jason’s ghost egging Roy on? Does he believe that he’s actually Jason? Or are Tommy and him both just nut jobs and Jaso
  7. (#1 of my two entries for the CBUB/EF Halloween tournament! It’s been a good couple months since I’ve written a match-more so participating in a tournament! I wish the best of lucky to everyone else! But most of all, I hope you enjoy my entries!) ~~~ Pinehurst had been created with the intention of helping troubled youths. Those whom society had deemed as too troublesome to deal with out in public. Hide them away and let their problems become someone else’s. The hope was that given enough time and counseling the residents could improve themselves and eventually leave the grounds in orde
  8. It’s so good to see you again, Grano! Leaving this post here so I can edit it later when I’m not working.
  9. I think something funky is going on with the text! I had to highlight your post to read any of it. That said, I dig the matchup! Reptile's acid spit might take Anakin for a bit of a loop. Not sure if it'd just sizzle against the saber's blade but if any of it gets on Anakin himself, Reptile better make sure it's a fatal wound or things are gonna get bad real quick. It's eluded to more when Anakin is better written(like in Clone Wars!)but the guy is a total berserker when he gets pushed too far. Reptile spitting acid at him and clearly trying to kill him plus a couple of acid burns here a
  10. Sorry for not commenting on this sooner! I think this was an excellent write-up and the framing of Khazan was great! The idea of characters like Jiren, Joker, and Saitama just casually standing around as Yang and Fixit throw hands is hilarious. Almost feels like it'd be the backdrop for a 2D-fighting game with Jiren paying the battle no mind, Saitama just wanting to get the paperwork done so he can catch up the latest sale in the Khazan Market, and Joker and Bell just wanting to make it out of here in one piece. I can't really say I speak as an authority on Joe but after doing some resea
  11. (Another match-up coming your way! Figured I’d do this in lieu of the other one I have planned not really panning out length-wise. It was inspired by both my friend AVP’s excellent Yang Xiao Long vs Joe Fixit match which you should definitely comment on(I haven’t yet….) and show him some love! The other was this excellent short animation by Worthikids! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pdF1a7Qi9c It’s where I’ll be basing this Jason’s characterization off! That said, I hope you all enjoy this! : ) ) Everyone had those days where you just didn’t want to get out of bed. The blanket was warm
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBKnxif6fKE ~~Cairo, Egypt, 1988~~ It'd been over a hundred years he was trapped in that miserable coffin. Forced to toil in darkness as the world continued to move on and grow around him. He'd achieved his desire which was to obtain the body of his adoptive brother-Jonathan Joestar-and take it for his own. But what did it matter if he was trapped beneath the waves? Unable to ever spread his influence across the globe. Dio Brando would be little more than a footnote in history. A madman who took his delusions of grandeur to the extreme and threatened t
  13. https://www.mangauk.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Joseph-Joestar.gif Hi everybody!
  14. Not really sure if this is all THAT bad, but I remember one issue of Spiderman back in the early 2000s or so where Peter was really pissed off about something and was exploring the sewers and he came across Scorpion who at that point had been trying to turn over a new leaf and even told Peter so but Peter just went to town on him and it's implied after the beatdown that it destroyed what little sanity Mac had left. Way to help him try to change for the better, Pete! Though they would have turned Mac into a badguy again anyway, like they did with Sandman.
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