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  1. Goddamit, Dragix has more stars then me!?

  2. "No prob and thank you." Stryker said as he would peal the banana.
  3. "Nice power mind getting me a banana?"
  4. Stryker smiled and held the knife over Jack head. "If you want it you have to grab it." He said joking.
  5. Stryker got some toast and non-crispy bacon he also poured himself some Cap'n Crunch and had a ham, cheese, and onion omelette. He made a butter knife to spread butter on his toast.
  6. Let me edit it one more time for your pea brain.
  7. I never said they were dead. They are still alive and are giving Jason his powers of element. They are in his head.
  8. Name: Blaze Chalouto. Superhero name: Pyro Age:18 or 30 Appearance: Superhero Appearance: A fire looking jacket with a hood that hides his face. Power(s): Can create and control Fire. Bio: Before Elemental before the whole group there was Pyro. He was the only fire spirit that wanted to live with the humans but his parents said "no no no" Finally he was 30 (In fire spirit years) and he left. He learned that he could make a human figure so he did just that. He still had his powers but he couldn't go back to his spirit form util he could make only one person to take his earthly powers. The leader of the group didn't know how to use his powers. So he packed up his things and moved to SHHS. Weapons: Made it to were it's only Pyro.
  9. Name: Jason Myers Superhero name: Elemental Age:18 Appearance: Superhero Appearance: (Told as if you are wearing it.) A mask that hides eyes but is able to see through it and on that said mask it's from left to right fire, water, lightning, void, ice, tornados, and rock. Then his left arm is lightning, right arm is rock, torso is ice, mouth fire, left leg air, and right leg water. Power(s): Can create and control Fire, Water, Rock, Air, Lightning, and Ice. Bio: When he was born Jason was the strongest looking baby. He was good nature but would fight for what right. One day at his old school a bully threw a younger kid into a wall Jayson grabbed that bully and gave him a swift knee into the forehead the bully went down like a ton of bricks. That day a superhero named Pyro was watching his team was called the Elementals. He grabbed Jason and took him to the hide out were Jason met Aqua The girl that you don't mess with, Shock the crazy guy, Frozen the most distant one, Airal the beautiful but deadly girl, and Rocka the tough guy. They all place their weapons (Look at Jason's weapons) on the table with Pyro told him to stand on the middle and wait, as soon as he got on the middle he was in a black room then a fire ball hit him in the head, a water ball hit him in the right leg, a lightning ball hit him in the left arm, an ice ball hit him in the stomach, an air ball hit him in the left leg, and a rock hit him in the right arm he felt the power surging inside of him. Then he jumped out with all the powers but something was missing, then it dawned on him. "The Elementals were the things that hit me." He said but now he had to learn to use it in a proper fashion thus he joined SHHS. Weapons: A sword made out of fire called the Hell sword (Pyro). A Whip made out of water called tidal wave (Aqua). A bow and arrows made from lightning called the thunder storm (Shock). A double bladed Axe made of ice called blizzard (Frozen). Two knives made out of air called the tornadoes (Airal). A double sided hammer made of rocks called the rockslide (Rocka).
  10. Bull The Count wins every time.
  11. "S'up mate." Stryker said "Ready fo some breakfast?"
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