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  1. (Things seem to be off to a slow start, so I'll bump us ahead a bit.) Just as Carl finishes his greeting, the dual-voiced humanoid returns. "It seems we have another for our collection," he slowly speaks to another above the grate. "What do you advise? Do we add him to your personal chambers like these pests..." He spits down the grate onto Liam. "... or do we put them in the pig holding pens?" A deep dual-voice boomed, "Put it in the chambers. I'm sure his lard will add extra flavour to my dining." His shadow became slightly apparent through the bars on the ceiling above you. It was approximately two metres tall, very muscular, furry, and appeared to be some sort of dog-human hybrid. You recognised the figure from before the bombing, when genetic mutation was being practised on soldiers and civilians alike to prepare for the inevitable war. One of the reports was of a holding facility in Pennsylvania; their intelligent carnivorous experiments had broken out during a simple chemical explosion in the lab. Nearly forty of these dog-men had escaped, though the vast majority of them were "put down" (slaughtered) by military forces. Just two weeks after this incident, the bombs had come down. The higher-pitched dog-man spoke. "Yes, Lord Steele." As this was said, the grate opened and an obese man with a balding head and scruffy beard was forced down it. He squealed as he hit the floor, and cried to himself for a few moments. After he managed to collect himself, he spoke softly to you. "I know a way out of here..."
  2. ARE YOU READY? You manage to stand up in the pitch black room. A few rays of firelight pour down upon the blood-soaked loam floor, yet not enough to allow visibility. As you take a step, you notice that the floor seems to squish, and thick liquid creeps down your ankle into your footwear. A mixture of foul body odour, rotten flesh, feces, and semen puts you in a nauseous state as you grasp your nose and gag. Your conscious kicks in, and you begin to question how you arrived here. You vaguely recall being attacked out in the wastelands by large barbaric figures, then a man calling out numbers as if you were blindfolded in an auction, and finally, walking for what seemed to be days in a dark, arid environment. Just as you have your first self-aware thoughts, and as your vision adjusts to the darkness, you notice that a group of people lay sitting, beaten and battered, just as you are, next to you. You've been stripped of all equipment you had while travelling the wastes, pardon your clothing. The room appears to be four metres squared, with a ceiling one metre high. The grate in which the light is beaming from seems to lead to another room. A dual-voice calls out from the grate: "Prepare for your meal, human waste! It may be your last..." And with that, we start.
  3. HUMANITY SOMEHOW STOOD UP ON ITS MUTATED FEET... So I finally got everything done; the RP's being posted now. Figure'd I'd go on over the rules now. FOR BASIC ROLEPLAYING... There is no order of action. If I post, you don't have to wait for someone else to do so before you can. Limit your usage of manipulating other characters. I don't mind little things like reasonably believable dialogue, or a simple action like throwing faeces at another character, but don't, like, kill people without my consent. Obviously. Don't shift times drastically. Hell, don't shift times at all. I suppose little things like "a minute later" or, on the borderline, "five minutes later", don't bother me much in a slow period of RPing. Don't travel strange distances. You cannot teleport into another city within seconds. FOR COMBAT... I'll roll a die. Simple as that. This will determine the outcome of an event. If it really sucks, then I'll let you know about it and you can ask about changing it (by re-rolling or just creativity). The wastelands are a terrible place; expect the worst. The order of combat will be determined before the actual combat commences. And with that... LET'S HAVE A WAR!
  4. Due to a surprise spree of ironic and spontaneous events, I am unable to put the finishing touches on and start the RP today. However, I should have plenty of time tomorrow to at least let out a decent introduction and allow for some free-form roleplaying to get things going.
  5. The end of the month is coming, guys, which is the unofficial starting time presumably. If we can all agree on a date between the 25th and the first of next month, I'm just about ready.
  6. If the beasts of the wasteland don't try to repopulate with you.
  7. So we've got Carl, Gabriel, Rick, and Liam. No female characters participating? Maybe a good thing in the carnivorous wastelands of Amerikus. Pennsylvania is pretty much the only available place to start, I suppose. I'm still surprised I've been given no questions.
  8. Judging by the two character sheets we've got so far, I'd say the plot will be five years post-war. Tom, thanks for the welcome back. I'll be posting a map of the "known world". I'm debating on where to start us out, but I know it will be within a week's walk to Brooklyn. Suggestions are welcome.
  9. I plan on starting whenever it's acceptable with the general community that's playing. So probably at the beginning of next month or the end of this one. As for the censorship, this will be toned down greatly from the novel. I hope I can get away with some necessary things, though. Maybe just leave it to inference. Can I curse with the use of the first letter followed by asterisks? Like C********? A Polish nerd named Carl Johnson? Interesting choice. Also, semi-related topic; I could do with creative help on the novel, so go ahead and let me know if you're interested.
  10. You guys go on ahead and make a character sheet, then. Questions will be answered Here's a few questions of my own: what are the rules we have on language usage, and what are the rules on censorship?
  11. I enjoy brisk walks on the beach in the mornings, candlelit dinners in the evenings, and nuclear war as a hobby.

  12. It may have already started, but you can join at any time! --- GREETINGS AND FELICITATIONS, CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY! I'm back. Even though when I was last here, I got nothing done. That was two years ago, or something like that. I was still a scrawny weasel of a teenager then. Believe it or not, I'm different now! Even though it seems only a scrawny teenager can come up with an idea like a post-apocalyptic neobarbaric renaissance, only a man can be willing to go through with it! This is CARNIVORE - The Roleplay. Or at least that's what I want it to be. Anyone ever heard of the old thrash/hardcore band CARNIVORE? Regardless, they released a self-titled album about the post-nuclear-apocalypse. They didn't intend on me interpreting it as a concept album, but I did, and thought, "This would make an amazing novel!" So I started writing that novel today, even though it's been in my untermensch of a brain for probably a year now. It's about the rise of new societies in the grand wake of Amerikus (the forsaken grounds of the post-war USA); some want to restore the 50 (police) states of old; some want to create a new, better country (nowhere to go but uphill from here, anyways); some want to create a neobarbaric renaissance that hasn't existed for hundreds if not thousands of years; and some lurk below the ground, gone below to escape the death of the nuclear winter, but have since become abominations of nature and mother science. The roleplay would be set in one of three timelines:; immediately after the Third Great War, when America is presumed completely annihilated, but survivors exist, and must fight for their lives; fifteen years after the Third Great War, when the mentioned societies of Amerikus exist and are in an infantile stage, and survivors must fight to shape the new creations; or during the course of the novel (your character could be in an novel canonically!), when the societies are set in their paths (for the most part), and the only goal is survival amongst the warring factions and the wastelands! Character design would be not exactly stat-based, but of some ratings (henceforth, your character will be referred to as "you"): --- CHARACTER SHEET - CARNIVORE RP Name: (Nothing too out of the ordinary; "Sabatawake Sanjuro" or "Jimmy Smith" would be fine, but not "Örkus of Ballcrushing-Might") Gender: (Male, female, trans, y'know) Race: (Your ethnicity; Hungarian, Japanese, American, but not something ridiculous, like Vinland of Type O Negative fame) Appearance: (Tell us what you looks like) Common Bio: (Here you can put in common knowledge of yourself, such as political views, marital/relationship status, feelings about cannibalism, etc.) P&P (Psyche & Physique): (Here you should tell us about yourself in terms of strength, intelligence, agility, etc. without the use of stats. I expect you not to abuse this and be the mastermind body-builder with 2 metre long legs. Be realistic. I don't mind if you play a character like yourself. --- I will fill out this character sheet for semi and important NPCs as well, and post it in the role play. Currently, that is all I need to start this. The storyline and plot points will be developed over time. I want our characters to be realistic, so don't post your characters entire life in your character sheet. Tell us during the roleplay in dialogue. I'm open to questions and suggestions, private and public here. Thanks, guys. It's good to be back.
  13. Gonna have to drop outta this one, too. :/
  14. I'll post mine sometime this week. I have it written up... except for his equipment and appearance.
  15. This is exactly what I was looking for. Nice job. Also, if I can get at least four people here, we can start whenever.
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