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  1. Now you seem him, now you don't.

  2. That's unfortunate. What about characters who have more than one goal? How hard is it to find someone who wants both justice and peace?
  3. A punch in the face is actually farther than we usually get.
  4. Seriously? Mass Effect has a pretty well written storyline.
  5. Chuck and Lost come back soon! Can't wait.
  6. You're just upset that you have no response to the adorableness that is the emo cow.
  7. Read the ending to Ivan's post. He was disappointed we haven't told the intros to the characters yet. For the oldest person here, you can be such a baby.
  8. Do you need a lolly? Sounds like you skinned your knee. All we're trying to do now is just finish the story for our CHARACTERS.
  9. If you can hold off until the 19th, I'll have a full two weeks of nothing but my lap top and silence to work on stuff. Right now, though, I'm hunkering down for two weeks of nonstop finals.
  10. And all of those photos and images you took or made yourself?
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