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  1. This isn't a "fake fight". It's an abuse of power.
  2. Seriously, throwing a huge fit because Rakai's Predators are gaining more and more votes because he asks for my help in these half assed set ups. Since I've always got his back, I ask my OTHER friends *at least over 400 of them* to help me out by voting for the Predator characters. You don't believe me that this is a half assed set up fight? You are having a Predator FIGHT a villain who was so scared to die, he broke his spirit up seven different times! Keep up with these shitty fights Admins, I'll keep asking my friends to help HIM out.
  3. Hey! Brony Hugo! What's up? Brohoof?
  4. Because a PONY started up this thread.... for the bronies.
  5. Finally... All by myself... jk
  6. Yes, that is true. MLP FIM has cosmetic ones as well. And that most of the constalations in the skies are either ponies themselves... OR the animal form that they represent.
  7. Let's not forget about our Gay Pride Parade.
  8. And lets not forget the MANLINESS of all things about MLP FIM!!! Big Mac getting all the ladies...
  9. And what about Fluttershy pwning a full grown bear? Or Twilight taking on an Ursa Minor?
  10. We're in your underwear drawer, converting you. Muahahahahahahhah!
  11. *Covers the zombies in Caramel Sauce because I can and watch the wild animals eat the zombies instead* Oops! Did I do that?
  12. Because you'll become a brony if you eat a brony?
  13. SO! Apparently I can do a really good Whiny Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie voices. No computers needed to fix it too.
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