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  1. I forgot to explain Primal sayins affects Constant rage Power remains at a maximum nearly overwhelming state, which drives most of the insanity. Erases all pain emational and physical with rage. During a full moon harnesses blunts waves power from the moon increasing the power constantly. (Luckily there is no full moon in this fight)
  2. Parallax is far to powerful for the Surfer. While I'll agree it would be a good show, he'd be a better match up for higher ends than Surfer. I'll brush up on him, as a refresher and ad to this later.
  3. Lets compare Abomination Superstrength Healing Factor high Durability Limited amount of fighting skills Vegeta Superstrength Energy manipulation/projection Superspeed High degree of durability Expert h2h fighter Super Strength Abomination>>>> Vegeta Superspeed Vegeta>>>>>>>>>> Abomination Durability Abomination>>>>>> Vegeta Energy (No contest) Fighting Skills Vegeta>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Abomination Healing = Abomination In a battle, Vegeta would have to make sure Abomination does not hit him, more than once, while Vegeta can send Abomination several miles through mountains, it's not gonna stop him or put him down. Vegeta's durability would not stand up to Abominations strength, so he will have to use energy attacks long, range and speed, making this fight pretty much a stomp in his favor unless he got cocky, and tried to fight Abomination at his own speed. Vegeta FTW!
  4. Toguro is very powerful, but at SS1 Goku is far out of his league. Pre Frieza saga Goku would be amore even fight for him.
  5. Same with me. It took me a year to finally join the site, after finding it. I really didn't want to because of the large amounts of flame wars and what not,but I wanted to comment one day and went ahead and joined.
  6. Yeah i went over there to check it out and see how it was for awhile. I'll be back and fourth between the two sites. Trying to bridge the political gaps between Comics and Manga, people with one track minds and fanboys! LOL!!!
  7. Yes! I am, but i'll be back and fourth here and there when i have the time.
  8. LMAO!! How could I ever forget you, our local troll! Well I'll say this to you, If you guys haven't so to say revived the site all this time in my absence, then well I guess you won't ever do it. So instead of complaining about the matches I or anyone else make involving DC/DBZ why don't you shut up and make some good matches yourself. I was on cbub a long time, i've left and come back and even when i'ved stopped by to see how things have changed; i've yet to see a single match from you! So i'll say a hardy STFU and stay off my fights if you don't like them! With that being said! Glad to see your still trollling!
  9. I've been working alot, and had classes as well. Sorry I've been gone for so long! I was visiting another site for awhile as well. Akuma and Stranglhold were over there as well,on comicvine. Yeah i miss chatting it up with the old gang over here! LOL!
  10. Thats right! I forgot about that! Orga FTW!! I wonder how bada$$ the Cloverfield creature would be when it's reached maturity? Because it was only an infant!
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