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  1. This is just a fight to test a reported bug.
  2. awesome. thread locked to prevent further descent into idiocy.
  3. chakos

    Yo Admin

    Well, he went ahead and created a new account without waiting for me to do anything (extra accounts are a big no no). BUT yes, if he had waited for me to fix it, he would have kept post count, friends, etc etc, just with a new name! Oh well, patience is a virtue.
  4. chakos

    Yo Admin

    I can change it, but you have to tell me what you want it changed to
  5. Submit Fezzik (sp?) then in fantasy and it'll definitely get accepted.
  6. I personally have no opinion regarding wrestlers in the CBUB, but its one of the few things we've heard explicitly. I think Landon summed it up best in his comment on the old thread: Yes, we all realize that WWE wrestlers are are like actors. No, that doesn't make them the same as Sean Connery/James Bond. 'Nuff Said.
  7. True, I just thought the idea of giving him the weekend to cool down was good. Unfortunately for him it isn't Friday.
  8. heh. I was waiting for more old board members to get active on this board. We're currently being on our bestest behavior because this is a beta, and its the first time forum registration has been allowed in a long time, so we'd like to attract some new members to the board. Our normal cynical rabid diseased selves just won't cut it (yet). However Surfer, rest assured that things will get back to normal in a few months after the site is out of beta and well established. We're currently picking out moderators that we trust/like to deal with day to day thread policing, complaints, moderation, moving topics, answering questions, etc etc. Once thats all set up we can go back to our crazy hermit shack out back (re: the FPL) and show up occasionally to wield mighty Ban Hammers and the like. That being said, M. Bison (aka Hamboy) will be our first CBUB Forum (and subforum) moderator. For the moment, this includes the Battle Board as well, so cut the kid some slack, will ya? He's got a big job. Be on your best behavior! and with that being said, don't ask to be a mod, please. You've got to let it happen organically, like art or mold.
  9. Is that ripper? All you CBUB'ers had to go and change your names, eh? Fair enough.
  10. Heck, *I* could make a comic, movie, and game about myself pretty easily these days. Doesn't make me pop culture. Just cleared out the pop culture bin. By the way, we can't see what creator submits any given character, but i'm curious as to who though they needed to submit 50 bad guys from old action/thriller films. THE VILLAIN FROM SPEED 2 IS NOT A POPULAR CULTURE REFERENCE. Et. Cetera.
  11. As I've said many times, just because character A is in the DB does not mean character AB will make it in. And as Landon said, deep breath. Here's the way I look at these characters (mostly, all the historical stuff people want to put in 'pop culture'). The CBUB deals mainly with fictional characters. The CBUB has many admins with differing standards. When I look in the pop culture review bin (always has 70+ characters in it) I see characters and think "Hmmmm, doesn't seem pop culture to me. Links are ok, but I'm not sure its acceptable. Therefore, I will leave it for someone else to deal with." Repeat for three or four different admins over the course of a week or ten days. Then someone like myself or Landon goes back in and says, "Ok, I've looked at this character already. Its been a week or more. I know at least 3 or 4 other reviewers have looked at it and not accepted it. And *I* don't want to accept it. I can surmise that multiple admins agree with me that it is not acceptable and/or pop culture. Therefore, I will deny it." And we're gonna continue to be somewhat sticklers about what goes in there. And players are gonna think denials are unfair and complain (but thank god its not the old FPL, where people would pitch much bigger fits when their creative writing got denied. note for posterity: Landon has denied FPL characters of mine). And its going to stay this way unless and until we hear different from bigger fish.
  12. Then submit them as such. Maybe use the pic from South Park, with related references, and submit to the 'toons category. People, the Pop-Culture category is not a catch all: "Any character I want who doesn't fit into the others." To quote serge: We mostly deal with fictional entities.
  13. I didn't deny them, but I would have too. If you actually *show* them being used in fiction, like say ares from marvel or hercules, rather than *assume* they're fictionalized somewhere will improve your chances. And to everyone, pop culture does not mean "anything I want that isn't in a comic cartoon TV show or movie."
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