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  1. No time this month for FPL fun, but sounds groovy.
  2. I've been adding stuff to the wiki. It might not be a bad idea for all of us to do so. While I've been working on SG pages, as I link to related subjects I've created some more general pages like Khazan, Arcanus Obliques, etc. Haven't filled 'em out much, but doing so might give us a nice structured start to some community editable continuity. I still think the wiki is a better way to do this; let all the kids post their stuff and read our better stuff, and maybe in the end they'll influence each other and everyone will have an interesting cannon to work with. http://fantasypowersleague.wikia.com/wiki/Khazan
  3. Please do so. Any character that is ready for story time but not fight time (for whatever reason) can go right on the wiki. To clarify, there are a bunch of prospective characters which their creator(s) would like to be Global or Cosmic level. While we all grind out the next level, please post them to the wiki if you'd like.
  4. The wiki has been slightly updated. Ivan, I added links to your non-existent characters.
  5. I've got nothing against talking about powers, when you actually take a minute to talk about powers. I point to my post in this match as an example: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=8025
  6. Yep. Well, some of us do.
  7. Ok, alright, well yeah we can create subforums for user created teams. Thats great, right? Right! However, there are going to be a few requirements for user created teams to get their own sub forum. Otherwise, I fear that we'll have eleventy billion little subforums with a few posts in each. It takes a little bit of work to set up a subforum, and all our admins at EF work for less than peanuts. Soooo, here are the requirements: 1) Have at least 3 creators as members of your team. 2) Have at least 10 characters on your team. Until your team meets these requirements, feel free to utilize this board to create any and all threads you desire or require regarding your user created team! Also, don't forget you can use the blog system on the board!: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php?autocom=blog (And yes, I realize that I made a subforum for the Shallow Guild, which meets neither of those requirements, and it is my team. Unfair you say? Well, we gotta use something as an example.)
  8. FPL teams forum is live.
  9. The Shallow Guild FPL team is live with Gate as the first member. Feel free to submit the characters previously hashed out on the board. For those interested in creating a Shallow Guild Character, we've got plenty of background to read first : - the wiki page starts here: http://fantasypowersleague.wikia.com/wiki/...f_Bleak_Sunrise - the team page is here: http://www.electricferret.com/fpl/fplteam/show?tid=10 Once you've got some background, if you think your character might fit, feel free to create post and we'll give you feedback! If you already have it pretty well fleshed out, please use the template provided here to post it: Thanks for playing!
  10. Thread split, let's stay on topic. Get some good advice going and I'll sticky it.
  11. Never is a day that has come! Still super busy. However, Gate is submitted, and I did a decent amount of work on the SG portion of the wiki before slacking off. As for a meta-narrative, I still feel that it'll start working out better when the creator/teams/fights system is up and running.
  12. I will respond to this thread when I have enough time to read it.
  13. just a quick post: i think St. Crispin, with the exception of maybe a quick 2nd edit of the personality (purely for purposes of flow), is the best SG character out of the three. I like. I do have a Samas write-up in mind, as well as a 'maybe' for Jiratlan. Also, I've got the beginnings of an idea for an interesting Doctor/Medic character (who happens to be a glibbering Lovecraftian horror); I'll be in NYC until the beginning of October though, so expect some new posts the 1st or 2nd week of next month.
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