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  1. So I finally get the urge to write again, remember that I used to hang out here, and now the site is going down? Well poop.
  2. A co-worker gave me "Area 51" by Annie Jacobsen to listen to at work. It's a non-fiction work about the military base that the US Government has always denied the existence of. Some very disturbing themes and it's actually better written than a lot of the fiction out there. Especially anything written by Landon, treacherous, or Soberguy. Not better than me though, I rule SO if you need something to read or listen to at work, it's a worthwhile read. Also reading the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson, very decent so far. Song of Ice and Fire is on Order from the library.(I hate the children make me poor)
  3. Well, my Vikings officially suck. On a brighter note, is anyone excited that the NBA most likely won't play this year? I've always been more of a college BBall fan myself even though my brackets get shot to pieces on day 1 of the tourney. Now if only MLS would take some of the market share from MLB. Hope the Rapids can find their form and darn quickly, I want a repeat championship.
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    Eh, didn't watch Terra Nova. House is actually better without Lisa Edelstein. And anyone who enjoyed Home Improvement in the 90s will like Last Man Standing. On a side-note, can't wait for all my USA Network shows to return.
  5. Really, because they made me happy. Vikings finally won though, and the Bears and Falcons losing also made me happy. Sucks about the NBA, but they're all money-grubbing jerks for letting this happen. If you need a basketball fix, watch some college hoops. Great competition and fan support.
  6. Well, I thought this newsworthy. Al Davis, owner of the Oakland Raiders has passed away. Personally never cared for the guy, but he was a legend and did more for the NFL than many people give him credit for. I think I'll actually miss the guy. He made it so easy to hate and make fun of the Raiders.
  7. At least they're good this year, CU Boulder hasn't been good for years and Air Force will never compete seriously. My Vikings are 0-4 with a combined point differential of -19, and the Broncos are 1-3. Not a good start to the year. I say start Ponder for the Vikings. Trade Tim Teabag for the Broncos and sign Orton long-term. On the plus side, watching the Jets lose was fun. Rex Ryan is a blowhard who has been lucky to make the playoffs both years. At least I got to watch my Tottenham Hotspurs whack my Arsenal Gunners on Sunday. I do enjoy when my two fav teams play each other, I'm guaranteed to enjoy the match. And the Vikings play the Broncos on my birthday this year, right after my weekly heroclix tourney. Twil be an excellent day. As for which country has the best league, England has the best league, Spain has the best teams. I watch way too much soccer, and I referee about 100 games a year as well. There is some incredible talent on the youth level, it's just not nationally acclaimed like Baseball or football.
  8. Well, I have two kids now so that means a lot of sleepless nights. Sleeplessness for me sends my mind wandering into dark places and gets the creative juices flowing. I'll see what I can come up with.
  9. This could be good. Now to dig up a partner or three, and dig through some old journals to find out what the heck I've done in my life. -ThePoet
  10. When is the deadline to cast votes? -ThePoet
  11. Alright, I was going to come out of nowhere with a freakishly awesome, but I ran into two problems. First, Ivan set a deadline and asked for submissions. Second, I have no current ideas. Nevertheless, I'll drum something up in a week. -ThePoet
  12. My dumbass college roommate actually managed to screw up Hamburger Helper. Here's a meal I can cook in 30 minutes and impress the heck out of anyone. All measurements are approximate since I don't use a measuring cup.(They're for amateurs) First up: Ouzo Beef Tips 1 pound sirloin beef tips. Mix 1/2 cup virgin olive oil. 1/8 cup lime juice 1/8 cup lemon juice 1 table spoon pepper 1 table spoon salt Once mixed, toss beef tips in mixture. Cook over a hot griddle or a George Foreman Grill until desired. I recommend medium-well. Pan fried potatoes: 3 Russet potatoes, skinned and chopped into 1 centimeter cubes. Put two table spoons of mexican spiced Olive Oil in a medium fry pan over medium high heat. Use this combination of spices: Garlic. If not available, garlic powder may be used. Season Salt Crushed Black Pepper A pinch of Red Pepper A pinch of Dill seeds A pinch of dried mustard 3 table spoons minced onion(optional because my wife hates them.) Cook until golden brown, about 20-25 minutes. Next: Asparagus 20 Asparagus stalks. Trim asparagus by breaking off ends toward the root. Fill a medium sauce pan half full of water. Put asparagus in. Turn to high heat. As soon the water boils, asparagus is done. Serve all this with a nice red wine or for the non-alcohol drinkers such as my family, a rich berry-flavored juice. This meal serves about 3 people. -ThePoet
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    You're fired. -ThePoet
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    Dancing with the Stars and American Idol, yuck. Just yuck. Here are some that have potential. -House and Grey's Anatomy. How long before Patrick Dempsey strangles Hugh Laurie. Also, inside joke knowing that Dempsey auditioned for the roll of House. -White Collar and Burn Notice. Michael Weston and Neal Caffrey, could make some very good storylines. -Glee and The Office. This would be an acid trip that I'm not sure would work, but I'd like to see it tried. -Monk and anything. Just to see his interactions. -ThePoet
  15. The Saints won. They should be thanking Brett Favre profusely. Also the NFL officials who screwed up a call in th NFC championship. Good for New Orleans, but they din't deserve to play in the Super Bowl. -ThePoet
  16. I can only pick one? Axis & Allies. Bad mechanics, pure luck, no evil dictators screwing themselves over. It's a joke. World of Warcraft the card game. Again, poor mechanics. And now for awesome games that no one has heard of. Galaxy Trucker Tomb Star Wars: Epic Duels Carcassonne Ticket to Ride Ok, maybe some of you nerds/dorks/geeks here have heard of them, and they rule. And also Stratego. Long live Stratego. -ThePoet
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    This show does have a real shot, but Exal is right. If the fiery holocaust is persistent throughout the comics, then the producers need to take some creative liberties. Also, the first three episodes look like they're airing in three separate time slots, not a good recipe for success. Good recipe for testing the waters. -ThePoet
  18. Well, why sell a game for forty dollars and support free online play when you can sell a game for forty dollars and make fifteen dollars a month thereafter? Seriously though, it won't save and quit? That's gotta be on a Top Ten list of things for game functionality. -ThePoet
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    TV thread. Yay. Burn Notice and White Collar return this coming week. I'm excited. USA's programming currently kicks the tar out of the networks. Also, check out a show called The Forgotten on ABC. It's similar to Cold Case, but these people operate outside the auspices of Police and courtrooms. Decent cast of no-names with Christian Slater as the main character. Landon, I watched the second season of True Blood on a website that was running pirated versions. Yes the sound and video quality was crap and yes the website changed names about six times to keep playing the stuff, but I got to see it. Definitely worth buying when it comes out, I've already reserved a copy on Amazon. Also, a bit of a guilty pleasure, but I watch Glee. I find it rather amusing. -ThePoet
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    I saw the preview, this has a chance. They've at least got the actors to pull it off. The last good cowboy show I can't even remember, the last western movie worth a damn was 3:10 to Yuma. -ThePoet
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    The A-Team? Really? Why would Liam Neeson tank his career like that? Since we're sharing, I am looking forward to Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe. I have a hunch it will be Gladiator ten years later, but Gladiator is awesome. Also want to see Iron Man 2 and Harry Potter. Stupid Harry Potter. I made fun of the books for a long time, the my wife made me read them. Sadly, I'm now an addict. -ThePoet
  22. Just because the FPL is dormant doesn't mean you stop writing. I am starting to miss it more though since soccer season ended. -ThePoet
  23. You mentioned that it was a Japanese import. That's all Sober needed. Personally, I would love to watch Terrell Owens and Allen Iverson kill each other. And maybe Peyton Manning taking on a dragon(and losing). And don't be knocking on Marc Antony as a necromancing DJ, that was great stuff. -ThePoet
  24. Hmm, the Khazanian youth sound like a bunch of retarded, socially-maladjusted techno freaks. But since I'm that way without any help from Yu-Gi-Oh, I'll let it slide. Picturing the game as more of Wizard's Chess from Harry Potter helps. As for Sober, I'm on board. I'd prefer a lemur to a gnu personally, but I'll roll with it. -ThePoet
  25. Thanks for clarifying for me. Once about I'm new to this. I believe I got all the real-world references out. I looked at the page that Threedark linked and didn't find a catalogue of planets or anything, so I made some up. I hope that's ok. I also swapped out history for archaeology as a skill. Let me know if this works. All the info is in my edited post. -ThePoet
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