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  1. Ditto, man. Where ever the FPL goes make sure hit me up a PM first so I can know ahead of time.
  2. Count me in as well. I've written so much new material lately & I'll be damned if they will go to waste.
  3. This website needs to be saved somehow in some way. I always thought that Electricferret needed to have a Youtube account and possibly post some FPL or CBUB animations that will draw in thousands, perhaps, maybe a million views thus generating some advertising revenue. I always see other websites that do this sort of thing where they start off on Youtube and manage become a success with their own website and small business. I'm just saying that this site does have the potential to become something even greater.
  4. I do not want to believe, but it is happening. The end of an unground era that is Electricferret.com

  5. The Punisher has more of a violent edge than Tasker
  6. Surely Jay & Silent Bob are better at taking care of kids than Rodger Rabbit ever was.
  7. I agree. This set up gives ol' Maggs a huge advantage here.
  8. Bruce Lee has this fight in the bag. They say his kicks alone feel like getting hit by a semi truck and that's a true story.
  9. I don't know guys, Dexter has solved some pretty freaky stuff both in the books and the TV show. My vote goes to him on this one.
  10. Jackass Stunt Olympics? LOL! I can't imagine these two on an episode of Jackass and yet it would be funny as hell.
  11. I don't know, they both have a habit of building over the top elaborate traps just to catch something so small in their house. Once again, another tough choice.
  12. As long as Aphrodite keeps her guns close she'll make it out a winner.
  13. Didn't Stewie took over the United States singlehandedly in one episode?
  14. Grimlock does have his size, then again Red Tornado has built a career taking down giant robots like him. Tough call.
  15. Pheromones? Does that mean he's gonna try to sleep with Hit-Monkey?
  16. Kingdom Come Superman is far more powerful, stronger, and wiser than his alternate younger counterpart. Not to mention that, at his age, he is immune to Kryptonite.
  17. Once again, this is another match that is too close to call.
  18. I always thought that Soundwave is the more superior Decepticon than Starscream.
  19. Of all the kung fu people my character has to face, it had to be the Wolverine. Damn :/
  20. The Black Panther will feel right at home in the jungle. He wins this, hands down.
  21. Bugs gets into way more situations in a haunted houses than Droopy does.
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