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  1. If I win the lottery tomorrow like I plan to, I'll buy you one.
  2. South America sucks... That guy with the glasses sucks.... your universe beta sucks.... that stupid post you made in the wrestling thread sucks... are you who I think you are? I think so. Do the above statements make you upset at all? Answer some of these.
  3. Someone play Zombies with me on CoD Black Ops 2
  4. SLDG-HAMR (HAMR pack-a-punched) and AK74-FU2 (AK47 pack-a-punched) and the knuckles!! also had Jugg-a-nog, stamina, speed cola, and quick revive perks. Got about 100k+ in the bank also. If you go down, I got you. Now let's kill some zombies!! Pretty sure I have an RPD pack-a-punched in the fridge too.
  5. Congrats to Boratz! Thank you again Fox for offering the prize.
  6. I hope they looked at my Superman vs Goku rap battle when they were here.
  7. I like to rip scabs off of people and run away!! I also like to take my shirt off, get on my hands and knees and yell at mice in my kitchen!!
  8. My entry... http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=29717&st=0#entry398835
  9. December Challenge The Hollow Tree Factory was buzzing with busy workers on a cool, crisp Saturday afternoon in fall. Ernie was walking around the factory admiring all of his workers working diligently on the latest batch of baked goods. Elwood was busy making dough. Fast Eddie was a covered in fudge as he feverishly applied it to cookies. Sam was having a blast making peanut butter. It was a great day and Ernie was proud of the work he and his elves were doing. An older lady walked out of the office at the top of the steps, handbag in hand with a scarf wrapped around her head. "Ernest, honey, I'm going out to run some errands. You and your boys are doing such a good job.!" She spoke with a smile "Thanks ma. You go have a good day and don't worry about us!" Ernie gave his mother a kiss on the cheek as he opened the door for her. She walked out the door and the cheery elf closed the door. He rested his back on the door afterwards and then let out a loud whistle to get his workers' attention. "I thought that bitch would never leave!" Ernie said as he reaches in his pocket to pull out a cigarette and light it. "Now, it's time to have a meeting. Hurry up you bastards we don't have a lot of time." Ernie says as he makes his way to a wall with a big smiling sun on it. He hits the sun in the eyes wit his fist and the wall opens a secret passage that leads to a room with a huge wooden table with multiple chairs around it. All of the elves go in and sit down. Ernie finishes his cigarette as he begins to speak. "Can someone please tell me why in the hell sales are down? We've been doing this for 150 years and all of a sudden sales are down? Are one of you on the stuff?" Ernie screams at the elves. The elves are quiet as his stare goes through each and everyone of them. "It's the Krispies." An almost inaudible voice his heard. Ernie pays his attention towards the voice. "They're selling their stuff cheap and the fiends are eating it up." Fast Eddie was the elf to let his good friend know how he felt "I hate those *vulgarity*ing elves. Their product is crap and these fiends keep going for it. What can we do though? We can't break the treaty, things would go back to how they were before the first world war. We can't have that! Drop the price, cut some of the chocolate out of it and mark it as a hot new item! You street dealers, get out there now and make me some damn money. You don't front anybody and you make sure you get cash! None of this trading shit! Get out!" Ernie screamed at the elves Buckets and Zoots were out for awhile selling their stuff on the street. Buckets smokes a cigarette and looks over at Zoots as he walks away. "Where are you going? That's their territory. If we get caught, Ernie is going to have our ass!" Buckets looks around nervously, "What if one of them catch us? We're done!" Buckets was trying to plead with Zoots but Zoots was having none of it "Don't worry tubs, I know a guy right over the border and it will be a quick deal. Besides, what the hell is a Krispie going to do to me with this." Zoots lifts his shirt to reveal a gun "Ok Zoots, I trust you." Buckets says The two make their way over the border and hurry up and meet with their guy. They make the deal and they start to walk away. Just as they round the corner while laughing after the deal they made, they run right into somebody, knocking Buckets on the ground. "Oh, Snap!" Buckets says looking up to see Snap standing there with a disgusted look on his face "You selling on my turf? I can't believe the balls on Ernie to have these two stupid, fat elves sell on my turf? Do me a favor? Give this to Ernie!" Snap says as he attacks both of the elves. Kicking Buckets in the mouth and knocking out his teeth. He turns to Zoots and grabs him by the throat and choke slams him to the ground. He then begins to just stomp the shit out of both of them. Both of them were just lying there in a puddle of their own blood barely able to move. Snap straddles Zoots and lifts his head off the ground ready to deliver the final blow. "You stupid assholes have no business being here! Do it again, and I won't let you live!" Snap says as he goes to deliver a punch. Just as he cocks back, a loud bang is heard and puzzled look is on Snap's face. He reaches his hand down to his stomach and brings it in front of his face to show it covered in blood. He coughs up some blood and rolls off of Zoots. "I can't believe you shot him! You shot Snap! We're dead!" Buckets says with a frightened look on his face "Shut up and lets get out of here!" Zoots helps buckets up as the two hurry off Crackle and Pop are hanging out in their home talking about how good things are going when the door is forced open. Both elves jump up to see that Snap just fell through the door covered in blood. They both run over to him getting on the ground and taking his body into their hands. "Snap, oh my god, what happened? Who did this to you? Crackle says frantically trying to save his friend. "*vulgarity*ing.............Keeblers..." Snap managed to get out before he takes his last breath and passes on. Crackle puts his head down on his fallen brother and begins to cry. Pop stands up, face red with rage. "They're dead! All of them! After we kill them, we kill their families! Then we kill their friends! Then we kill their *vulgarity*ing milkman!!!!" Pop screams at the top of his lungs as the tears begin to flow for him as well Zoots and Buckets finally make it back to The Hollow Tree Factory. They run in and are immediately stopped by Ernie. "What in the hell did you guys do?" noticing the 2 elves covered in blood. "Snap, he caught us, so I shot him. He's dead." Zoots says while bent over panting trying to catch his breath "You killed Snap?! Are you crazy? You sold on the territory? You just started a war you retarded *vulgarity*!" Ernie says as he pulls out his gun and shoots Zoots in the head "Get ahold of everyone you can because they're coming. They will be here soon, so do it now!!!" Ernie screamed Crackle and Pop stand at the table with 6 other elves that look just like them. All of them with a serious look on their face. "Thank you brothers from the Denmark and Finlad chapter. Pif, Paf, Puf and Riks, Raks, Poks. Are brother Snap has fallen to the greasy hands of those Keebler elves. This blood will not go unanswered. We're going to attack and attack hard. Simple plan, kill them all!" Pop says as he cocks an assault rifle And it's on!! Can Crackle and Pop with 6 other elves take down The Hollow Tree Factory? The Krispies are armed to the teeth with machine guns, grenades, night vision goggles, a bullet proof H1 hummer, knives, and pistols. The Keeblers elves have 9 members and its on their home territory. They are armed with shotguns and pistols. I hope you all enjoy!
  10. http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3s42nt/ lulz
  11. Nova Surfer Rob Darxeth AvP Hayes Jaeger pick who would most likely get voted off first by the tribal council- Hayes or myself pick who would fill the roles: the jock- Surfer/Myself I guess the old complainer- Rob the lazy guy- Nova the leader- Myself (trust the country boy) oddball- Darexth the manipulator- Surfer the person that gets on everybody's nerves- Nova/Jaeger combo FTW! pick who would win the most immunity idols- AvP pick who would most likely get sent to solitude on Redemption Island- Nova/Jaeger to seperate lol Pick who would most likely last- Surfer looks like he could survive on water and some small game for awhile and most importantly, who would most likely win (other than yourselves)? Surfer is he doesn't try and manipulate too hard EDIT: Rob, I choose Rock
  12. Wow....that Boba Fett looks amazing! Thank you Fox! I will definitely be entering!
  13. I'm kind of a big deal. My apartment smells of rich mahogany and I have many leather bound books.
  14. I guess I should use my celebrity status... Yes, I'm on there too, so now you people have incentive to go . Don't flood my inbox and autographs are 5 bucks or a box of twinkies. There ya go rob and nova.
  15. can we bring the petition against force back?
  16. Logan feverishly swiped through vampires trying to aids colossus. He made it 5 feet from frost using his stealth he leaped through the air with claws fully extended aiming for frost's back.
  17. Just throwing this out there... Do you think Carl actually killed Lori or did he chain her up?
  18. I thought that was how My Little Pony Friendship is Magic ended?
  19. Want to talk about how awesome the show is? Want to talk about the comic? Want to talk about anything related to the Walking Dead? Do it here.
  20. Name- Michael 'Mick' Pardini Age- 18 Appearance- .......Height- 6'3 .......Weight- 215 .......Hair color/style- Dark, shoulder length sometimes wearing a beanie cap also with big, full beard .......Clothing- Boot cut holy jeans with a black t-shirt, black leather jacket, and pair of steel toed boots .......Misc.- Athletic guy who doesn't have a lot of book smarts, but he is street smart, Golden Gloves boxer, good amount of tattoos Personality- Mick is the loner type. Doesn't take shit from no one, short tempered, curses like a sailor but has a good heart when it needs to be shown Equipment- 85 Harley Davidson,carton of smokes, baseball bats, baseballs, baseball cleats, multiple lighters, 2 switch blade knives, chain wallet with $55, .357 magnum with 72 rounds Bio- Mick has been on his own since he was 14. His parents left him and he had on one to raise him. He wasn't a 'do good in school' kind of guy. He has a lot of anger built up inside of him and his only release is baseball. He was damn good at it too. But from his grades not being the best and his off the field troubles left only 1 scholarship for him at NYU. NYU's coach knew he had the talent and took a risk by bringing him here. He's seen Austin a couple of times at the gym and that was about it. He didn't know what he was getting himself into, but he was ready to get some aggresion out. Let me know if I need to fix anything
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