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  1. Netflix was dubbed well, the 2-3 animes I watched on there. I'm not huge into anime, but I wanted my son to see old episodes of Dragonball Z HuluPlus has. Also, is 6 (well he'll be 6 in a month) too young for Inuyasha? I'm thinking yes same goes with Full Metal Alchemist. He likes the original Yugi-Oh and doesn't like the Xekal (sp?) which I think sucks also. My son is awesome and always wants to try anime when the list pops up on Hulu or Netflix. What are some child friendly ones we can try?
  2. I forget/too lazy, anyone play CoD Black Ops2??
  3. HuluPlus can suck my Dragonballs for only having subbed versions of anime. I don't care what people say or think I hate it. I want dubbed, now give me dubbed!! Though, the lyrics to one of the Dragonball Z opening is pretty frickin crazy. How do you assholes feel, subbed or dubbed?
  4. Nope, typed it 30 mins before i posted. Haters gonna hate.
  5. Thank you for the feedback peeps. Sorry I didn't get to it earlier. And a big go *vulgarity* yourself to the doucherdick that gave me an F. I had so much more for this match but most of it got deleted. The other verses were better IMO and everyone had a go. The challenge said do whatever you want as long as it had music, even said something about original music, and I believe I was the only contestant to make original music.
  6. My entry. http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=30117&st=0#entry405952
  7. January Challenge! “I’m sorry to do this to you old friend. I wish it didn’t come to this.†The man says “You have nothing to be sorry about yet, friend. This is how it is going down then I’m fine with that. Don’t think for one minute that we’re not going to bring it.†The other man says “Well, it has to come to this, because if we fought, you know you guys wouldn’t stand a chance. Even with you leading them, Cap.†The man behind the cowl smirks as he talks “Now wait just a minute! We’re both good guys and both agreed that we can’t risk having a member down at this time!†Captain America says firmly. “Yeah, we didn’t want to have to come to your universe and pick up your slack after we put you in the hospital! Now, 3 on 3, bring your best there Cap.†Batman says as he turns to walk away “Don’t worry, we will,†the man pauses before finishing his statement “Bruce!†“What in the hell did you just say?†Batman says with fire in his eyes “Just be there on time.†Cap says confidently strolling away 2 weeks later, the teams meet up at an underground club. Both teams are standing on opposite ends of the stage, staring each other down. A tall man walks in between both teams on the stage with a microphone in his hand. He nods at each team before he speaks. “How is everyone feeling tonight?†The man says as he points the mic to the crowd as they all scream at the top of their lungs “It’s me, ThePhenomenalOne, and we have an absolute crazy battle going on tonight. To my left, we have 5 members of Earth’s mightiest heroes, Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America!†The crowd goes wild as the team is introduced. “Standing to my right, we have 5 members of the elite, Justice League, Superman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Batman!! Alright, yall know the rules. Each member gets up to 30 seconds in this throw down of lyrics. Each team will alternate every 30 seconds. We will then go by the crowd to determine the winner. Captain America won the toss and has decided for the Justice League to go first. So who’s going first for your team guys?†“The fastest man alive will make this the fastest battle ever!†The Flash says as he grabs the mic “Ok! Let’s get this started! DJ, spin it!†“So I’m looking at Earth’s mightiest heroes/ hell, the only thing I see are a bunch of zeroes/so you got a green guy, a tin can, a douche with a shield and 2 blondes with big tits/in other words, you ain’t shit/but you smell like it/just like hulk’s armpits/yall need to quit/and change course/I could beat all of yall without using the speed force/in other words im too fast/run circles around all of yall and smack ms marvel’s fat ass/I'm something that you can't grasp/cuz me and double M will go intangible/pimp slap you in the mandible/dismantle the candle/cut off your head and place it on my mantle/coming at you like Hannibal/Lector, yall need to quit cause Green Lantern has this sector/Ms Marvel's pasty ass needs to get tanner/now go run along before I slap you and turn you back into Bruce Banner!! "Ohh! That was pretty impressive! Hulk, let's see what ya got. DJ, spin it!" Hulk smash/hulk grab/hulk flatten tiny Flash’s ass/because Hulk strongest ever!/you ever beating hulk? Never/You guys are out there for justice? You're not even in our league/Hulk doesn't need super speed to grab you and smash you with my knee/and why are you guys wearing your underwear outside of your pants?/If boy scout looks at me again, I'll smash him from here to France/come on Supes, lets dance/Hulk smash all of yall, make you cry, go grab a hanky/I'm warning you, you won't like me I'm angry/you guys are nothing but doo doo, Mr. Hanky/Flash, you look like little rascal, I'm gonna call you Spanky/They ask, hey Hulk, why are you so jolly?/cause I'm a green giant and I just beat the shit out of Wally! "Wow! Who would've thought that Hulk had such a vocabulary?! Alright, Martian Manhunter, you're up." "Bitches scream Double M when I walk through the door/snacking on some oreos after smacking up Thor/throw him face down the floor/Ms Marvel? Huge whore/what's the score?/Who cares cause we're winning and not trying/you better cover your ears before i make you start crying/you're on the ground and I'm flying/tell Ms Marvel I'll call her morning, ha I'm lying/after I conquer this rhyme, I'll conquer Asgard/Thor's dumber than a hick who loves NASCAR/I'll do you worse than that lion did Mufasa, call me Scar/we're shooting eagles/yall can't even make par/I'm done with this dumb blonde broad with a bad boob job/I'm keep getting hit after hit, Ty Cobb/It's a shame I have to do this, but I'm gonna teach ya/ (TELEPATHETICALLY) I don't even have to open my mouth to beat ya/ now get the hell off my stage, see yaaaa!!" "Sniggity snap! Dude just rapped inside my head! Alright Thor, you're up" "Hath thee have no skill in rhyming?/Too bad you didn't get wiped out with the rest of race, bad timing/I'll finish you off though, don't mind me/don't worry, you can't find me/Cause I'll be throwing parties and pimpin like a prince/they'll ask what happened to you after this/I'll say he hasn't been right since/you're using telepathy but I got in your head/cuddled up in a little ball after the shit I said/now all he does is shit and wet his bed/twitching and shouting random things like a sped/someone needs to put a helmet on that head/poor guy, got him rattled to the bones/now he has to wear a sticker that says Hi, I'm John Jones/I'm too retarded to be left alone/I take a short bus that takes me to my home!/Now where's Wonder Woman at, you need to get on your knees/I'll then pull down my pants and scream at you, HAVE AT THEE!" "Thor called him retarded! Ok, Superman, you're up!" "Look, up in the air, it's a bird? It's a plane? Nah bitch it's Superman!/ Coming through with my Superfrands/ grabbing Ms Marvel's jugs with my superhands/yall are stupid man/Hulk, you wanna meet in France? Then I say oui, oui/though that radiation must not have grown your pee pee/Who told me? That's right, Bet-ty/here Hulk, I'll make you a deal/shoot youself in the face and i'll stop giving Betty my "Man of Steel"/then shove a banana up your ass and puke up the peel/just like weezy, I'm eell(ill), and not sick/take your pick/Betty treats me like a tootsie pop and asks, how many licks/I'm done clowning on the Hulk, it's just too easy/get excited when you follow my trail, Reese's pieces/if Ms Marvel was a dwarf, she'd be sleazy/Cap you're greasy/now get your old ass off this stage and collect Social Security!!" "Superman going crazy on the mic! Cap, you're up." "Superman, I didn't even begin and you're starting to pout/Well that's what happens when you put Captain America against a stupid boy scout/everyone in here needs to get loud!/ Cause we're rocking this all night/It won't even be a fight after I salp you in the face with some kryptonite/then I'll go pick up Lois, I just might/I don't know though, a ho just ain't my type/get your dumbass back to Krypton/you don't wanna see what happens to Lois with her pants gone/after we're finished, she'll scream damn I think my hips gone!/Supes never does it like that/ he doesn't last long/and I hate it when he asks me to put on a strap on/Damn Supes, I didn't know you went that way/but alls well that ends ok/so I'll end this shit with a *vulgarity* you, and have a nice day!" "Captain America goes Old School on Superman! Well, that's it! The captain's picked their best three and now it's up to you, the audience, on who won! So don't just sit there, tell us who won?! I'll be back when the results come. Until then, be like me, be phenomenal!" Ok, I hope you guys enjoy this!! I lost all the saved stuff that I had for the match and had to redo everything!
  8. Halfway done. This is the first time ever that I didn't just randomly sit down and write out a set up all the way through. This is going to be weird going back to a story but whatevs. It's a rock opera with country songs and rap.
  9. Methos, I think my messenger is broken because I didn't get one. I mean, I messaged other people and they messaged back, it must be the long distance thing since you're in Denmark and I'm in Pittsburgh. When should I post the winning team?
  10. Albert Bruce Wayne- Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D Ch'od Deacon Frost Giant Man
  11. Do you believe their calculations that Goku can go lightspeed?
  12. I like to use bad words. Is this allowed?
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