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  1. Wade still had his katana drawn as he was teleported to the room with all of these people. I didn't finish my chimichanga and I still need to get the other half of my money! You want to take to some unknown, dark corner of the internet on a comic book forum? I'll play, you better give me some damn money for whoever you want me to kill. That's why I'm here right? You want me to kill someone?" "There are people here, and they're staring at you." Wade was talking pretty loudly when he started to realize he was being stared at. "I know that! We'll talk later. Hey! Hothands! How the hell you doing? Is that freaking Batman?" "Shit, that is Batman." "No.Way.Awesome! Who in the hell is the bad dressed, cheap version of me?" Wade walks up to Deathstroke and inches close to his mask as he whispers "Are you deformed under there too?"
  2. Very good points about the PIS generator, I didn't think you meant it in that way. I honestly don't know what Bill could bring to damage prime. How do they compare speed wise and what other things could Bill do to damage Prime?
  3. Is it considered PIS with him though? His power level has been that high for a long time. Bill honestly doesn't stand a chance.
  4. Darx, we still need to try and play online again! I'm really excited for the new Smash Bros game, won't get a good look at it until E3 this June though :/ I'm going to try and get on today, hit me up on pm or on facebook if you get on at all.
  5. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool Abilities Regenerative healing factorSuperhuman stamina, agility, flexibility and reflexesTeleportation & holographic disguise (through the use of devices)Extended longevityImmunity to telepathyMaster martial artistMaster swordsman and marksmanEquipment 2 uzis 2 glock 9mm 2 katanas 1 butterfly knife 1 big rambo knife 5 frag grenades 5 flash grenades 1 sawed off mossberg 12 gauge with 20 shells 5 extra clips for each gun teleporter Dossier- Fury knows Deadpool is a wild man who can sometimes fly off the hinges. Fury also knows that if you pay the man right and feed the man, Deadpool will get the job done. Fury hopes he made the right move in adding him to the team.
  6. Name: Wade Wilson aka Deadpool http://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/show?cid=80 Hero Stealth guy Equipment: 2 katanas, 2 uzis, 1 9mm, 1 rambo knife, 5 frag grenades, 5 flash bang grenades, teleporter, butterfly knife, 5 clips for each gun In a warehouse where he just got done doing a hit and eating chimichangas
  7. I thought we could still enter today? If so, mine will be up this evening.
  8. Some douche with asthma is Gotham's liberator? After one batkick, people will scream, quick, someone get this man a defibrillator! Cause I don't think he's gonna make it, Not the way he was shivering and shaking on the pavement. Cause after I use the batkick, I'm gonna use the batdick, on this slim trick known as Talia, Leaving Bane cut up worse than the Black Dahila Someone making fun of me because my parents are dead? I've never heard that one before, that's what she said another batkick will leave you brain dead blood splattered all over the wall and bed spread no more said, case closed end of discussion I'm blowing up like spontaneous human combustion You spit this weak shit, yet you're full of venom? Shit, I spit the venom in em when I hit em with the rhythm Talia begging for me to stop screaming please stop hittin him you need more practice, go back to the league of shadows whoop your ass from Gotham to Colorado
  9. Bumped for Hall of Fame and Outstanding setup credits
  10. Wow. Thank you all for liking my match. I love joking around and thinking of raps. Just something my friends and I would do, and we had a blast doing it. Psuedo and I even rapped with each other ina thread a couple months back. I'm pretty geeked I got first and a (nearly) perfect score! People liked my Supes vs Goku rap battle I did when I was going for the 10,000th match (DAMN YOU NOVA!). I guess I'm going to have to make more of them in the future. This was my 6th contest and look forward to doing more. Congrats to everyone that participated and those that placed and Corvette for getting an awesome Kindle (I remember you saying you already had one, want to hook the winner up ). Once again, thank you all very much and I hope we can get more people into these things! Fox put up a damn Kindle people!!!! Anyways, looking forward to next month!
  11. Rob, I'm going to be watching it with him, so I don't want it to be lame!
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