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  1. Sorry, I will a good amount of free time over the next couple of days to fully interact. Psuedo and Kev, I'm grabbing the teleporter back and teleporti g is to the portal, cool?
  2. You're going to have to explain what you mean by cliched production. Average lyricism? Are we listening to the same Wayne? Granted, his style has def changed from Carter I to Carter IV. Everything he spits though, is fire. I legit just woke up so excuse me, but, I'm having a having a hard time thinking of a VERSE that was average. Jay and Kanye aren't going to come at you because of your 'average lyricisim'. The man no longer writes anything down and spits from the dome and IMO, when he stopped writing shit down, he got better. I'm in the minority I think, because a majority of the people I know, like the Carter 2 and the Carter more than the Cater III and Carter IV. The Carter III and IV are his best ands down IMO. There's more to his flows, like a part of him in it. He doesn't just say stupid shit to hurry up and get an album out. The man actually puts himself into his music and I love it. Go to 3:25... IMO one of his best vereses ever I'll get into it more later
  3. Eminem is hands down my favorite and I think he is GOAT I didn't see anyone say Lil Wayne, which is weird, I don't understand how anyone can hate on him to be honest. Anyone feels like getting into that debate, let me know. Biggie and Tupac no doubt are so amazing and they were so far ahead of their time. Well I'm from Pittsburgh so I have to show love to the Pittsburgh rappers who are actually mainstream right now and that's Wiz and Mac Miller. I've met Wiz a couple of times, our company does a lot of shit at his new house. He is really cool and momma is cooler. YOU ALL MUST LISTEN TO THIS!!! IT'S PRETTY *vulgarity*ING HARD IMO Another rapper I used to love is Shyne, it's a shame that he took the heat for Diddy and had to do 10 years for him... His verse with the old school rappers on a track on the Carter IV is just disgusting. There is so much more to this discussion and I look foward to it.
  4. Snap out of it! That chick just took your sword and teleporter because you're sitting here day dreaming about chimichangas! "Mmmm, cheesy...wait, what? That sexy little jerk! Well, looks like I need to start killing people and get my shit back!" Deadpool says as he pulls out 2 frag grenades, pulls the pin and cooks them. He throws them towards 3 of the Imperial guards to where it explodes as soon as it's a foot away from them. He pulls out his 2 uzis and starts firing at the three to finish off what the blast didn't. He reaches for his katanas, but remembers there is only one there. "I'm so grabbing her butt for taking my katana!" Deadpool screams as he charges the dark stormtrooper to help Karen I don't even know if she's 18... "It will be a brush by grab then!!" Deadpool screams as almost a battle cry
  5. Sorry, like 3 days ago at 3 in the morning I thought I posted my response filled with killing and funny witty banter. I'm getting my teleporter and sword back though!
  6. I jumped through the window portal with the shard and I believe Kevin is following?
  7. "Alrighty then! Ice guy is following me and we're going through the motha truckin window!" Deadpool screams as he jumps through the window portal
  8. "Why in the hell would you ruin sweet, sweet money. You could buy like 20 tacos with that man. Or 10 tacos and a cheap bottle of tequilla! I'm kicking you ass when this is over kitty cat!" Deadpool cries to Lion "I told you I smelled wizardy! People are dying, mad man destroying reality, and all that good shit. You need me to kill someone holding a shiny object, you're a wizard who is friends with a midget, you surely have some gold to give me. Give me a shiny object! I'm taking the window!" Deadpool screams in excitement You literally have no idea what's going on or even you're going to get paid. You do realize this is something nice, right? "Hell yeah it's nice and maybe will get me laid! Get the shiny object, save the world, and then comes money and bitches. How are you in my head and not know these things?" Deadpool shrugs You taking anyone with you? "Sweet tits? If not sweet tits, then I don't want anyone. Dracula chick scares me too much to try and impress. Alright sweet tits, you coming with me?" Deadpool asks Karen
  9. ^^^^Sig'd I'll wrestle ya after I get home and eat my Chipotle!
  10. Deadpool walks up to Karen then turns to the people in the room. "Who took my girl's phone? Oh hell nah! Don't worry girl, Deadpool will get your phone back. But first, looks like I get to tame a kitty cat." Wade says as he does a summersault which lands him 3 inches away from The Lion as he stands up. "Finally, some action! Now, we have to go over what you said. Do you want to fight?" Deadpool pulls out his katanas "Do you wanna wrestle?" Deadpool gets back into his wrestling stance "Or do you wanna wrassle?" Deadpool then picks up a steel chair with one hand and then does the Hulk Hogan hand wave to the ear motion to the rest of the crowd. I'm pretty sure The Lion is a good guy so don't kill him "I'm not going to kill him! I don't think so anyways. It's not my fault if he doesn't tap to the Cobra Clutch!" Deadpool says as he flexes his muscles These people have no idea what the Cobra Clutch is. Most people reading this post won't know what the Cobra Clutch is. "These retards don't know Sargent Slaughter? Anyways, what will it be kitty cat?" Deadpool says as he goes to pet the Lion's...Lion around his neck
  11. I honestly know that it was wrong. I think I just like that part because that was the only WTF moment in that episode IMO. The governor shooting all of those people....that wasn't WTF, that dude was crazy and when I saw that look on his face I said to my friends, "he's going to shoot all of those people!" I then laughed after it happened and said I told you so the whole time until Talking Dead started and I turned off the Tv...
  12. Still would've shot him. Twice. Cops tell you to drop a weapon and if you look scared and walk towards them holding your weapon trying to give it to them, they're shooting you in the dick or the leg.
  13. That episode didn't do enough IMO. Someone bigger needed to die and there should have at least been a Governor/Rick moment. Didn't even have to be a fight or gun fire, just a look or something. They told the kid to DROP his weapon. He didn't. He started to hand it over, I would've shot too. Who knows what that dude would've done.
  14. "Who grabbed my ass!" Wade yells after feeling a bump A Hobbit just took a grenade from you I think. Wade starts checking his waist for his grenades "What in the hell is a hobbit and he better give me like 5 bucks for that. Seriously though, who grabbed my ass? Was it you sweet tits?" He winks at Karen "I think there is an invisible midget robbing people, so check your shit people! This isn't me robbing you this time, that will come later." Why are you telling them you're going to rob them later? "I think they get that vibe from me already. I'm bored, who wants to wrestle?" Wade says as rolling up his sleeves and gets into a wrestling stance
  15. Well, people have said things and no1 has responded to people talking. People want to start responding or are people nervous to? I'm just confused actually, it's like people aren't recognizing it or choosing to ignore it. Or am I just being stupid?
  16. "Well, I kill people for money." Wade says as he uses his Katana as a toothpick. "But....I do help out the good guys a lot I guess? As a matter of fact, I'm actually do in an Avengers RP that's taking place on this same site!" Wade screams in excitement "They have no idea what you're talking about, and that vampire chick is probably going to suck you, and not in a good way. Keep the behind the wall shit to a minimum so you don't get shot yet." Wade thinks "Good plan." Wade responds. He starts scratching his head with his katana as he thinks. "Hey, fire guy. What the hell's your name? Human Torch?" Wade thinks puzzled "That's Fantastic 4, that's Pyro. Mutant. Remember?" His voice says "Pyro! He's a bad guy. Dude that looks like me, probably a bad guy. Young chick? Don't care, she's hot. Crazy chick who called everyone out is either a bad guy or on her period!" Wade screams
  17. Red quotes are Wade talking out loud, black quotes are his inside voice, and just black with no quotations are basically actions, what he's doing. If there's another way to make it better, let me know, I'm game for anything.
  18. "Holy statutory! How you doing young lady?" "...you know better, I'm not even going there." "Good, don't. I know what I'm doing! Anyone else smell wizadry?"
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