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  1. Good match. I love the hostility too. That stuff makes me happy. Anyways....Spiderman and Wolverine working together is always awesome. But going against formidable foes as these 2.....things are going to get hairy. (i like it like that too...just joking....thats what she said....) As for Spiderman not being able to rip off armor...i'm pretty sure he can. Jumping around, doing crazy flips and shit, and then shooting some web to distract for a minute, go in uppercut, web again, then get close and rip off his armor while his spidey sense will warn him about a punch or a stab from wrist blades coming. I like his chances. I see Wolverine putting up a great fight and starts to get really pissed after countless number of times of healing then goes beserker. It won't be an easy fight, but I think they can do it. Logan and Pete FTW!
  2. This a good match. The only thing that gets me about this site is when people say well so and so cant do that because thats just not his character. Now when people say these things it is just stupid. When you create match you are now the creative mind behind the characters, they can do whatever you want them to do. Just like when a new writer takes over characters in comics. They now get to add or delete abilities to their creative liking. A majority of you have way more knowledge on characters than I do. I'm just stating a personal opinion. So just have an open mimd while reading what other people have created. If Batman has force powers...he has force powers. If Boba was part of an experiment that infused his bones with adamantium....then its now bobaerine bounty hunter. None of you know me and I will probably get ripped apart for saying this by some of you. But hey, that comes with the territory. Now that im done with my rant..... Both of these characters are remarkable in their own right. This is going to be one hell of a battle. I feel that the longer this fight goes on, it will lean towards batman. He will study every single move that boba has made and will eventually find a way to immobolize boba and end the fight. If boba can hit the bat soon and hard, then boba will jump on it and end it early. In my opinion though, I see it being a long fight with the batman taking it.
  3. I'll take Wolverine here. Given the fact that Tracker is only using his blades and no armor. Even if Tracker had a good amount of his arsenal it would still take a lot to take Logan down. the predator/wolverine type fights are very interesting since theyre pretty even. Good Job.
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