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  1. Man...once again....no love. Comedy gold right here and no love.... :/ Looks like i'm gonna have to make a better match and not have it so long.
  2. I did this awhile back. It didn't get too much love and I want the new people to check it out. Enjoy!
  3. Another stupid comment. Superman's strength over Batman is so much higher then DS iver TM it isn't funny. Yet another stupid comment was saying how Superman should b able to hold SBP.....he wasn't using jiu jitsu. Not saying it,wiuld work for sure...but it might've. DS could get caught in a sub from TM. Without out that small chance of happening though, DS usually wins. As I've been saying the whole time while pointing out your stupidity.
  4. That is just a stupid comment. It is nothing like tug of war. You don't know the first thing about jiu jitsu. If a 10 year old got the world's strongest man in a certain moves, he's gonna tap or nap. Go rent UFC 1 and 2 and watch Royce Gracie then come back and apologize for the stupid comment.
  5. Fellow fighters! Thats awesome! Congrats on the win pymp. I have 6 ammy mma fights myself. Brock is a good fighter. He has what it takes to be elite but it takes time. The way he came back against Carwin was amazing. Anyways was your fight mma? If so howd you win? Also im still sticking with a possibility of TM getting a crazy sub. If not hes done.
  6. Taskmaster wins round 1 via flying triangle... Haha I kid but itd be cool. I could see TM getting a sub especially if he just sits and watches bjj subs right before he walks out. It doesnt matter if youre 9 times stronger or whatever because some subs you just cant shake. For example....if you get someone in a regular triangle and hook their leg with your arm...youre not getting out. At the start of the fight theyre gonna feel each other out a little bit and to tell you the truth....im going with my original statement...TM...rd 1 flying triangle....or guillitine (spell check?) choke early...like the first move if not then DS ko rd 1....i forgot who said it but won 100 on that brock v cain fight lol
  7. So buu absorbed SBP....and not one person mentioned this yet....Buu crushes them....Superman is non factor and IMO SBP can take out Vegito by himself....Buu with SBP strength speed and durability is a scary thought...
  8. Thank you all for the comments. People are making some good arguements. I'm pretty geeked to find out whos gonna win so I can make my next fight off of this.
  9. Chuck Norris isn't a god...you're right...he created gods after attempting his first ever roundhouse....sooooooooooooo yeahhhhh
  10. Shhhh.....he probably heard you....you should probably leave town for a couple of days.....hahaha sorry....i love chuck norris jokes.... I understand people hate them....but according to what is 'written' about internet chuck means he basically owns everyone/anything on this site....for christs sake superman wears chuck norris pjs.....haha sorry again
  11. Love it....it was extremely funny. Chuck Norris owns everyone/anything on this site. Wish I could rate so I could give you good.
  12. Thank you for the comment. I don't know about easily. Prime is a beast as is Gogeta. I think they're pretty equal. I'd like to hear more from people on who'd win and why.
  13. Thank you for the comment. These 2 are very cocky and it might come down to who takes the first chance to 'try' something.
  14. Thank you Rob and Thanos for your comments. Rob....who ya got winning the fight?
  15. Wow...like I said in the forum, I need to start reading them more. I was wondering why not one person commented. I took my time and tried the best i could. But someone started this discussion a couple days ago in the forums. So...yeah....bad read Kordell.
  16. I guess i really need to start looking at the forums before i post a fight. I had no idea this was being discussed already. I rarely get on and i almost never come to the forums. I guess I need to be a little more active. Sorry if my fight seemed like I was ripping this off. I honestly wasn't.
  17. Just in case people don't feel like reading the set-up, we have Superboy-Prime 100% vs SSJ4 Gogeta at 100%. No outside interference and it's a bright sunny day! Enjoy!
  18. Foreman had ana amzing amount of stamina during his fight with Ali. He was a lot younger. You're thinking of the older Foreman. Foreman was an absolute MONSTER back in the day. I would give a slight edge to Drago in power, stamina, and overall toughness to Foreman. Basically this fight would be exactly lie that fight, only (almost ashamed to say it) more entertaining. Ali is faster then Drago. PERIOD. Punching power Ali is not far behind. Apollo Creed was based off Ali but in no way shape or form did he do him justice. Ali will wear the russian out. Drago will not KO Ali. He's never been KO'd!! I think it would go down as the greatest boxing match in history if it happened. In round 12 though when Ali has him on the ropes and then hits him with a 3 piece and puts the Russian down, the crowd will go wild and Ali will stand on the bottom rope and scream loud....."I'm a BAD MAN! I told you this Commi had nothing!!!" then dance around the ring.......
  19. Wow...ridiculous. Ali is the greatest of all time for a reason. He wasnt just speed, he was power also. Look up phantom punch. When he fought George Foreman back in the day, George was one of the most powerful punchers in history and look what happened. Also, I think it was Ali/Frazier 3, there was a rumor that Frazier died in the hospital afterwards. Ali is the greatest of all time. Ali ko round 12.
  20. I agree with that. I do feel that the way they train and the way theyve trained forever that, it wouldnt surprise me to have 2 monks unsuspectedly attack another monk for training. Im talking full on attack with a predetermined amount of damage that is allowed to be done. Of course with it being supervised by a lot of others to prevent anything bad happening, but the one monk getting attacked will have no knowledge of the attack. Yet getting experience froma mock yet real fight. the way they do mind over matter is second to none. They are true well rounded warriors. Their weapon training is remarkable also. The fact that these 12 warriors have weapons...i honestly think is almost overkill. 20 random bikers with weapons MIGHT put up a fight but highly umlikely. Still an amazing match up by an amazing writer. Riotgear....i agree with what youre saying and would say the same arguement for basically anything else. The monks are just amazing specimens though. I had fun posting on this too. Gonna have to post more
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