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  1. This is just basically a bigger, stronger, Rocky who has grappling on his side. Keybabe and what not shouldn't matter Hulk Hogan the fictional character is facing Ivan Drago the fictional character. Hulk Hogan is wrestling Rocky if Rocky was less of a younger dog and more of a powerhouse. Hulk Hogan has defeated many huge powerful monster of men. Especially in the 80s and no way Hulk is going down to a 'Threat' to America lol 😂. Drago lost to Rocky in Russia with a Russian crowd. Hulk Hogan has a American crowd he can feed off of. Hulk Hogan wins via grabbling, much stronger punches than Rocky, and with the engery from the crowd.
  2. Sounds fun. We make custom characters then? I might get my younger sibling to join.
  3. I'd be interested but what kind of RP is this going to be?
  4. What about Batman using his stealth to sneak in quickly and take out the boss? per say kidnapping him. So he can take him to jail. Rather than fighting all the hired guns and wasting his time when he can cut off the head of the snake. Batman is basically a ninja after all and couldn't he just do that? -Shrug- That's what I would do and I'm fairly sure Batman is smarter than me. WAIT! If it's at there strongest that means Batman calls in Superman and yay Batman wins helping me win in this round
  5. Slayers can dodge gun fire from close range they have amazing reflexes. If you go by just feats (Which I do not) Faith has better feats of reflexes speed then Neji. HOWEVER Neji has this in the bag yes.
  6. I have watch every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and probably all the episodes of Angel where Faith is in. Also I have read some of the Buffy comics. And everyone knows I'm a super big Naruto fan. So in this match I feel as if I'm an expert so listen carefully you are dead wrong. And I don't mean dead as in Buffy dead where she'll just come back to life like 2 or 3 different times dead. Also it be nice if you gave any kind of argument to why and I quote "Faith has this fight in the bag." Even if Faith doesn't have Chakra points the gentle fist can attack organs like the heart for example. Note Chakra may actually be a thing in the Buffy the vampire slayer world. Or at least something like it in a episode Giles training Buffy & he talks about her Chakra or Chi which is the same thing. Faith being a slayer is nothing to over look and actually she could put up a half way decent fight against Neji believe it or not. Her slayer reflexes are amazing she can dodge gun fire and even catch a arrow in mid air that was fired from a crossbow. Her reflexes are so great I would say she could react and hold her own against most Naruto ninja's straight up Taijutsu. She is stronger than Neji which I'm pretty sure of. Neji is probably one of the weaker Naruto character when it comes to physical strength . However is top level speed and reflexes which I would say are above that of Faith. She could still hold her own but Neji attack speed would eventually overwhelm her. Neji also has the clear edge when it comes to battle smarts. Faith probably has the edge in straight up Taijutsu skill, she has the fighting experience of 1000 years of past slayers in her. Which shines through when fighting, her body reactions naturally to years of training of past slayers. If it's the characters at there most powerful then Faith would have the Scythe of the Slayers. Which would make it harder for Neji to beat her specially in close combat where one hit from the Scythe could chop his head off. But Neji has all his ninja weapons. Even if Neji couldn't beat her up close he would use his ninja skills and paper bombs to beat her from a distance. And he has Air Palm Jutsu to keep her at a distance. Plus he can walk on water and she can't. Win Neji.
  7. Hulk smashes! On a more serious note what Tom said about the mirrors is very true. That alone will make Hulk pretty anger to begin with and then after the Pokemon hit him with a few moves that will get him pissed. The Pokemon don't have enough power to one hit KO or kill Hulk. Without that the Pokemon can't really beat him. The only way they can win in my opinion is if he sent out all 6 of his Pokemon at once and hit him with all there most powerful moves. But Bruno won't do that specially in the begin of the fight where Hulk is at his weakest.
  8. Cody was glad to see the oddly dressed paired superheros giving it there all. Nodding at Gravity Girl he quickly pulls down his ninja mask and smiles at her to encourage her. Blue Fang would stay close to the nearest wall and would quickly sneak the best he could to a better view of the incoming villain bots. He also spot big ugly molten man but he figures to deal with the bots and there flame throwers first. He wields crystal soul in front of himself and he fire from it crystal ninja stars at the flame throws/hands of the bots. "Hopefully that will help turn the tide in are favor." He says to himself. ________________________________________________________________________________ Seeing the chaos Emma rage flared and flare of excitement went through body. Seeing the molten man Emma grin and she notch two arrows in her bow. She let both of the arrows loose targeting molten's man eyes (one arrow pair eye). Then she roll to the side to take cover.
  9. Cody would shake his head trying to shake cobwebs loose. "OKAY!" Blue Fang said not realizing he just yelled. He would run with shield in hand going to see if there is any structural damage. He look around, "Does anyone need help?" he asked. ______________________________________________________________________ Emma would scan the Hero Orientation room with her hawk like vision and looks for a villain to shoot.
  10. If it's the strongest forms of the two characters than Buffy should win. Buffy at her strongest in the comics where she becomes even more powerful. She can fly, superhuman strength that is far superior to Flash as Venom, strength feat, she is faster than a bullet look at this head start and runs faster, Telescopic vision, even more agility (Before power up could already dodge gun fire), Super Stamina, Super hearing, and near invulnerability, plus enhanced healing. And she has her magic scythe for a weapon.
  11. Mmm Pikachu ^.^ thunderbolt would stop him. At least at first ^.^
  12. "Damn it!" Naruto said throwing three kunai's with papers on them at huge block of ice. The explosions would hopefully break the ice up enough to help Ben out.
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