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  1. Haha I think it's a good idea better than what's happening now.
  2. Lets start a Facebook for cbub and then we can all just comment on matches there
  3. They took a dive because Thanos is that smart. That and the writers themselves are retarded. They are comics
  4. Every comic is like that. Superman died and then was not dead, Thanos died, Steve Rogers, etc
  5. Not quite anyone, it takes a certain amount if skill to wield them which is why only high end people even search for the gems etc. Think about it Sirmethos, Thanos had no gems and defeated the people that had them one by one, which includes Champion, Grandfather dude, The In-Betweener, and I forget who else but these aren't jokes.
  6. Has Darkseid taken over the universe? Thanos has
  7. I say that Darkseid wins the battle with Thanos's army devastated. After the smoke clears Darkseid prepares to wield the gauntlet only to realize that Thanos used a clone of himself to distract him while Thanos hacked into his temple and learned his secrets. Darkseid tried to engage him in battle but Thanos has already reversed engineered his equipment to create a device that traps Darkseid. Thanos takes what he wants and leaves him trapped saying something like "you will be trapped for a long time, luckily you are a god and can wait it out" The end
  8. In all honesty superman would win!! You know I'm just Doing what I do since this is the last times I can.
  9. Majin Vegeta resisting mind control which is a form of telepathy is a prime example. I mean that scan shows superman willing that dude to do his bidding, same thing as the wizard telling Vegeta to kill Kai
  10. Buu absorbing everyone might work along with absorbing the dragons to make one badass pink dude hahaha by the way I'm commenting since when this is all over you all will miss the Dr. Pymp(mex)
  11. Well then he might get the password, but does that guy have any type of resistance to it? I know that DBZ guys do. This seems like a mind trick more so, but as I said I will agree with you on this for providing me the scan. Thanks guy(s)
  12. Show me where he has telepathy and I will agree Don't tell me, show meeeee Also it is not a matter of who says the wish first and he would have no idea what's going on he would be fighting the bad guys and although he would best them, janemba and buu would keep coming back as it takes pure energy to best them. Meaning good energy.
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