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  1. I'm inclined to agree. Columbo usually has the murderer pegged from the start. Then he is just trying to get them to give away all their secrets.
  2. Two eccentric TV detectives. Who can solve the crime in a way that leads to a conviction first?
  3. As much as I love TR-8R the expanded Canon Galactic Empire Troopers have made me go with them.
  4. I mean Kahn shows plenty of emotion before that. He has panic when Kirk overrides Reliant's Shields, he takes a ton of smug satisfaction when he thinks he has Krik beat, he gets wrathful at Joaquin when Joaquin points out that chasing Enterprise into the Nebula is really dumb, but I agree with your general idea.
  5. @Mangamax I hope we get the Apollo Artemis vs Matchup
  6. Appreciate the offer. I am happy with my replacements. I have the World's Greatest Criminal Mind after all.
  7. Also, I know it's obscure, but my team name is a reference to the fairly edgy not so good 90's comic book that led to my name being Two-Gun Kid on just about all my accounts.
  8. Very well Very well I will add Netflix Trevor as a character.
  9. Note: Netflix Trevor is a 9. Edit: I will add a picture or a new character if that is required.
  10. Alrighty happy with my picks. Only had to go to secondary picks for two teams. Edit: And @Riotgear is responsible for both of them.
  11. Submitted Sypha Belnades from the Netflix Castelvania
  12. So I would say Battlewiki is not ok for Superhuman lowest power gauges. They list Ainz Ool Gown there. And he kind of is soloing massive field battles.
  13. I'll take my consolation prize of the best sidekick.
  14. Have to credit Apokolips as a location. That was a nasty pick. Congrats Dskillz.
  15. I think if the Kais of Dragonball (near useless at best) can trap Buu with magic... Dr. Strange can figure it out.
  16. S1: Melee Specialist S2: Doin the team's CSI work S3: Keeping the team Crayzee S4: The Team's Worst Villain S5: The Team's Wild West Component (You guys gotta let me use the Two-Gun Kid, plz.) S6: The Team's Disney Fairy Tail Villain S8: The Team's Wacky Racer S9: The Team's Canonfodder S10: Musical Interlude S11: The Team's Thief
  17. I mean we still have the issue is that Yamcha brings a ludicrous amount of destructive force with the Kamehameha. Assuming he scales to Dragonball (not Z) Piccolo or Roshi, he could level New York with ease. His morals hold him back on that and so he is more likely to rely on the Sokidan than the Kamehameha. Regardless, it is a move that caught the Guardian of Earth of Guard and I think could work wonders against his opponents.
  18. I gotta go with Miss America. She makes it through WWII, has powers to boot, has taken hits from Warrior Woman and Master Man who have both matched Namor with their strength, she's no slouch in speed either.
  19. Dwight ends up in Apocalypse's beurocratic structure. Thrives on the rigid workplace environment where failure in the Office means death. Ends up as Assistant Manager to Desead.
  20. In counterpoint to Belle, it really is more of an ensemble song. Sure Belle solos and the reprise, but the jist is the townspeople do not care for Belle.
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