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  1. Good point, though every fight Shockwave has gotten into he has not intended to be in a fight. Also a point on Dreadwing's tactics. He's most formidable with high prep time to control the battlefield. He could pull it off if he fights smart falls back and builds a battlefield of his choosing.
  2. Maybe the mines would help, but Shockwave is plenty intelligent. He probably could pick up on Dreadwing's traps and avoid them, or maybe just tank them. His durability is unknown having really only fought Cliffjumper and Arcee to a draw where he was hoist by his own petard, the wreckers but both halves of the fight were sneak attack and Ratchet which he handily won. Now if we include the WFC video games (same continuity) Shockwave captured Grimlock and his team and puts up some impressive battles against autobot warriors. That is where he loses his arm to Grimlock though.
  3. I'm going to go with Shockwave in this one. Dreadwing is the superior combatant in terms of skill, but his vehicle mode is less useful in the New York city venue, Shockwave's cannon is shown to be able to knock out both Bulkhead and Wheeljack on a near miss. So if he lands a solid hit its lights out for Dreadwing as he and Bulkhead are more or less equal combatants. Because of restrictions on flying due to space, Shockwave takes this I think.
  4. Yeah, its called Predacons Rising I think, which leads me to believe Shockwave and Predaking are going to survive the end of the series. (or Beastwars happens all over again)
  5. Good catch D. I'm still a bit rusty (and I guess a failure to the profession of English teachers). Forgot that my copy pasting from word is not 100% successful on CBUB. I was considering a Marvel-Prime Crossover arc. Though Breakdown Colossus was the intended start. I'm putting it off till it isn't so fresh in the mind.
  6. “Sir the reports have been confirmed, the presence of a miniature arc reactor unmoving located in upstate New York†“So presumably there is an armor attached to that reactor, and even if there isn’t MECH obtaining that efficient a power source, will no doubt further expand our operations. Gather the helicopters and the men, we are taking that reactor by force.†“Right away sir.†Silas smirked. Long had MECH sought the Iron Man Armor, and now they would have it, with even an out of date model, their troops could easily become the most powerful in the world. This coupled with the DiNGuS earlier this week, and the future appears to be a favorable one. “So what brings you out here today Mr. Stark?†“Just checking in on some of our factories, after that snafu with Justin Hammer, I’m paying a little closer attention to where I leave tech lying around, I have an old Mark VII lying around here, and I’m going to take it home with the rest of the suits. That way it’s not out for somebody to waltz in and steal it.†“So you won’t be needing the car boss?†“No happy, I’m going to ride back to New York after this. This armor has been sitting unused for a while now. I don’t want to fly back only to have it short out on me.†“Sir, the reactor is moving, but only at about twenty five miles an hour†“Change course, looks like this won’t be as simple as we thought. Inform some of our automotive forces to intercept.†The half-dozen modified Hueys then turned to their new Easterly course. “With any luck, Stark will be too preoccupied with the Avengers to come and stop us.†With a lot of sudden swerving in and out of traffic, Tony was jolted back awake. “Something wrong Happy? You aren’t falling asleep on me here?†“No boss I think we are being followed, see those green cars-†Happy was cut off as one of the sporty cars rammed the limo, and a black clad figure wielding a futuristic gun popped out of the sun roof. “Looks like this old thing will be getting a test run after all. Buy me a minute or two Happy†“You got it boss†Happy began accelerating and swerving to avoid the attacking MECH agents. He was gaining distance, when a helicopter came over the ridge and flipped the limo with a near missing missile. “Happy are you ok?†A groaning from the front indicated he still lived, albeit unconscious, donning the helmet, Stark was now armored and ready to do battle, ripping Happy out of the front seat he set him aside. “Gah!†Stark was hit in the back by one of MECH’s energy weapons, it packed a formidable punch. “Alright no more Mr. Nice Billionaire Playboy†So Iron Man in the Mk. VII (Silver Centurion) Armor Vs. 53 MECH Agents lead by Silas in a half dozen helicopters and a dozen cars. (3 people to a vehicle)
  7. Would still be cool if Twilight was from an epic Pony War, but you are probably correct.
  8. I'm going to have to go out on a limb and make the case for President Benjamin Sisko. 1. Proven a capable leader 2. Veteran of Multiple Wars (Borg and Dominion) 3. Family Values 4. Executive Experience Running DS9 5. Made Saviour of a religion. Didn't let it go to his head. 6. Great Foriegn Policy Experience 7. The Defiant is way cooler than Air Force One.
  9. Yes. The Mexicains stormed the Alamo meaning they take it with infantry entrenched gattling gun>charging infantry The eight gattling guns alone positioned at strategic choke points could let the mission win.
  10. Mine were all on my old PC the toughest most upgraded little windows 98 you ever saw which replaced the toughest most upgraded Windows-DOS you ever saw. I don't think I have any of mine left. I could go archive digging I guess. Some of the one's I'm most proud of are my lowest rated eg X-Men vs Bakura or Ghost Rider vs Tron
  11. Yeah. My literal Deus Ex Machina. But Applejack telling the scene seemed wrong to me, it seems like it would be too emotional for her sister to relate, and Big Mac barely talks at all.
  12. I'm going to do a few edits myself first, but when I get done with them I'll send you a copy. They had a few story critiques I want to work out.
  13. Arn't Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru BBQ'd by storm troopers? Unless they miraculously survived to. Next you'll tell me Obi-Wan and Yoda didn't die in the movies either.
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