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  1. When is this Goku from? If it is anytime after his Ma Jr. Fight, Peypeypeypey is right. Even before then Nimbus helps. But assuming he has to stay grounded, with powerpole and bulletproof skin I give this to even Kid Goku.
  2. I'm inclined to agree. Columbo usually has the murderer pegged from the start. Then he is just trying to get them to give away all their secrets.
  3. Two eccentric TV detectives. Who can solve the crime in a way that leads to a conviction first?
  4. As much as I love TR-8R the expanded Canon Galactic Empire Troopers have made me go with them.
  5. I mean Kahn shows plenty of emotion before that. He has panic when Kirk overrides Reliant's Shields, he takes a ton of smug satisfaction when he thinks he has Krik beat, he gets wrathful at Joaquin when Joaquin points out that chasing Enterprise into the Nebula is really dumb, but I agree with your general idea.
  6. @Mangamax I hope we get the Apollo Artemis vs Matchup
  7. Appreciate the offer. I am happy with my replacements. I have the World's Greatest Criminal Mind after all.
  8. Also, I know it's obscure, but my team name is a reference to the fairly edgy not so good 90's comic book that led to my name being Two-Gun Kid on just about all my accounts.
  9. Very well Very well I will add Netflix Trevor as a character.
  10. Note: Netflix Trevor is a 9. Edit: I will add a picture or a new character if that is required.
  11. Alrighty happy with my picks. Only had to go to secondary picks for two teams. Edit: And @Riotgear is responsible for both of them.
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