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  1. Civil War 100%. Civil War was more focused on creating a story and upending the Marvel Universe (which it did). Injustice is a justification for a fighting game and the idea of "What if Superman became too authoritarian?" was done better in Kingdom Come.
  2. Every single Batvillain is a lot. Off hand they have... Rupert Thorne and his mob. Black mask and his mob. The Penguin and his mob. The Court of Owls Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Bane, Poison Ivy, Jokery, Harley, Killer Croc, Hush, The Riddler, Catwoman, Firefly, Two-Face, it's a litany. I think they do a good job with non crime-lord villains. Pretty sure Snake Eyes is a match for many of Batman's rogues alone. The problems come with the likes of the mobs and Court of Owls. That has a far greater likelyhood of turning into gang warfare and creating more ch
  3. 10/10 Bottomline write up. Wiseau doing the Queen Mab monologue might actually be good.
  4. They are armed with a variety of weapons. Typically rocket and grenade launchers, miniguns, and shotguns are their predominant weapons. Despite their arsenal they are extremely brain dead. So they have the muscle and numbers to win but they lack high functioning intelligence.
  5. If he is slice and diced and not a threat that counts as a win by submission imo and Scar and Luke can handle that.
  6. (Go read Nightwing and Robin vs Robots first to catch up on the Batman side of this story!) This girl was good. Very good. One of the best drivers Bond had ever had to face, and she was able to aim while chasing him. “One has to admire a woman who can multitask,” Bond thought to himself. Her car was faster too. The only way to lose her would be to create an obstacle she could not get through and Bond saw his chance.He rolled down the window and aimed ahead. He would need to make this shot perfectly. A single gunshot sounded out in the Gotham night and then a terrific
  7. “Took your sweet time getting here.” Nightwing cockily teased Robin upon his arrival. “Good thing I was here to handle it.” Nightwing planted a foot a top of the defeated Bane. For all his bravado Dick was winded, if Catwoman and this new comer hadn’t softened Bane up who knows if he would still be standing. It almost made you miss Blockbuster and all the chaos of Bludhaven. Almost. “Sorry, Nightwing. Oracle tried to get me to follow some car chase across town, but it made it to the interstate before I could get after either of them. Based on what I told her though, she knows one o
  8. I feel like Luke can take this by himself if it is EU Luke easily. Ignoring that and going with canon Luke. Luke's Lightsaber can make shortwork of Wolfman or the Horseman. Luke also would be able to deal with a machine gun by using the force to remove the magazine. Similar to Vader pulling the pins on a bunch of rebels' thermal detonators. (This is from the currently canon Vader comics. Vader Down is a great arc if you get the chance to read it.) Let's say Luke gets taken out by stealth by the Wolfman. Scar is taking down adult xenomorphs with shu
  9. I think Holdo gets a bit of unfair criticism. Poe absolutely had the correct tactical analysis on taking out the dreadnought, but it might have been strategically incorrect. As a result of his insubordination she has to deal with a loose cannon that is Poe who thinks there is no plan. You do not need to share a covert plan with a flight leader who has shown himself to be insubordinate. THAT SAID... She then has to deal with a mutiny which she does a poor job of. I think Picard can more than improve on her leadership style by helping instill proper discipline and pr
  10. Sages vs Scientists? Wise old mentor types for sages like 1. The Ancient One (Dr. Strange) 2. Mr. Miyagi (The Karate Kid) 3. Uncle Iroh (Avatar the Last Airbender) And Scientists who advance the plot along like 1. Dr. Moira McTagerret (X-Men) 2. Dr. Anton Sevarius (Gargoyles) 3. Senku (Dr. Stone)
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