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  1. I hope I do better this time, Kirk might get me a lot of wins.
  2. Yeah, crazy stuff, hopefully all get jobs elsewhere.
  3. I did not do to well this time, oh well next time.
  4. Don't really know much about Doctor Doom's opponent but I voted Doom. He is on my team.
  5. Yeah I picked someone familiar, Anime is generally not something I am too knowledgeable about.
  6. Anyone have any favorite episodes of The Simpsons? One of mine is Cape Feare, just such a good episode.
  7. Finally got some wins, which is cool.
  8. I do agree Doom has a more tactical mind. Is Shazam powerful? Yes he is but Doom has fought very powerful beings and won. Mephisto, Beyonder and Thanos have all been beaten by Doom at some point. Heck Doom ripped out Thanos's spine.
  9. Unless his opponent is a magic user and a powerful one, I say Injustice Superman has this.
  10. If this is Vice City, it could favor Tommy its a very corrupt place and by the end of the game Tommy has LOTS of money.
  11. I am going with Superman, this version of him is blood lusted and crazy too.
  12. Seeing this match up reminds me of that one mission in Rogue Squadron 3
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