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  1. Bit of a comedy scenario here, if Natasha and her family met Cornholio who would be the first to lose their temper? What could potentially happen?
  2. Read what you want to read, believe what you want to believe but to be the man you gotta beat the man!
  3. Upstate New York February 1938 As the second American Civil War rages, the US Federalist Army, The American Union State and Combined Syndicates of America are in a deadlock. Early offensives by the AUS and US forces drive the Syndicalist forces out of New York State. As the war turns to a stalemate the Federalists under President Charles Curtis look for allies, turning to the largely exiled Entente Powers including the British Royal Family in Canada, and the exiled French Republic. The Entente agree under conditions of future US aide in retaking their homelands to help win this war. The exiled French government manage with help of the US and Canadian navies to get the Foreign Legion overseas to Boston in the still neutral New English Republic before the Entente enter the war, New English, Canadian Forces, along the Legion advance into upstate New York against the Occupying AUS forces. The Entente forces advance towards Buffalo, with them gaining ground members of the AUS Minute Men organized by AUS President Huey Long and Vice President William Dudley Pelley attempt to ambush the Legion cotangent. The FFL forces are armed with MAS36 Rifles, American Made Thompson SMGs, Camillius Knives, as well as Canadian supplies Bren Guns and Webley Revolvers as well as 36M Mills bomb Grenades. The Minute Men are armed mostly with M1903 Springfield Rifles, Browning Automatic Rifles, Thompson SMGs. Ka-BAR knives and M1911 Colts. For explosives they have Mk. 2 Grenades. Under heavy snow and brutal cold the Minute Men attempt to set up an ambush on the leigion but are spotted by Canadian spotter planes but are not fully aware of it to communication issues. They know the FFL forces are coming. The Entente have an edge in air support but the AUS forces have an edge in artillery support. So who wins this battle? Reading on the matter https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/VideoGame/KaiserreichLegacyOfTheWeltkrieg
  4. Submitted The Gurkhas and French Foreign Legion
  5. Was a fun read, had some cold Cheerwine soda to enjoy with it.
  6. A truly phenomenal match attention to detail is great. I admit I am not as familiar with Samarai Showdown as I am with some other games but they are fun. Anyway giving an edge to Leo, he has fought very tough foes before not saying that Haohmaru has not fought capable foes but I think Leo has fought tougher in his continuity.
  7. Pretty one sided match but it would be funny to watch
  8. Voted for Herman, he is a football coach after all. I picked him because I love football and two I am from Northern Virginia and he is a local legend.
  9. Submitted The Shockmaster for anyone wanting to use him in a comedy match.
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