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  1. Frank Castle and Thomas Wayne storm a Mafia Don's house to take him out. There are 20 mobsters around the house. Frank and Thomas have the element of surprise.
  2. The scrolling banner appears to be broken
  3. Anthony Gallen is an immortal from Highlander. He can die if his head is cut off. That being said, the Forellis don't know that nor that he is coming.
  4. Do you mostly add ones you directly plan on using or just one you think could be good for the database? For me its mostly the former, I do sometimes just add ones that think could make good match ups.
  5. I can only send 5 PMs a day, maybe this should be tweaked?
  6. You guys have a favorite GTA radio station? I like VRock from both Vice City and Vice City Stories.
  7. Good match up regardless, two powerhouse villains.
  8. Second match of the series so far, meant to help build up things a bit. I am establishing immortals from Highlander as part of my universe.
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