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  1. Vince McMahon: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Saturday Nights Main Event! Jesse Ventuera: That is right McMahon! Tonight we have an action packed night! Tonight we start off with a WWF Tag Team Title match between The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff challenging Strike Force! Following the, Volkoff and Shiek have promised a suprise for Hacksaw Jim Duggan who will be facing a mystery opponent tonight! Cut to later in the night Vince McMahon: I can't believe the audacity of Sheik and Volkoff! They just cheated their way to the tag team titles! Jesse Ventura: Now we go backstage to Mean Gene who is backstage with Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Mean Gene: Hacksaw Jim Duggan, tonight you do not know who you are facing! Jim Duggan: Mean Gene, you are right, I do not know who I am facing. But I assure you I will fight with everything I have. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hacksaw Jim Duggan makes his way to the ring mic in hand Jim Duggan: Alright Sheik, Volkoff send out this wanna be tough guy! This music plays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwBH3Fj1zSc Hacksaw Jim Dugan has a shocked look on his face when he sees who comes out from the smoke Vince McMahon: That's Ivan Drago! I can't believe it! Anything can truly happen in the WWF! The Bell rings Drago quickly demolishes Duggan with punches leaving him a heap in the ring Drago: I cannot be defeated, soon I will become WWF Champion! Hulk Hogan's music hits Hogan: You know something Drago?! You might be tough but what ya gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you at Wrestlemania?! Drago: I will break Hulkamania! So ladies and gentleman, who wins at Wrestlemania? Hulk Hogan or Ivan Drago? Who do you book to win? This is Rocky 4 Drago against 80s kayfabe Hogan.
  2. Keep holding out hope dude for things to get better. Adversity is awful.
  3. This is like when jobber Johnny Attitude impersonated Goldberg and got destroyed by Goldberg. I would be surprised if anyone gets that reference.
  4. The Predator sets out to hunt down its ripoff, the two meet, the Predator is at the level of the Predator from the original movie, the Hunter at the level of the asylum movie, the fight is in a Detroit industrial park. Who wins?
  5. Good turn out considering how the site is just getting off the ground again.
  6. He is a one episode villain from Highlander The Series. https://highlander.fandom.com/wiki/Anthony_Gallen
  7. This is part of Earth VC86. As Anthony Gallen left Michael Conti's office he quickly got in his Sentinel XS. As Gallen drives to the bar in downtown Vice City he tunes into V-Rock with For Whom The Bell Tolls playing on the radio. He makes his way through traffic. As he arrives at the he walks in and takes out his Mac 10, the Forelli bodyguards quickly spring into action, opening fire with Gallen taking cover he opens fire and kills several Forelli bodyguards with burst of SMG fire, spattering blood, guts and some brain matter on the walls. Once he runs out of ammo, Gallen takes out his M15 pistol and shoots three more bodyguards and catches one of the Forelli associates. The last two attempt to flee into the back allies, Gallen takes chase, he manages to catch out after shooting bullets around. The last associate flees into a near by business, which Gallen follows him into the building, with his last round, he shoots the Forelli associate in the leg, downing him before taking out his broadsword. As the down gang member tries to make it to his car Gallen steps over him. The downed mobster flips Gallen the bird, after which, Gallen slices off his finger, then slices his throat open, killing the last of the three Forelli associates. Gallen quickly flees the scene in his Sentinel XS dodging any police easily. He made his way to his hide out and got a call from Michael Conti to meet him at his office in Washington Beach. Michael congratulates Gallen, and tells him Tommy Vercetti is pleased with him doing a number on those “Forelli scumbags”. He tells Gallen to go to Cafe Robina in Little Havana and talk to Umberto Robina about a job. He arrives soon after and walks in. After some discussion of Gallen's previous job, Umberto lets Gallen know he is needed to do a job in Little Hati, and that a under boss of the Haitian gang is making a deal with the Colombian Cartel. He agrees to join Gallen in his job with several members of his gang, and that they are to kill the henchmen and take the two under bosses to a warehouse in Vice Port. Umberto hands Gallen a Ruger Mini 14F, more ammo for his Colt M15 and a crowbar for bludgeoning. Umberto takes a second Ruger, two Beretta M9s as well as a knife and second crowbar. Each of the gang members are armed with Uzi 9mms, and Beretta M9s as well as knives. The Haitians are armed with a mix of Tec 9s and saw off shotguns. The Colombian under boss is armed with a Ruger as well, and a SIG Sauer P226 and machete the two bodyguards are armed with Mac 10s and Colt M15s. The Colombian cartel under boss and Haitians have no clue this hit is coming. Does the hit go off or is the hit squad forced to fall back?
  8. I personally enjoyed Slammiversay more than Extreme Rules
  9. After falling into a Lazarus pit and emerging from young again in the shape he was in the prime of his wrestling career Abe Simpson, in need of money strikes up a deal with a promotion. He quickly works his way up to the ladders once again before finding himself in a world title match. DING! DING! The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first the challenger, from Springfield, the most vain man in this company he admires himself constantly and has an ego with its own congressmen, he is GLAMOUS GODFREY! Glamours Godfrey walks down the ring to a surge of crowd boos. Now introducing, he is a man of the people, he will rule you! He is Jimmy King! Jimmy King walks down to the ring to loud crowd cheers. Now for the thousands in antecedence and the millions watching around the world, ladies and gentleman, LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!! Now its up to you, you decide how you would book the winner.
  10. Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans!
  11. THIS IS SPARTA! Sorry couldn't help myself
  12. Frank Castle and Thomas Wayne storm a Mafia Don's house to take him out. There are 20 mobsters around the house. Frank and Thomas have the element of surprise.
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