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  1. it was ran from 1992 to 1998 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highlander:_The_Series
  2. I will at the very least enjoy reading this BTW does Highlander the Series count for this tournament?
  3. NEAR THE LIBYAN COAST 1989 As the chopper landed the Libyan guards realized their error too late as the mercs and wiseguys stormed out of the chopper with guns blazing. One takes an RPG from the chopper and blows up the radio tower, disabling communications for the camp. While the guns blazed Gallen made his way through the camp, gunning down two Libyan guards with his SMG. With a merc in tow as the approached the prison a Libyan guard pops up and shoots the merc and anther bullet grazes Gallen. This severely angers the immortal hitman, taking cover, Gallen takes out his broadsword
  4. Just thought I would give some fitting music, no disrespect just found this fitting for your comment.
  5. I tend to walk or go on YouTube while I brainstorm. That is for either CBUB or when I am working on any of my many projects.
  6. Gallen would be more familiar with a contemporary house of mirrors then Xena imo. Considering he is an immortal who has lived a long time.
  7. My MVPs might take this, PT Barnum would likely piss the Apes off
  8. Y'all got any pointers for creating some secondary characters to be used in supporting roles in my arc, Earth VC86? A few bullet points if you missed my last match They are former Italian Special Forces ops They where imprisoned as war criminals in Libya before being rescued by a team led by Anthony Gallen on behalf of Tommy Vercetti with help from Mike Toreno. I plan on having them as supporting characters as well as training Tommy's wiseguys. Any thoughts and input is welcome. Thank you in advance.
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