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  1. As Deever refused the offer for now Internal Affairs started an investigation of his controversial actives. Making the crooked detective sweat bullets. He began to question his initial decision, maybe hoping for a new chance to work along side Tommy and Salvatore. Knowing he could face prison or worse. Cuba January 1988 As the civil war heated up, the rebels began to gain ground in Cuba, Cortez heating Anthony Gallen's successful hits in Vice City after a talk via his Satellite Phone with Tommy Vercetti, Cortez asked if Gallen could be sent to Cuba in exchange for a large payment to him, Tommy sent the invite to Gallen who accepted. A feared Cuban General in the government army had began to use poison gas on resistance members. He is simply known as El Carnicero (The Butcher) to the Cuban resistance not only his he ruthless but skilled and helping government forces fight off resistance attacks, his death could lead to more rebel victories in Cuba, Torino and Cortez know this. They agree to send Gallen as part of a Cuban rebel force to attack a base The Butcher is overseeing at the time. Gallen arrives via a boat, he speaks passable Spanish so he CAN communicate with Cuban resistance members. Having heard some stories of him, the Cubans resistance welcome his arrvial. Gallen has brought with him a PSG-1 with a supressor, a Colt Python for close quarters combat along with his sword. He is given a Skorpain with a supressor for general combat use. A handful of well trained veteran Cuban resistance members join him for Gallen's part of the mission. El Carnicero is at the forward base when the assasult begins, he is angered by the failure of his intelligence team to report an assault that could free up marching on Havana. Gallen's team take up sport on a jungle covered hill. 3 gaurds take watch armed with Skorpains and AK-47s as well as TT33 pistols. A second sniper armed with a Dragunov and TT33 is also on the hill. El Carnicero is radioing for reforcements and to prepair the gaurd forces for the govurment officials and is planning to make an attempt to escape via helicoptor which is arriving soon, Torino radios this to Gallen. He plans to along with the other sniper lay down supporting fire for the Cuban rebels until El Carnicero makes an attempt to flee. Is the mission a successful one or a failure?
  2. https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/showfantasyteam?ftid=200 Hopefully I do better but hey I am here to have fun first and foremost.
  3. As the gun fire ripping through the air, the police rush to the scene in Vice City, among them a young recently promoted Detective named Samuel Deever. The shootout is intense, raging outside Tommy's mansion. As the hit men open fire, one unnamed Mafia henchman is killed quickly by the SMG fire. As the advance Tommy quickly cuts two down with his M4. As one Cartel henchman tries to shoot at Salvatore, Antonio sees this before he can, and shoots the window the car he is parked in front of giving the Cartel hitman a face full of glass as the Cartel henchman screams in pain, Antonio shoots him in the neck with his Colt Python, spattering large amounts of blood and nearly severing the mans head. Mickey Hamfists gets the drop on another Cartel hitman and shoots him in the back of the head with his Colt Python spattering blood and brain matter on the pavement. Soon the rest of the Cartel gunmen are disposed of as the VCPD arrives. Detective Samuel Deever agrees to talk to Tommy and Salvatore Leone. Deever has been known among his peers for his shadiness. Tommy and Salvatore offer him a deal, work with the Vercetti and Leone Crime Families and make extra money or have states evidence turned against him, including that of his cannibalism. Does Deever accept this offer or not?
  4. Yeah highlighted in at least one later episode of Malcolm In The Middle
  5. The Soup Nazi might be a bit better skilled to take this one
  6. I added Buzz Killington as a joke character, could work well for comedy matches.
  7. Voted for my guy, don't really know much about his opponent to be honest but I generally don't vote against my team.
  8. While Tommy does have a lot of money by the end of the story in Vice City and resources he does have a temper.
  9. Yes Sting is awesome, I think he will be Darby Allin's manager
  10. The Teams Comedy Side Kick Characters that are comedy side kicks Baseline examples George Costanza The Gobbledy Gooker Roman Bellic
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