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  1. Voted Akuma not too knowledgeable about his opponent but gotta vote for my team's representative.
  2. Voted for my representative but yeah this should be tough for him. This would be an awesome fight though.
  3. The only way I can see Sweet Tooth's truck as a draw is as a sideshow attraction like Bonnie and Clyde's death car or Hitler's car.
  4. Looks like I am a mid carder this time around
  5. I concur, not only because the Batmobile is part of my team but yeah.
  6. Donut eating contest with 500 dollars on the line. Does NOT count Treehouse of Horror.
  7. Well from reading what you guys said, take it away Homer
  8. I voted for John Connor to support my team but this is a toss up and both are somewhat out of their element.
  9. I am also off to a pretty good start
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