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  1. I can understand what you mean with the WWE wrestlers, but they definitely are "canonical" feats that often intersect with real fighters
  2. I don't know that that would necessarily make him better than, say, a professional boxer in a boxing match. Also, people like The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar make very legitimate arguments for beating him depending on how you interpret WWE feats
  3. Who was your choice and why did you assume he would sweep?
  4. Totally understandable. Anime is inherently really hard to balance. It's a hard category and there are inevitably going to be outliers, especially because concrete feats are a lot rarer there than in comics
  5. I would also argue that Kisame is too powerful for the anime slot. His physicals are probably okay-ish, but like all Naruto characters, swords aren't his primary weapon. He's literally too powerful in that he's got too many powers. Relative to the street-tier for the Marvel/DC tier, he would be way too powerful. I'm not an expert on Naruto, but some people on the Discord agreed that he might be too powerful
  6. Oh oops. I added Shakira. If that doesn't work I can find someone fictional
  7. Also, while we're questioning Anime Swordsmen, I would argue Roronoa Zoro is possibly above street tier. He casually cuts apart large rock structures up to and including mountains, and he can slice buildings in half in a single strike. Sort of up to your judgement but I think he's too strong
  8. Are we allowed to use real people as our singers?
  9. I took it to mean like no superpowers that influence people while performing such as mind control, etc.
  10. Are we restricted to Marvel and DC characters? Could I pick, for instance, someone from Fables?
  11. Steve Irwin of all people really put in work for my team. Him and Godzilla were 7 of my 9 wins lol
  12. His damage output was never his problem. His biggest problem is his speed, and that doesn't increase at all. I don't think it changes anything
  13. Guts still has a good shot at winning it, assuming "unarmed" means he just loses his sword. His metallic arm is durable enough to not even dent when snapping a sword, and can one-shot people. Couple that with his massively faster speed and he would literally be running circles around Goliath and landing hit after hit until he fell
  14. Guts has this pretty easily. Guts has fought opponents who are faster, stronger, more durable, bigger, and more vicious.
  15. Stormfront definitely loses. Boros was a world-buster, she showed no feats anywhere near that level. No idea about Raijin
  16. What are Maul's feats? Satan has moved FTE, punches hard enough to break through buses, and is durable enough to survive getting thrown through a mountain
  17. Yeah, and this is admittedly where my lack of knowledge comes in, because I have no idea how durable she is. Her damage output seems on par with or greater than Raiden's, but I can't say if she can survive everything he can do
  18. Personally, I think a good rule would be "normal human" instead of "street level." It ensures that it comes down to actual marksmanship, experience, etc. rather than some bizarre power that managed to slip through. Just my two cents though
  19. I don't remember anyone else bringing up patience until right now, but it's possible I'm just not recalling it. I'm certainly not about to look into it. In any case, Krypto is certainly as patient as Naga, and would be much more capable of pouncing at any opportunity. His windows of opportunity would be much bigger because he's a lot more capable.
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