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  1. The more I look into it, the harder it becomes for Sub-Zero to get a win. He's got to put up with someone who can tag a speedster who regularly breaks the sound barrier, and can run as fast as light, although I don't think even Snart could tag him if he were actually moving that fast. His Absolute Zero field gives him a huge advantage. The first time Sub-Zero goes in for a punch or a kick, his primary methods of fighting, he's going to lose at least a limb to that field. He's got cold resistance, but there's no reason to assume it's anywhere close to absolute zero levels of cold. At that point, it's only a matter of time until Snart lands a hit with his freeze gun and gets a win. If Sub-Zero has awareness, he can teleport and jump around and go for pot shots, but without that knowledge I don't see his win condition
  2. Yeah, that was the conclusion I came too as well. Seras' physical superiority means that she can just rip and tear until Lust dies, even if she can't drink Lust's blood. If she did, would she get all of Lust's souls as familiars? That would be pretty baller. Anyway, I think Lust has a chance honestly, just because of her resilience and her wit, but Seras is so much stronger and more ferocious, I think she can just slice her way to victory.
  3. Another argument I've had with my friends, that I was to see what the people here think of. Seras as she appeared in the end of the series vs. Lust from FMA: Brotherhood. They meet in the street with no knowledge of each other. Who you got money on?
  4. This is one I'm really not sure about. It seems like She-Hulk is physically stronger in most areas, but Joseph is more cunning and certainly has tricks up his sleeve that could pull a win on this one. According to the VS wiki, She-Hulk is like obscenely powerful, but in that Respect thread you linked, she didn't seem nearly as strong as they stated there. I understand their calculations probably came through scalings, but even so it doesn't seem quite right. Even so, I think She-Hulk probably win
  5. Nah, it clearly establishes that it's during a full moon during that episode. I misremembered it that way too though. As for the fight, Katara would probably win a straight-up fight. Sub-Zero's ice attacks are all very slow, and Katara is a master martial artist with magical powers. I think she's got a good chance. However, in this scenario, Sub-Zero probably comes out on top. Not giving Katara any warning is kind of a guaranteed win for someone who trained as an assassin
  6. I'm reminded of that time that dude tried to steal Captain Cold's shtick, and dude like froze him down to absolute zero and shattered him or something. Cap. Cold is a goofy villain, but he does regularly pose a threat to the Flash, who could solo the MK universe in his sleep. I'm leaving towards Cold honestly, but I'll need to look more into it.
  7. So I've been home sick with the 'Rona this past week, and it's given me time to catch up on some shows: The Mandalorian: I thought it was pretty good. Like a solid 6/10. The effects were nice, some of the stories were fun, it's biggest problem is that it couldn't decide if it wanted to be a syndicated story-of-the-week style western, or a narrative-driven show about Mando and Baby Yoda, so half the episodes felt weak and pointless. The show also felt a bit formulaic after a bit. Pretty good, didn't love it. Russian Doll: I really liked this show. An interesting take on the Groundhog's Day premise. It was funny, it had memorable characters, it was a unique premise for a show, and it was the perfect length. Like a solid 8/10 from me. That new Disney+ Muppet Show: Good lord, was this bad. They added something to each segment to make it suck. Prime example is the Swedish Chef's segment. His segments are funny because he's an unintelligible lunatic causing mayhem in a kitchen. However, in the new show, they added another muppet and a celebrity guest to draw attention away from the actual funny parts. It was like that with every segment. Walter isn't an interesting or funny character, and Piggy has always been best in a support role in my eyes, but they're both front and center with this new show. It was just a pilot, so it is what it is. Hopefully it gets better as they find their footing, but golly this wasn't it. Tokyo Ghoul: One of the shows I'm currently working on. Really good so far. 12 Monkeys: Another one I'm currently working on. It tends to drag a lot, but it has some interesting stuff in it. Avatar the Last Airbender: Rewatching this for the second time since it came out on Netflix. God I love this show. 10/10
  8. Not to necro, but Ash would definitely win most scenarios. I was waiting for the set-up to vote, but Negan has always been a bit of a punk when he doesn't already have the upper hand in a fight. Ash has taken way worse
  9. While that is true, Mario is physically superior to Shrek in just about every way. He's faster, he can jump higher, he's small, more nimble, and quick, and he's probably stronger too. Also, he almost always wins by some outside interference. He uses bombs, the falling castle bridge, lava, and a plethora of other tricks. He very rarely if ever is able to just overpower Bowser
  10. Urdnot Wrex is the Undertaker, Ezio is Mankind, and this tournament is the cage of Hell in a Cell
  11. Wait, reacting in nanoseconds? That's, like, stupidly fast. How is she not superhuman? I mean, technically I react in nanoseconds too, but just, like, a lot of 'em. In that case, this is kind of a mismatch if she really is that fast. That's like well above bullet timing.
  12. Doesn't Tifa, like, throw guys into orbit or something? I admittedly am not an expert on her, but from what I understand she punches well above Croc's weight class. I might be mistaken, I'll look into it more later, but I seem to remember her being incredibly strong.
  13. I agree that Bowser's fire wouldn't do much, in fact Shrek specifically has countered fire attacks before, so he wouldn't have to worry about that too much. However, I think your range for Donkey's weight is way to big. While it's possible some donkeys might weight up to 1,000 pounds, there's no way in hell Donkey does. He's not an especially big donkey. According to a chart in this Quora question, he's 4 feet tall, minus the ears. With that in mind, he likely weighs a bit over 375-400 pounds, bearing in mind that these calculations are done at that shoulder and that Donkey doesn't seem to be obese for a donkey. casually throwing 375 pounds that high is undoubtedly impressive, don't get me wrong. You've got some good points, and I'll say I don't think it's a stomp match. As you say, Bowser isn't that smart. But Bowser is that strong. He's consistently crushed, smashed through, and lifted things which Shrek has struggled to match. Again, Bowser regularly smashes through stone and brick, and in the earlier linked gif, Shrek took several hits to break through a wall that was either dirt or very thin stone. I agree that I may have undersold Shrek a bit at the beginning, but Shrek isn't gonna win this one. Bowser's strength advantage is too great
  14. That is a really good point, and something I didn't know. However, it's undercut by the set-up itself, which should take precedent over the real-world rules of Wrestlemania because it's the scenario we're basing this fight on. Per the wording here, Drago demonishes an opponent with his fists and the match isn't called, he isn't dq'd, etc. The set-up makes it clear punches are allowed
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