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  1. Going by the rule that he has to actually fight, yeah, he can probably win. He has so much range, and is so much faster. He doesn't have to overexert himself like he does in his more extreme fights, so there's really no reason to think he'll run out of juice
  2. I mean, I totally agree that he's ranked way too high. But I think the general idea is that his claws and bones and injure and survive hits from people of that tier. Strangely, though, people like Alucard from Hellsing, who arguably is more unkillable than Wolvie, isn't list as high as Wolverine is. It's pretty inconsistent
  3. True, but they let him contend with people who are that tier, which is why he's listed there. He can hurt the likes of Thor, Silver Surfer, etc. with his claws If memory serves though, she even lost an MMA challenge. I may be misremembering EDIT: Nope, I was wrong. She was never in that. I may have been thinking of Cassandra Cain
  4. Funny, I was just talking to my friends about this very matchup the other night at trivia. Personally, I'd give it to Columbo. Both are great at what they do, but has always struck me as the smarter and more capable of the two
  5. Wolverine is a tier 8 character with his bone claws, and jumps up to tier 4 with his adamantium claws, so he's much too powerful. It is a little strange the likes of Batman and Captain America haven't been picked, but in the ninja category, people undersold Shiva, so I understand people not wanting her
  6. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lightning_(Final_Fantasy_XIII) Lightning would turn the predator inside out in a second
  7. Good lord. I swear people are intentionally obtuse on here sometimes. No, I didn't say there were no Genies in sitcoms. I said: "Those," in this case, refers to the sit-coms she's subconsciously constructing the town around, not every sitcom ever. I shouldn't have to quality every sentence I say with obvious context
  8. Yeah, I'm sure, because she didn't base her world around "I Dream of Genie." There are references to it in the first episode, but the inspirations for her world are not the kinds of sit-coms with magical genies. The point of Westview was to have a simple escapist fantasy. Throwing in another all-powerful magical being would detract from that
  9. She definitely would, because she's subconsciously constructing her life to be a sit-com, and magical wish-granting genies don't exist in those. That's completely irrelevant honestly. My argument is that Agnes finds the Genie, which she would be able to do because Wanda, and everyone else by extension, is too distracted, and then just leave the town. With that level of power she has absolutely 0 reason to be concerned with Wanda or the town. Genie loses to BFR
  10. The inability to ring out does hurt Rigaldo, but no more than the time limit hurts Yang. Rigaldo only has to keep out of harm's way for 5 minutes. I'm not sure what happens after that time, I assume it goes to decision? If so, then I would give it to Rigaldo. Again, he's much faster, and would be dancing around Yang. He understands the parameters of the fight, and knows that if Yang doesn't land a hit, she can't really win. Once Yang powers up, all Rigaldo really has to do is play keep away. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember Yang ever sustaining her "Burn" semblance for very long in a fight. I'm no RWBY expert, so if I'm wrong here let me know. In any case, I still think Rigaldo takes this. He would admittedly have a hard time knocking Yang out, but he doesn't really have to. He's way too fast for her to reliably tag, and Rigaldo himself is very durable. If it didn't have a time limit or a ring out, I would agree with you that Rigaldo probably would eventually just get tagged, but I still think he's got this
  11. I think comparing Clare to Yang is fair. At this point in the series, Clare and Yang would match up pretty well and probably go about 50/50, but there are a few important notes about Clare that shouldn't be forgotten: 1. She senses Yoki energy, which effectively gave her minor precog to where her opponents were attacking. Even though I agree she is faster than Yang, she was still too slow to fight Awakened Beings, and had to rely on this ability to get by. She doesn't specifically use this against Rigaldo, or rather she isn't specifically shown using it, but consider Claymores who were physically far superior to her were getting bodied and outsped left and right, it's a fair assumption 2. Clare's transformation allowed her to augment her speed greatly, which is really the only reason she could stay in the fight at all. Yang doesn't have an equivalent transformation, and her final attack is dodgeable. What seems most likely to me is that Rigaldo could ring them both out pretty quickly. He's considerably faster, moving so fast he's invisible to the naked eye to people who themselves are so fast they're invisible to the naked eye, and he hits hard enough that this attacks would knock Yang around. If it were a fight to the death, it would be more interesting, but with ring-out as an option, that seems most likely to me
  12. We pretty much know how this will play out. None of the bystanders will get the lamp because they can only do what Wanda subconsciously wants them to do. Wanda is so preoccupied living through the stages of grief she wouldn't find the lamp. Agnes is definitely going to get the lamp, at which point she's just going to leave Westview, probably after wishing she had Wanda's powers. She has no reason to stay after she has those, and then Genie loses because he left the environment
  13. His best recovery feat is surviving and recovering from Liu Kang punching a hole through his chest, but that was with Quan Chi's help accelerating the healing process. He's never, for example, regenerated a limb, and he's much slower than Rigaldo. Shao Kahn's magic is all targeted, and Rigaldo doesn't play around. He goes for the throat very quickly, and Shao Kahn was killed by Kitana's fans to the face, so his regen definitely isn't good enough to keep him alive
  14. I don't buy that Mileena scales to Shao Kahn, but even if she did, I think Rigaldo would absolutely body Shao Kahn anyway. MK fighters just aren't all that strong. Their universe tops out pretty low
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