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  1. Hela, evil as she was, was also Odin's daughter. Maybe he just couldn't bring himself to do it. Purely speculative of course, because we're never given the answer
  2. Not to mention WWE letting go of dozens of superstars while boasting about how the virus wasn't going to hurt them and claiming to have billions in the bank. Trash move on their part
  3. Close one. In typical Jack fashion, looks like he just barely squeaks out a win here
  4. His stamina is definitely a big factor he has going for him. That and his precog, although that's pretty minor. To play devil's advocate here, I think Jack's speed kind of cancels out the stamina difference, and his experience fighting similar foes is definitely in his favor. Including all the years he was stuck in the future, Jack is probably about as old as Bradley, and unlike Bradley, Jack was constantly fighting strong opponents for most of his life.
  5. Hey! It's the cactus guy!
  6. I don't know man. Mega Shark is really big. I'd bet on a Megalodon over a Giant Squid and a Great White any day of the week
  7. Thanks for all the work you've done. I think the Fantasy Draft would be really cool to get going again!
  8. You're welcome. I don't disagree that narrative cohesion wasn't their top concern, but the statement still holds water. Word of God is that Thor is at his most powerful at the end of Endgame. Even if you don't believe that, him with Stormbreaker, Cap with Mjolnir, and Iron Man in his last suit are so much stronger than Thor and Valkyrie in Ragnarok, and Thanos beat them handily. The Scarlet Witch feat literally only shows that he had one bad matchup against her, when she was presumably at her most powerful. Spiderman, Iron Man, Star Lord, Dr. Strange, and many other opponents were also agile fighters who rely heavily on projectiles and Thanos had no real trouble beating them. All of those people are far closer in style to Hela than Scarlet Witch is. I literally never said nor implied that they put empty words in their script. The words served a narrative function, I'm just saying they shouldn't be interpreted as literal. It's a NLF. We can both agree that if, say, Dr. Manhattan were to appear, he could atomize her without destroying Asgard. Obviously, Thanos wouldn't win that way. I'm just saying the statement shouldn't be interpreted literally. Odin's statement to Thor is very nebulous, and Odin is such a non-presence in the MCU that Thor being more powerful than him means very little. The decapitation thing was just an example. I don't know for sure that he would actually be able to, but I wouldn't put it past him honestly. Again, Thor, Cap, and Iron Man all at once is a lot to deal with, and with only his sword, he took them all on and won. His sword being able to destroy Cap's shield also means it can cut through the most durable substance we know of in the MCU at this point
  9. It sort of depends on how literally you interpret some of Jack's more high-end, stylized feats. For instance, he has a feat where he beat 7 opponents after a drop of water fell, but before it hit the ground. Someone calculated that out to being hypersonic speed. He has another feat where he dodges a ray of sunlight from a big mirror (if memory serves) after the light had begun moving, putting him at relativistic speeds. Personally, I take these with a grain of salt, especially that last one, because he has also been tagged by opponents far slower than that that he was fully aware of. However, we know for a fact that he fairly casually able to deflect and dodge machine gun fire from multiple guns, and his speed and agility are very impressive regardless.
  10. Would, for example, Ronda Rousey be accepted, because of her WWE character, or is that too close to a real person?
  11. Between them lay a mountain of slain men, looks of panic and fear forever etched onto their faces. Light gleaned off of Jack's sword, reddened with the flesh blood of his enemies. He had become a dark, cold man over the years. Time and again his goal of getting back to the past was robbed from him, and each time, a part of him died along with the hope of getting back. A very small part, but one can only take so much rejection. His final hope had come from whispers of an ancient, powerful stone. Allegedly used to facilitate Aku's takeover, the Philosopher's stone had long since disappeared from time, becoming nothing more than a legend that only fools sought after. But time for rational decisions had long since past. Jack had lost track of how many suicide missions and utterly impossible tasks he had taken on at this point, all of them ultimately leading him here. Before him stood a slender, elderly man, with two swords sheathed across his back. He wore a distinct eye-patch, but even through it, Jack could sense a powerful and evil presence. The man had a certain aura about him of incredible power, and he demanded respect by his mere appearance. This man had sat back and watched his subordinates get cut down by the hundreds, and even so, he stood stoically, unmoved by the entire experience. He had done nothing as Jack cut through everything in his way, man and Homunculus alike, until only they remained. "You're quite the fighter." The man's voice was calm, almost playful, and the words caught Jack off guard. "Seems like an awful lot of work for this old thing." Between his fingers rested a small, transparent red rock. Jack's grip on his sword tightened as he saw he. His resolve was reinvigorated. His victory was within his sight. "We do not need to fight." Jack was punctual and pragmatic. "Give me the stone, and this is all over." "Hmm." The man sighed curtly. "You humans sure are funny sometimes. Whatever you need this thing for, I can guarantee you it wasn't worth all this." The man tucked the stone in a pocket on his blue military uniform. "But if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get." With that, he quickly extracted both swords, grimacing at the Samurai and preparing to strike. Jack readied his sword into a defensive position, and stared intently at his opponent. This one could not be underestimated. The rain began to fall, dancing off the blades rhythmically. Each man stood perfectly still, waiting for the other to strike...
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