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  1. I mean, if he used that nuclear warhead arrow that he has it would probably do the trick. But that just might disqualify him
  2. The category stipulated "no superpowers." I think that counts as one
  3. I agree that no one wants to smell like that that doll, but you don't have to smell like the doll. You could smell like the type of man who cares for things that other's don't care for. Smell like the type of man who's fatherly and macho. Flo doesn't really have a great angle here either, but TMYMCSL I would argue was at least a more successful and widely-recognized commercial. Back when it first came out that commercial was huge.
  4. I guess you could say that I should have tried to find a better car
  5. Even if we say pre-Schrodinger, Alucard can't be lastingly damaged by anything other than holy weapons or other vampire weaknesses. Static will eventually run out of stamina, or Alucard will get bored and will use one of his many hax to end the fight. Post-Schrodinger, Alucard can just choose to appear right next to Static and bite him
  6. Looks can be very deceiving. Rick casually chops through skulls literally without missing a beat, and his durability I would argue has much higher feats. I have no doubt Dutch could lift more, but that won't really come in handy here. Rick's just better at surviving, and assuming they each only have what they would have in the scenario he should win
  7. Uh. Hm. Mazer spam? Speed of Light is faster than Saitama's top speed, so he can just lay those into him until he dies. That's all I got
  8. To add to that, we established earlier than when Nightcrawler is under duress, such as being shocked, he often can't teleport, so if he gets him with the cannon, he can probably roll that into a win. Plus, Nightcrawler very rarely BFRs, and never uses it to start a fight. Winston has experience with extremely fast people who can teleport around, and he scales to Doomfist, who took out both Tracer and Genji, a casual bullet-timer, at the same time.
  9. I'm just gonna shoot straight here: Versam got cheated here. Mecha Godzilla should have lost, 100%. Sorry man
  10. Really liked Night 1. I think Bianca winning was the right decision at a very unfortunate time, because now Sasha is 0-6 at Wrestlemania and that's genuinely unfair to her, especially considering she carried the blue brand's women's division for the back half of the pandemic year. I'm still iffy on the Lashley/Drew match. On the one hand, this is by far Lashley's high point in WWE and I think he's been great. On the other hand, it's a shame Drew never got his WM win in front of a crowd. Cesaro beating Rollins was a surprise, but hopefully leads to good things for him. He's underutilized The Braun Strowman fight had no build up and was pretty pointless, but fine I guess. The New Day shouldn't have lost either, in my eyes, but at least the match was better. Bad Bunny was shockingly good. Night 2 was a lot worse. The Fiend loses again, in a really confusing and dumb way. Who gets knocked out by a single RKO these days? The Fiend is now substantially less strong in Kayfabe than the likes of Drew McIntyre and even people he's dominated like Rollins. I mean, I like Orton pretty well, but the Fiend lost his WM debut, and even though I genuinely don't like the Fiend that much, him losing was just the wrong decision booking wise. He's a far cry from the unstoppable monster who premiered last year, with loses to Oldberg, Reigns (although without taking a pin), and Orton. He shouldn't have that many loses so quickly if they want him to be an unstoppable monster The Women's Tag Match was about what I expected. It's surreal how over with the crowd Tamina was though KO vs. Sami Zayn was great but too short. Including Logan Paul did nothing except eat up match time for an already-too-short match. Still a really good one though Riddle vs. Sheamus was good enough, but a little forgettable in my eyes. Big E and Apollo Crews had a good match as well, but its stipulation was very strange and as much as I like Apollo, I wish Big E had retained The Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley match felt too short and very strange, much like the whole angle honestly. I love Asuka and have liked Rhea for the past few and some change in NXT, but this match was just too short and had no build up or emotional impact. Also, Asuka was an absolute workhorse for the Raw Women's Division for basically an entire year, and it's a shame she couldn't get her big WM win this year. I don't think she's ever won as WM either which is a disgrace honestly for how good and reliable she is. The main event was good but a little clunky. Very unpredictable and good overall though. I really liked how it kept you guessing and I wasn't really sure who would win throughout most of it. Very good physical performance all around, and probably the right decision. I'm glad Edge didn't win honestly. Timing isn't right, and I'm not at all a fan of someone stepping back in to Wrestling after years of not participating and just running roughshod over the division Overall, Night 1 was very enjoyable and Night 2 had some very good matches, but was end-to-end not as good
  11. Not quite, because he's still Superman. Shazam throws magical lightning at Superman fairly regularly, but he survives it fine because he's unimaginably durable. He just doesn't have a specific immunity to magic. This usually manifests with more hax-y magic. For a specific example, an Avada Kedavra might kill him by virtue of just being a kill shot, but no other spell in Harry Potter that does damage would be very likely to do much to him because of his insane durability and regen. To use your stabbing metaphor, it's more like Wolverine. He's not "immune" to stabbing, and a very specific kind of stab (straight through the brain) would kill (some versions of) Wolverine, but most stabs wouldn't overcome his natural tankiness and regen
  12. This is something of a misconception. Magic isn't like Kryptonite to Superman. He's not "weak" against it, he just doesn't have any specific resistance to it.
  13. This probably comes down to Thor vs. Superman, yeah? My understanding of that matchup is that Superman wins if they're in their standard versions, but Thor in his most powerful version apparently like killed Galactus and stuff, so he might have a shot
  14. My point was that the car is visibly dented, meaning that enough bullets would be able to destroy it Those other gifs you posted definitely change that though lol. It's like a toon-force car.
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