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  1. Lemillion probably solos to be honest. No one on the other team is fast enough to tag him before he goes intangible, and his speed when he's using his intangibility to increase his punches is crazy. Maybe Scorpion's fire could hit him because it's mystical in nature, but I doubt it because there are several combatants who can dodge/phase through/avoid the fire, and none of them have intangibility hacks as strong as Lemillion. At the point where he fights Class 1A, Deku is already very physically strong, and his class has 2 big fire manipulators, and Lemillion is able to easily overpower all of
  2. Hmm. This is an interesting one. The weak list is probably the predator. I would put Jack, Hawk Girl, and Iron Man all above it. Jack is arguably the most skilled of all of the characters here, but he's also probably the least "powerful," in terms of damage output and natural power. He could probably use his speed, agility and skill to keep Kimberly busy, but if memory serves, the Power Rangers have some pretty strong durability. I don't know if Jack's sword would even be able to hurt Kim or Luke, given their good alignment. At his strongest, Iron Man could definitely take Kimberly, but Luke i
  3. It might not be a terrible idea to take a month or two off to let everyone recharge, and to give us time to think of some new and interesting scenarios for the next one. I would be willing to jump back into one right away because I sat the last one out, but it might not be bad to wait for a minute
  4. Man, it's a shame I somehow missed this one. I think Ed Wood's show would be better. Both are monstrously inept showrunners, but Ed Wood seems to be the more passionate of the two
  5. Oh, I wasn't arguing that Namor would be able to take the whole team. I agree with you that team Cyclops should win here. I was just saying that he could possibly beat the Cyclops 1 on 1. Put him against all three though and I don't think he would be able to pull out a win
  6. Eh, I don't know about that. If Namor is really capable of trading blows with the like of The Thing, Dr. Doom, The Hulk, and even briefly Thanos, he's definitely strong enough that size alone isn't going to kill him. I'm not saying for sure that he couldn't beat Namor, but just because he's a 300 foot tall monster doesn't really mean he's strong enough to kill him
  7. This is a discussion we had at dinner, and I was curious what people on here would think. Assuming the animals were able to successfully play the game, which of the great apes and monkeys do you think would naturally be best at playing tennis? You can choose and argue for any animals that fits the description of primate (except humans), and they will be competing against each of the other monkeys/apes, not humans. We had three different scenarios: The apes and monkeys are trained, but they are only as interested as an IRL version of the animal would be. They can be motivated through food
  8. He tagged zombie Quicksilver. The zombie bodies in Marvel zombies are generally speaking much weaker than their living counterparts, and most people's powers are much weaker. See regular The Thing one-shotting zombie Hulk. In any case, I would actually put regular Spider-Man well below the Beholder. While he's faster and more agile than a typical D&D Character, I would actually argue his damage output is far less than a 13th level wizard, let alone 4 of them, which is what the Beholder is scaled to. He could maybe try to web the eye stalks, but Beholders are deceptively fast to be ab
  9. I mean, he's not as fast as Spider-Man because his leg got snapped in half lol.
  10. Zombie Spider Man doesn't have webs if I'm remembering correctly. Maybe I'm misremembering though. In any case, a Beholder has so many tricks for killing Zombie Spider Man it doesn't even really matter. He's neither durable nor fast enough to survive a hit from the Disintegration ray, which explicitly destroys all of the body so it would be a one hit kill on him most likely.
  11. The only factors in this fights are Namor, the Cyclops, and the Beholder. You could argue Shredder would be a pretty high level Monk or fighter but I don't think I agree. Shredder is like a street tier character at best, and going off of what comparable level Wizards can do (Beholder being a CR 13 creature, meaning an entire party of 13th level characters are considered a match for it), 13th level wizards can cast 7th level spells, which include massive elemental storms, incredibly potent damaging magic, and all kinds of strong hax like resurrection, planar portals, and generating impenetrable
  12. I feel you my guy. Sometimes things get heated. I try to keep it civil but I'm sorry I was being condescending or anything. I'll try to work on it too
  13. There are many issues here. First, I don't think I've ever insulted you. I may have sometimes said your arguments were not good, but if I ever have insulted you personally I shouldn't have done that and I apologize. Again, though, I don't think I ever have. Second, I've made my feelings about the Vs. Battle Wiki very clear: it can be very useful, taken in context, but it's not something that should be taken as gospel and its conclusions are often outlandish. I'm not linking to the Vs Battles Wiki to say "this page agrees with me," I'm just linking to a page that demonstrates a bunch of feats f
  14. Lol I'm embarrassing myself? Let's look over at Popeye's Vs. Battle Wiki page real quick. Oh, what's this? At least 3 listed feats of him moving stars, and several more of him damaging them? Man, it would be really embarrassing if I acted all high-and-mighty about someone lifting airplanes when they're fighting a toon force user who can affect stars, wouldn't it? And yes, again, that is silly. That's not how the Powerpuff Girls fight, and it's especially not how Bubbles fights. They don't use their FTL speed to speedblitz people and like I said, 90% of their opponents who give them a hard
  15. The argument that Bubbles would just speedblitz is silly. That's just not how the PPG deal with things, and Bubbles especially, the most naive and easy to manipulate, wouldn't be one to just speedblitz everyone. Even if she did successfully capture the bunny Fox, which I don't know that she could do given her naiveté and his wit, Spinach-amped Popeye would throttle Bubbles. As far as I can tell, Popeye has far superior toon-feats and physical feats in every category except speed, but again, none of the PPG enemies are shown to be anywhere near as fast as the PPG's fastest and they are able to
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