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  1. Holy Crap did not expect to see this place come back. I spend most of my high school youth on this forum. Also was surprise my password was the same -_-. Any who good to see some old faces.
  2. Off to find other adventure.... or sit in my room watching youtube videos. Good bye everyone have a nice life :D

  3. Hello everyone on cbub and welcome to World of Darkness topic. Short Introduction Now the main reason why I opened up this tab is asking people opinion on this role playing game. Their is couple of question I would like to ask to spark discussions and I personally seeking answers to some of those questions. However if you do not know of this role playing game, let me give you a short and vague crash course. Vague Crash Course World of Darkness is role playing game made by whitewolf. This game concept is sort of like dungeon and dragon, however with a supernatural setting, instead of fantasy. These supernatural elements are usual monster, such as vampires, werewolves, mages, demons and other goodies. They even have mummies. However the game is split into two universe (well maybe three however that is not important) the old system, in which many people call cWoD, classic world of darkness, and the new system called nWoD; new world of darkness. These two universe have very different themes as the cWoD have a revolving around Armageddon and the other is more individualized. The players in both universe are one of the monsters that and learn about their lore, character diversity, and their main threat. There is more information on this however I can write pages if I continued, therefore lets just move on to questions. Questions This toward the people who actually play the game. If you haven't try to find a Game Master and play it is really fun. Well it depends on GM and the people. That lead me into my first question 1. When playing WoD what are some of your re-memorable moments, both good and bad and what was the cause it to become a great or disappointing memory? 2. What is your least favorite core book, source book, or even universe(cWoD vs nWoD)? 3. Do you enjoyed a certain game so much that you actually try to make more stories off the game? Aka fanfic or addition stories for your character or other or even the town I will add more later for now these three I think is a good way to start off. If you want to add question, or edit something please post below and I will make those changes.
  4. Ignore this for a bit place holder for character
  5. "I would have to disagree with you on that." Mika stated as she keep in her mind that this man has meet 4 other mamodo and survived.
  6. "My thoughts? Hmmmm My thoughts on the mission, Yes, well all I can say is you win battles and you loss battles. I am just glad everyone is breathing." Shin said this as most upbeat he can trying to keep an upbeat attitude, he thumbs up Exodus, keeping a smile on his face..
  7. Kyoung stare at the building and was quiet confused why the item there looking for was in there. I mean where they looking for a child, he joked in his head before putting his pistol in his hostler to take out his M1 Grande.
  8. I WOULD PICK ENERGY BENDING, No in all seriousness if I need to choose, I would gone with fire bending and then use LIGHTING BENDING.
  9. Mika would move forward and catch her fall. "Well thank you" She stated with a smile and then follow up in asking "Well is that your first mammon you seen Champion?" Mika was curios on how many mammon could there been left. Yoshirou decide to wait at the place there where, he keep telling himself it not in hope in finding Mika, however that was a lie and he want to say sorry to her.
  10. Kyoung continue to follow everyone, as they move into the city. He still had his handgun prepare in case of anyone attacked.
  11. Shin would state with "Oh the meeting room, I wonder what going to happen." Shin was weirdly excited for them all meeting up.
  12. Mika seen sorta relieved as this action was approve by both sides, as she really did not like fiends that attack the week. "I am Mika" She would bow as a greeting. Yoshirou would be wandering around the area where they was separated. "Ok know which way did that brat of a princess went"
  13. "I assume that your friend, and it seem like some horrible people are attacking him," Mika only assume this as she did not fully understand the situation yet. If Mika need to, she would fight to protect the one that was unwilling to fight. If they both want to fight to she need no part of it as it was a decision made by both parties. Yoshirou pick up the food and started to walk toward Mika, as he still had her book. "Damn Princess, I she ran before she took back her book." Yoshirou said out load, however he was worry about her.
  14. Shin started to walk around the area in search for something. His pace was kinda weird at was fast job at one moment and slow steady walk next.
  15. Npc/Pc (believe me it complicated) Code Name: Delta Real Name: Ahhh Delta, he has no memory of his real name Status: Hero, Golden Boy Origin: It been a year seen Delta had been set free from the confines of his test tube, in a unknown located Reach City Lab. He awoke with no purpose, no memory, and no one around him with that Delta lived in solitude and quietness for three months. Walking about those lonely days, he slowly unlocked his "potential" that was given artificially as he came to learn that there was something in the blood. Those thing were nanobot that some how gave him technopath and generate electricity, however those ability unlocked unnaturally as it was all self programed. As the quietness was shattered by a group of people invading the labs in search of a formula and it host, Delta sit there peacefully as they captured him. However on there way to deliver him to there HQ, the van he was riding was attacked, and Delta escape during the commotion. Within the escape Delta made it to downtown, and was taken in by the owners of a local store there. The teenage from the test tube did not regain any memories, nor develop any permit emotion expressions, he didn't even know his true name, however he found a place and people. That is all he really wanted. Appearance Costume: Black shirt with a Sun logo that was blue, and topless back cap with the same logo on the bill and blue jeans. In other he look like a worker for a store. Primary Powers: Technopath Alchemy (5): Secondary Powers: Electricity Enhancements (3): Super Intelligence (5): Equipment: Advance Tool belt (With sonic screwdriver, Gravity Hammer, Plasma Blow Torch, Unknown (has not been shown), Unknown.) Associates: None Code Name: Kite, Journalist of the Daily Hero Real Name: Kite BloodFang Status: Hero Goldenboy Origin: Kite family line, BloodFang was a rich lot that had carry on there wealth, history, and even gifted powers. Each member was in a high position in politics, education, religion, and much more. With that back ground Kite was pampered and force to do thing the family want to do, however she never really enjoy any of those there task. She wanted to write stories on Hero, people that save other, fight off evil, and had good personality, as Kite can never be a hero. Kite had medical condition causing her to faint from blood loss, within her own system, this condition was rare as it only pops around a hundred years or so in the family and has no cure what so ever. Yet with it came the ability to control blood from her own and other blood. So because she was such a rare case Kite was never really let outside, however Kite one day found a letter from Reach, a place for hero it said. Kite say her chance. She plead her family to take Journalism as a part of her studies, they debate with each other however the final out allowed her Journalism in to the schedule. There she work hard and manage to get into a low cut apartment and work for a small newspaper, called the Daily Hero. Appearance Costume: Primary Powers: Blood Control(5): Bone Weaponry (4): Secondary Powers: Regeneration (5): Equipment: Pen, notepad, motorcycle, Laptop Associates: Daily Hero
  16. "I did, Personally I think you better. however let not dwell on that want to go for a walk, oh or maybe even a job. Well you might not be in a state to run, so maybe power walk." Shin said as he does back to his cheerful self
  17. "Ah, well I think you more intimating like that. Like Dr Doom" He smiled as he try to make him accept his awesome new look.
  18. "Ah" He might have not hear him saying How its going , or maybe he did. Either way he then said to him "So how are your other wounds" He ask Jack if he was worry about him.
  19. "Ah, suck that you can't taste it. However you still living wright" Shin said as he wrap his piece of pie in a napkin and put it in a small plastic cover. and put in his sweater pocket. "So how is it going" He ask to try to start a small conversation.
  20. "Hmm how about some cherry, or should we eat raspberry, your not allergic to anything are you, I hope it not boysenberry, oh or maybe some pumpkin pie. I wonder what season it is and what would be more fresher" Shin would talk on about random facts of pie however he would then simply say ate the end of rant "How about Blueberry"
  21. Shhhh I am working, Thank you

  22. Shhhh I am working, Thank you

  23. Shhhh I am working, Thank you

  24. "Oh thank you, that is really kind of you" Mika said as she didn't have the spell book with her. Yoshirou would finally find a place to get some food, however when he order the food, he also order something for Mika on accident.
  25. Tier 4: Other he can now carry 16 cubic meters and fuse anywhere on his body. There is no material requirements and he can store about anything on earth. His healing is now for any wounds that is inflicted on him. The time period is now 10 minutes. He can now create weapon with in his mind and if he has the wright material he can create it. Ah it up in front of this page however I post it again
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