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  1. the funny thing is *this is actually a challenge to prove me wrong* I have only lashed out on people 3(THREE times since being on this site.) I have been on here longer than that so yeah.......
  2. every thread huh? either your lying or YOU dont know jack shit. If i favor someone i list the reasons why,WITHOUT bias. Like X-Men vs JLA, OR Wolverine vs whomever. I dont blindly hop in like "ur durrr marvel wins" and I NEVER have. You have commented, liked, and praised my battles(I can list them) so please spare me the lies and wanking. You have also agreed with me with various fights so...........................yeah get it together buddy
  3. Insults are immature right? If i recall correctly as stated above in BOLD I was insulted first. not to mention insulted by 4 other people i werent talking to but of course Dskillz doesnt see it or no one says damn thats right due to.......................... 1)favortism 2)Wanking 3)Being a duche bag 4)everyone being friends you pick one.lmao
  4. So its settleed Sentry wins. The amount of power a stable minded Sentry has is leaps and bounds above spawn. And everything I have read on Spawn shows his powers all lumped together not in the different levels that he increased to. Now IIRC spawn at the stage your talking about, has speed(not on Sentry level), strength (MAX 20 tons), healing, mutating, cammoflauge, use necroplasm as a defensive weapon and offensive. But he again in no way could hurt Sentry with a stable mind. When he fought the molecule man he litterally came back to life after dying taht beat any healing Spawn did at that level. and Sentry was seemingly killed TWICE and came back like it was nothing.
  5. Black Bolt wins no debate. Hulk has nothing he could do unless he close in on him QUICKLY and rip him in half. Black Bolt also is a matter manipulator.......so that means...............................................Hulk becomes vapor.
  6. Oh and the fact that he is immortal would kinda help his cause. He could turn everyone into glass He could mind control everyone He could kill everyone with a punch He could make himself so powerful that they couldnt do ANYTHING He could blast them into ashes He could rip them all inhalf by telekinesis. They all (even combine) are simply not ready for him, Sorry.
  7. i know you missed the top part and barely read so I dont even acknowledge your comments sometimes. but have a good labor day. And my comment about it being the net is true. I can do,post,type whatever I like. you can deal with it or not, doesnt matter to me,
  8. has Spawn at this level faced someone who is on Sentrys level? Nope. While on the other hand whats to stop sentry from ripping him in half, throwing him to the moon, or turning him into glass? While the thing stopping Spawn from hurting Sentry is his speed, strength, invulnerability, and power.
  9. So someone touched on Hemidall vision? that can see EVERYTHING. so yes the carrier can open portals but again you should know why that doesnt work. AGAIN, so talk about character knowledge. Whats stopping Hemidall from stopping them MID conversation with a horde of asgard warriors, Odin and Thor? 1 question down one to go. and after my insults to the two people THREE more chimmed in like "your dissing people you asshole, to insult someone someone is dumb you piece of sh.t" Im like well since i wasnt alking to you wouldnt that make YOU equally immature that you insulted someone that wasnt talking to you?" But im sure you have some weird scheme on how insulting someone is somehow different when you guys say it. but dude its the net if i wanted to talk about everyones mother on here guess what.....I could and nothing would happen besides you telling me "your messed up" OR make assumptions about my life like I'm sad, or have nothing going for me which is funny. So again stop wanking
  10. its about Spawn is not powerful enough to stop him of which you agree so why are you throwing insults? I know
  11. and 4 thank you. I knew this wasnt an actual debate. I posted a question in which you nor any of the others could answer and even said "I bet no one answers this after 4 replies)lol
  12. ^^^^character knowledge Rulk is not in anyway on the same level as BA so it doesnt matter even if he could absorb his magic a full punch would knock his head off.
  13. well it doesn say much because they mix up ALL of his powers into 1. Omega Spawn, and every different level. But Again i know its a ME thing even though 3 OTHER PEOPLE dont agree with you.lol
  14. and didnt YOU just throw and insult at me? lol Hippocytes i tell you. and now we are at 3 posts and no answer. 1 more to go
  15. i guess you missed the various insults thrown at me. Funny how things work. and YOU of all people should understand the hate of being called a fan boy buddy.
  16. also the ONLY thing and yes I read this thread top to bottom is "density control,clones, transmutation, and healing) Clones-Not an issue for someone who wont even be seen going ftl density control-The guy lifts well over 10,000 tons. He will be ok transmutation-Doesnt matter unles it makes him somewhere around 10 times faster and stronger and even then he might not be close Healing-Ares was ripped in half. So im thinking Spawn needs his head to be connected to his body. a full punch from him would cause GREAT amount of damage to him, and send him into the outer most part of the galaxy in pieces
  17. well it seems only you know.lmao Because 4 of us dont. Does spawn have a way to combat a superman type character? a person who can move ftl, can fight a person who lifts WELL over 10,000 tons, manipulate matter, is a telepath, and has a high level of invulnerablity? I will wait for you to respond. Please adsress EACH one please.
  18. ^^another reply and no answer I bet it goes to 4. its at 2 already
  19. OMG stomp for Thanos team. One(just one)punch from Thanos could kill almost anyone from the other team and who is left due to his matter manip will be turned into dogs or gases, Or mind controlled to kill each other, OR ripped apart by telekenesis
  20. Green-Dr.Doom.Why? He already likes green and he has probably the most will power in Marvel Red-Hulk. Why? For obvious reasons Yellow-Daredevil. Why? He has NO fear what so ever. Blue-Cyclops. Why? Because he beyond a shadow of a doubt knows the mutants will live on. Violet-Venus. Why? She is the goddess of love. Indigo-Rogue. Why? She cares for the students and would die protecting the children at the academy Orange-The Blob. Why? For obvious reasons.
  21. UGGHHH(please read carefully) I said there would be no way to reach Asgard if it WASNT floating above a city due to IT BEING IN A DEFFERENT REALM of which the ONLY way to get there is a bridge of which the bridge is watched at ALL TIMES.
  22. yes it is. point that no one is speaking of the way around asgards defenses but want to talk about the fight. thats like saying Flash can get beaten up easy by someone like Damien, because he is of average strength, intelligence, and has no invulnerability. and the person is like WTF he can move FTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the person is like yeah but he isnt that strong. (the elephant in the room is Asgards defenses)
  23. Spawn is facing a person who is MANY times stronger and faster. the funniest thing mr. OP is that you used the WEAKEST version of Spawn and the most powerful Sentry. hmmmmm character knowledge
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