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  1. You logic is flawed. Ok say The first time the Fantastic Four faced Galactus, say that instead of doing a whole "bad guy speech" he just blasts the earth in half. What would the FF do? What defense does the FF has against telepathy? Matter manipulation? Reed has to MAKE the machine to actually stop someone. and thats where comic mechanics/PIS jump in. Why would Galactus give them time? He has telepathy and can mind control people and is a matter manipulator. He could MAKE THEM kill themselves or turn everyone into ants. Why has Dr. Doom not just cast a spell on the FF for them to die? If YOU were a bad guy with the speed/power/intelligence to kill anyone in the matter of half a second why even fist fight with them? why even hold back? They hold back/forget powers because THATS HOW COMICS ARE!!!!(comic mechanics) Galactus is a being that can recreate an entire Galaxy WITH LIFE and you think for some reason he just cant conquer earth? REALLY?
  2. alot of these tourny matches are unfair simply because some people are putting in street level and some people are going all out with the likes of BA and SBP. lol even after 15 minutes there isnt much they can do.lol having a team like: Superman Batman Punisher Spiderman Ironfist Magneto vs Super boy prime Black Adam Mr. Majestic Nova Prime Hal Jordan Sentry This even after 1 month of prep would never be fair.lol Mr. Majestic tears through 90 percent of the people superman may(or may not)stop him. but superman wont be able to stop Black Adam, Sentry, SBP,Nova AND Hal Jordan.
  3. Or have a danger system, or a force field, or strength beyond The Thing, or a blast that could tear a holr through everyone, or open a wormhole in the middle of the baxter building. You know just excluding all of that yeah they have a chance. But since this is regular Nova they stomp him. either way this is a stomp match.
  4. since you have one more spot can I join?
  5. You said nothing can hurt Juggs and I proved you wrong. Juggs has got his ass beat physically. Thor has also beaten Juggs(so what), Hulk has beatn juggs(so what). Your theory about him not being able to be hurt is DASHED TO PIECES. Juggs has NOT beaten hulk many times........spare me. If you think for a second Thor CAN'T beat Juggs your high. Do you know what PIS/Comic mechanics mean? Thanos was not able to "hang" with Odin. Odin toyed with him., and smacked him around. That doesn't count as hanging. Just like Lex Luthor "Hanging" with Superman! HAHAHAHAHA. If superman went all out Lex would die point blank. Apocalypse losing to the X-Men is called PIS/Comic mechanics without a PLAN OF ATTACK AND PREP. Mags ripping him in half is BULLSHIT..........and why would you think I call it BS? Well Apocalypse has TOTAL CONTROL OF HIS BODY TO A MOLECULAR LEVEL. Which means he can easily reform. Not to mention Apocalypse has matter manipulation powers...which means if Mags got close Apocalypse turns him into a peanut.
  6. because they have fought! lol and if you took 1 second(PLEASE) to read Nova primes power then you would not say they could win. Your talking about a "comic mechanic/PIS fight" FF is the weakest team in Marvel honestly and if you think they could beat Silver Surfer in ANY case without some sort of foolishness going on then your crazy. you need more examples? Juggs vs the Original 5 X-men Spiderman VS Venom.(you mean a bad guy who is stronger, faster, knows all of your powers AND can sneak up on you and you still find a way to escape death each time?) Fantastic Four vs Galactus(this would never happen even on his weakest HE CASUALLY KILLS THEM)
  7. Wolverine has adamantium claws(unbreakable) and superboys skin is hard but not that hard that the claws cants hurt him. if they can slash juggernaunt they can slash superboy.
  8. Nova Prime would EASILY beat them. He is powerful enough to keep up with Silver Surfer and if it were NOT due to PIS they stand not ONE chance in beating him, strength wise or power wise. Please read Nova Primes power, not just Nova. He could speed blitz them and kill them all within seconds(yes he has been shown to do that) and Sue becoming invisible means LESS THAN NOTHING because he can see on an infared spectrum same with Silver Surfer. So as i stated before Nova Prime destroys them easily and if its just regular Nova he gets beat down. There really isnt much conversation to this fight if you know Novas power.
  9. if its Nova Prime then hands down Nova but if its regular Nova then its a stomp. Either way its a stomp match
  10. um wolverine has adamantium claws....he ha can hurt hum just fine, the issue is HITTING him due to Superboys speed.
  11. OOOOOHH this is un fair. 1)Loki just might be the best person with prep on the team honestly(he tricked his way into cheating death and not being able to die fully, over the span of thousands of years. 2)Juggs beating Thor is PIS/comic mechanics(you pick) at its finest. Hulk was able to single handedly throw juggs and your telling me Juggs can beat Thor? No 3)Apocalypse to Juggs is like Luke Cage to Thor. Apocalypse can beat him WITH EASE. 4)Odin facing Thanos means nothing when Odin was toying with him. 5)While Darkseid has the power to destroy 1/5th of the universe if They actually faced each other Odin would beat him down. While Odin is like 4 levels up form Thanos, he is surely two up from Darkseid. 6)Juggs had his ass beaten PHYSICALLY by Onslaught remember(threw him from Canada to New York) and he was knocked out. So yeah more than just magic can hurt ole juggs. 7)Juggs while very strong is just not in the same league as Apocalypse, Thanos, and Loki.
  12. When it comes to Sentry its one of those "could be" sort of things. For example Hercules base is higher than Hulks base because of Hulks niche of Stronger=Madder; Thor base is higher than Hulks as well.But people also forget about warrior maddness which increases Thors strength times 4(iirc) Thor if not holding back would KILL Hulk 10/10 but thats the whole "rivalry" thing they have between them Sentry however I think was shown perfectly throught the whole Dark Reign and Siege story simply due to his mental instability,His Highest was remarkable and his lowest was pitiful. So all in all due to his mental illness he could be this or could be that you never know. The thing about comics is again comic mechanics; Thor going all out would be boring because there isnt many villians who would even survive. You have to make interesting.Bad guys win battles good wins the war.
  13. No recent speed fighting unless you talk about the fight vs Tutinax they were fighting the speed of light. or When he caught Quicksilver not too many comics away from when Quicksilver was out running radio waves. So yeah those are pretty impressive. or the instantaneous counter the Phoenix psi blast. Blame the writers not the characters. He has the combat speed trust me
  14. Thor actually is a master of unarmed and armed combat with centuries of experience. People tend to forget that. NOT taking anything away from He-Man but Thor might also be fasther than him especially if his Max speed is like 600mph. Then Thor has a large margin over him.
  15. Apocalypse is a great canidate to be on team Marvel your forgetting Apocalypse is poised to take over the world no matter what the outcome is. Age of Apocalypse should mean something to you. Other than Dr.Doom you wont find another person more feared in Marvel.
  16. how he was written doesnt take away from his intelligence or his powers. Thor was written basically like a cave man but that doesnt take way the fact he is the GOD OF THUNDER and have a vast array of abilities that he doesnt use. Just like Superman getting sucker punched by ANYONE who isnt named, Flash, Wonder Woman, or Captain Marvel. Apocalypse would give a thorough beating to juggs. Sorry.
  17. dude if you think for a second Apocalpse and Juggs are in the same boat your CRAZY. Apocalypse can make his strength UMLIMITED. not to mention he is 10 times smarter than juggernaunt
  18. replace Juggs he is just taking up space. Replace him with Vulcan, or Apocalypse
  19. Nope Apocalypse controls his body to a molecular level. It does what he WANTS it to do. I took that into consideration
  20. Team DC is in Marvel against Apocalypse. and Marvel is facing Mongul
  21. i have that comic but I thought that Radio waves travel a couplke of points slower than light.
  22. The world is already overrun by Mongul in DC and Apocalypse in Marvel. Which team of lesser knowns/b-list would have the drive to fight back and come closest to beating him? Now these are the ONLY heroes left in the world. The others are imprisioned. Each team knows everything about the villian. Team Marvel in DC) Havok CannonBall Rachel Summers M Stature Black Panther(shuri) Speed Multiple Man Rockslide Anole X-23 Zarda Hulkling Synch Valkyrie Cho Team DC in Marvel) Booster gold Hawkman Dr. Mid-Nite Wildcat Karate Kid Mon-El Red Cyclone Hawkgirl Vixen Red Robin Mister Terrific Jay(flash) Deadman Stargirl Timber wolf
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