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  1. Ok now in another thread I was talking to Nova and told him both universes are the same due to alot of people having an equivalent in another Universe. Now I want to see who do you think is the equivalent in each universe or is MOST like that person.You can go by power set, attitude, looks, or whatever you like 1)TOAA 2)LTL 3)GALACTUS 4)Odin 5)Thanos 6)Silver Surfer 7)Nova Prime 8)Thor 9)Ironman 10)Valkryie 11)Captain America 12)Black Panther 13)Namor 14)Dr. Doom 15)Osborn 16)Daredevil 17)Spiderman 18)Wolverine 19)Ultron 20)Juggs 21)Ms. Marvel* just added 22)Cyclops* Just added
  2. Thor is essence IS Marvels Superman so thats who people liken him to. Captain America is Batman/Or you can go by Moon Knight, Daredevil, or Black Panther i just came up with a thread idea
  3. The fight is the rush to get to the teams birth basically. and just because he can punch through dimensions doesnt mean he can beat a reality warper(same goes for SBP). because in essence he can be wiped from existence like Thor did to Mangog(though he came back due to Thor not erasing what he feeds off of which is HATE.
  4. uggh not equal as in,have the same powers. Im saying BOTH are intergalactic police!!!!! Regular Humans choosen with powers, a built in computer, and a corps behind them. So yeah they are probably the MOST alike than anyone.`
  5. Dude Juggs, SBP, Doomsday, Vegeto,Brolly, Super Android 17, Zod, Zoom,lobo, drax and Mongul serve no purpose in this fight. Against onslaught those people listed are pointless. YOUR DEALING WITH REALITY WARPERS and we discussed this last time EVERYONE told you Apocalypse is WAYYYYYYYY more powerful than Juggs. and trust me dont get me started on how powerful Nekron is.
  6. Um you are aware that your dealing with 3 high level reality warpers on team Thanos right?(Onslaught, Legion, and Void) and also why do people keep picking Juggs over Apocalypse? Thats just crazy. Not to mention Kurses strength is 4 TIMES that of Thor. Mangog might be the strongest being on this list AND Thanos and Mangog cant die. So im wondering what conclusion are you trying to get to with this fight?
  7. No im saying Nova Prime and a Green Lantern are equal. Not that a regular Nova is equal to a regular Lantern because that is NOT the case.lol Im just saying they are equal/balanced despite how people make them. Marvel skips a level. it goes from street level a few high level(I.e Thor, Gladiator, Hyperion, Blue Marvel) then when it gets to cosmics they have an explosion(Black Bolt,Thanos Vulcan, Nova Prime, Silver Surfer, Quasar, Adam Warlock, Sky fathers, Heralds) then the insanely powerful(The Champion,Franklin Richards, Scarlet witch, wiccan, Galactus, Beyonder, Phoenix)
  8. a slash and a stab are two differant things. Wolverine can most def slash him and it will cut through.he has slash juugs and it left marks but not a stab.
  9. Pick a team of Street to Mid Level up to 7 people.(mid level-Luke Cage, Rockslide, Moonstone, The Vision, Hank Pym, Cyborg, Wonder Girl, Thor Girl, Booster Gold) 1)No reality warpers 2)No time manipulators 3)No matter manipulators 4)Must be true to character 5)Only can use one speedster/OR a magic person. Not both Your mission if you choose to accept it. You can pick your own mission out of the ones listed. A)Kill/Contain/Imprison BLACK ADAM B)Take Odins Spear from Asgard C)Kidnap Dr. Doom from Latveria
  10. cyclops takes off visor. There isnt any amount of flipping that would get him out of the way.lol
  11. hey you went by the rules, nothing can be said. But geez Jesus i bet you IMMEDIATELY regret your choices.lol
  12. lmao the worst part about it is that Jesus tried to make it even and interesting.lol Thats like a person saying pick a team to fight another team and the rules are skys the limit. So jesus said "cool ok well Spiderman, captain america, batman, flash, wolverine, and Superman" And Corvette used it to his FULL advantage was like like "TOAA, LTL, The Spectre, Lucifer Morningstar, Galactus, and The Beyonder" LMFAO
  13. Thank you everyone for not making this into an actual fight. The very beginning of Thunderbilts were good. When they were being lead by Luke Cage it was cool but when the other line up came and they went into the past it became GOD AWEFUL.
  14. which team do you think is better and why? Thunderbolts: Juggs Moonstone Ghost Crossbones Man-Thing Troll Suicide Squad: Harley Quin Deadshot Bane Catman King Shark Captain Boomerang
  15. The Battle of the Galaxy Hal Jordan Sinestro Atrocitus Carol Ferris Indigo Larfleeze Saint Walker VS Gladiator Silver Surfer Nova Prime Quasar Ronan Beta Ray Bill Black Bolt* I know he isnt on the team
  16. Ugghhh its EVEN. Marvel Normal people are less powerful than DC's BUT..........................Marvel has a good amount of comsic beings that make the scale balanced. TOAA=YAWEH Phoenix=The Spectre Thor=Superman Nova Prime=Green Lantern Captain America=Batman(meh more or less) Franklin Richards=Jenny Quantum If you took heroes form DC they would survive in Marvel and vice versa. The only difference would be the treatment of heroes. Marvel would like it DC would not. DC the heores really dont have to answer to anyone, in Marvel most answer to someone.
  17. Magneto really couldnt effect Nova Prime,just being honest and especially not with prep.
  18. Im telling the guy that Juggs is NOT in anyway, shape, form or fashion on Apocalypse level. Thats laughable at best to even say that. If you had comic knowledge you would see the threat Apocalypse posed compared to Juggs. Juggs has no motives he just walks around and pick fights. Apocalypse tries to control the world. I put it the best way I can. Juggs is a DAY problem. Apocalypse is a week problem. And Juggs has a strength level, So does Hercules. Both whom have a SET BASE LEVEL higher than Hulks BUT....................................Hulk has the capacity to go beyond them. Herclues and Juggs have high level strength because they get no boost they have to start oiut high. Hulk because of his boost doesnt have to be as high. Herc may only go as far as 100,000 tons but have showings of higher Same for Juggs Hulk may start out as 8,000 tons and as he gets mad it doubles per second(imo) Now as far as Thor vs Juggs, that fight is VERY PIS. Even without the magical negation Thor could whoop his ass. Hulk beat Juggs and if Hulk can Thor can,because Thor is stronger than Juggs. Compare feats and its very one sided.
  19. um that didnt answer anything if that was for me.lol
  20. ok well if you know of Galactus power then you know that even Galaxies away he could still mind control them. He could wipe all of the heroes off of earth and THEN eat the planet.lol Once they showed the ultimate nullifier he could have mind controlled him and made him destroy it.lol OR turned the machine into glass.lol The reasons you listed always paly in the heroes favor. Just like Dr. Doom. "Oh I COULD kill them anytime but i rather show the world I'm smarter than Reed.lol" GREAT IDEA. Most of the bad guy schemes involve some foolish plan or some huge flaw that plays to the hero's favor. COMIC MECHANICS. The Fantastic Four wouldnt beat ANYONE if they real in a REAL situation. Like for example wait until the heroes walked out of the dexter building and snip Sue and Johnny.(2 down) reed will be distraught along with Ben. then me being dr. doom I would just cast a spell on both of them killing them.! No villians plan involves KILLING the heroes. It involves getting them out of the way so they wont bother with their schemes.lol So alot of FF feats are very situational. Some heroes have times where their TRUE power gets to shine, then you compare those times to the bad guy they are facing and see if they add up. Spider man facing Venom 1 vs 1 can be fair simply because they know each other, now if Venom sneaks up then hell no he wins for sure. Same with Wolverine and Sabretooth. Now FF vs Galactus.....HELL NO. Silver Surfer....HELL NO.
  21. please pm a stretegy to me that the other team can win
  22. dude one look at your team you really didnt even need to explain how you team would win.lol
  23. The guy said Juggs cant be hurt by anything, and also said only magic can really hurt him. Onslaught beat him easily, Hulk beat him without magic, Skaar, and Thor. Odin smacked around Thanos and put him in his place by showing him that without even going all out I can beat you. The feat wasnt that impressive. Im really stating to question his comic knowledge when he didnt know that was a skrull posing as black bolt, when he thinks Juggs can actually fight Apocalypse.(wow). Juggs has invulnerability and finite strength. Apocalypse has the ability to have INFINITE Strength, telepathy, telekinesis,absorb energy, invulnerability, density control, matter manipulation, shape shifting, molecular control over his body, and technopathy. Yeah they are even.lol The X-Men/Mutants fear Apocalypse WHOLE HEARTEDLY. Juggernaunt just ruined their day. It didnt last for weeks.
  24. 4 people on team 2 can move ftl, two can on team 1. The strategy has to take longer than 15 minutes. Team 2 strategy can be speed blitz kill all. team 1 strategy is try to survive.lol
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