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  1. superman will fry Gambit? he can live as energy so no he WONT fry shit. Hope at omega level has MORE powers than MM and is more powerful. Iceman surives as moisture so flash is going to get rid of all the moisture on earth? Nope and god forbid when iceman turns into mist and Flash inhales him. He will freeze him from the inside out. Like he has done people before. Magneto can manipulate peoples blood, So unless Superman, flash, wonder woman, MM and everyone doesnt have blood then.............they are not immune. Gambit can manipulate kinetic energy which means Supes Wont move an inch. or he just makes him explode by the mere look of him. dude look up these peoples power because the more you talk the more the more I see you really dont know what your talking about. Kaniboa told you already that most of these people dont need bodies, which means flash and superman has to be creative as hell to beat them because it wont be physically.
  2. this is the new universe, which means you can only assume how fast he is, how strong he is, and assume the Omega beams has the same power it used to. So the only thing your doing is assuming he is how he used to be...........................DESPITE he being scaled back considerably.
  3. I know that there is a big gap in time BUTTTTTTT Superman speed has not been clocked, nor his strength so we are guessing. He is not on par as his old self, jesus he is considerable weaker tha his old self, the JL version and DAMN sure his Action comics self who can barely go past mach 3.
  4. Moonstone is hands down the most powerful telepath on earth. She mind controlled a whole planet. Similar to MM.
  5. Please take Kainboa's lead and READ UP ON THESE PEOPLE please or do I have to mention feats? X-Man can "time travel" and doesnt need a body to live. Vulcan took a yell from Black Bolt and can regenerate and can manipulate ALL FORMS OF ENERGY.Superman=Sunlight Gambit can time travel as well and be as fast as he wants to be.and doesnt need a body to live Iceman can surive as moisture and doesnt need a body to live.so how will they beat him? Magneto.........I dont have to mention anything else. Hope has EVERY MUTANT POWER.Healing, teleport, regen, death touch, telepathy the works.
  6. Dude what impressive stats does supes has in the new 52? breaking Hals' contructs, nope, Spore did that. The speed? He is considerable slower than he used to be. Strength? Hardly any GOOD ones, Lifting trucks and pushing Darkseid.....meh. But Im not saying this to say who wins, Im staying this to say "who the hell knows". Thor has hardly any good stats and the same goes for Supes. keep in mind Action comics has him ULTRA weak, and his JL days have hardly anything that would remain in your mind as impressive. and as far as Ultimate Thor......jesus, for him to be powerful his stats are lightning strikes.lol
  7. "But as far as Thor his stats are actually HIGHER than 616 Thor, but I have yet to see feats to back the stats" ^^^^^read please. his stats on Marvel are higher than 616 BUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTT I havent seen anything to prove other wise. and also by that notion who has DCnU beat? Not Darkseid, Not Helspont. They both virtually have NO impressive stats.
  8. HUH? Do you really know the DCnU? This superman is scaled back that before. Hell he stated himself that he couldnt go FTL yet. i think his fastest now is around mach 8. and strength wise we dont know. But as far as Thor his stats are actually HIGHER than 616 Thor, but I have yet to see feats to back the stats, but he doesnt depend on his hammer as much as the 616 version.
  9. LIKE I SAID THIS MATCH IS TIED.l No one wins. No one CAN win. "urr durr Franklin Richards vs Jenny Quantum" Um its a tie seeing as neither can really hurt the other and have the powers of GODS"
  10. Thank you. X-man at his highest tier is more powerful than MM on his best day. Everyone on the list except magneto doesnt need a "body" in their highest form and maybe Vulcan, he can regenerate, So I dunno. So Legacy think about it again, it will be a good fight. DC does have speed on their side and strength but marvel has the power. X-Man at his top potential is 50 times more powerful than Xavier, he just lacks the experience, but he has the power, MM is more on par with Moondragon(earth most powerful telepath)rather than Xavier. Again people I said the mutants are at their full potential, meaning Gambit can steal speed JUST like Flash and can move as fast as he likes as well. Iceman.......Jesus I dont think I need to say anymore of what he can do ITS AMAZING he can flash freeze people, create avatars, and stop chemical reaction on a MOLECULAR LEVEL. He stopped Sunfire from even flaming on since his power isnt to "freeze things" its to take away thermal energy away from things. and go as low as absolute zero which means your not moving PERIOD. he can even "freeze" certain things like JUST your blood.
  11. if it is a close match then no Thor wont use any of his other abilities. But if he is losing physically and not just losing but getting his ass handed to him then he brings in the lightning, THEN comes the things that Soloman Grundy should fear.lol But Thor 80 percent of the time fights it out due to his viking ways but here and there he surprises you and finishes people off quickly and save the trouble. Thats moreso when he is in his "put mortals in his place mood". I.E Ironman.lol
  12. each mutant is at thier highest level Iceman X-Man Hope(every mutant power) Magneto Gambit Vulcan vs Superman Wonder Woman Hal Jordan Flash Martian Manhunter Captain Marvel
  13. they are scattered and also each team has a speedster or a teleporter so they should be able to hang on for a while. But each team I tried to give a game changer like Tag for team X-Men, mon-el an ultra boy for Legion, superboy, bombshell and Miss martian for jla and mettle for avengers. and there is 8 of them so lets do it like this Lobo on team X-Men solomon grundy on team JLA Venom and Sabretooh on team Avengers Cheetah, Deathstroke and Kraven on the Legion
  14. legion created an alternate universe and destroyed the elder gods of limbo if ease. So yeah i think so.
  15. who is the last team to surive? They are being hunted by Lobo and his team of hunters(Kraven, Sabretooth, Venom,Solomon Grundy,Deathstroke and Cheetah) of which they know all the powers of the teams.which team ends the week with the most players? they are contained in a dome 10 miles around and they cant leave. X-men(Surge, Armor, Elixir,Magik, Pixie, Anole, Rockslide, X-23,Hellion, Dust,Tag,Mercury,M) Avengers(Patriot,Finesse,Mettle, Hazmat, Thorgirl, Striker, Hulkling, Speed, Hawkeye(kate), Cho, Stature) JLA(Nightwing, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Wonder girl,miss martian, Superboy, Kid flash,bombshell, Bunker, Cassandra Cain, Ravenger and Red Arrow) L.e.g.i.o.n of superheroes(timber wolf,ultraboy,colossal boy, mon-el, lightning lad, karate kid, star boy, sun boy, polar boy, cosmic boy)
  16. Um Thanos, Um Darkseid,Legion, Despero, um.Mangog, um Kurse do i need to continue
  17. but cyclops knew that that could be something he could exploit, he also told Dani to cut a deal with Hela also, so Cyclops will do whatever he can to win.
  18. Um it will take a hell of a alot to beat Thor physically, and then once Thor sees that he isnt going anywhere the magic negation thing would work very well and that lightning will tear him in half
  19. Cyclops planned it and had plan after plan after plan on stopping Juggs. and you think that cyclops would send in kids first? heck no he would send in his most powerful and when he sees that they arent good enough THEN he goes to back up plans. Mags would give him issues, but I'm sure once Cyclops sees how powerful he is he would go to using magic, then technology, then other tactics.
  20. X-23 vs Timber Wolf Thor Girl vs Wonder Girl Surge vs Terra Zero vs Super Boy Finesse vs Nightwing M vs Cyborg Hellion vs Bombshell Anole vs Beast Boy Magik vs Kid Eternity Vision vs Supergirl
  21. savage hulk rips lobo in half and beats wolverine brain into liquid. Either way savgae hulk owns both of them badly.
  22. whats your name or just invite me to play, Im baltimore30032
  23. Enough time has went by and what do you think of the new 52, your favorite book, story, or what can they do to improve it. And what do you think of the direction of Marvel NOW? I will answer after a couple of people go.
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