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  1. During schism I think he was just tired of "playing nice". Think of the old saying "if it aint broke, dont fix it". Cyclops was able to unite the entire mutant race! Complete Xaviers dream AND Magnetos dream at the same time. Able to Have Magneto AND Namor under him, make long standing enemies turn to their side(frenzy, emma, toad) and actually be able to protect his people after repeated attacks. And if you pay attention because Cyclops said one day Captain America would come for him for the things he has done. But again he would he listen to Cap when Cap never extended his hand during ANY one of the events that effected the X-Men so if other heroes turned their back on them. So i think going back to the "X-Men dont kill, save the world while they hate us" just sound crazy with it being only 200 mutants in the world and having them in society would make them easy targets. Utopia is the best idea ever along with the training he provides for the students/mutants their(protect youselves at all time, because you never know when you have to fight for your lives). That makes more sense than Wolverines ideology.
  2. @Bigballerju:Because I read the comics I have detailed knowledge of the good and bad about them. Now each X-Force book they are putting out looks horrible, but Cable and the X-Force look the LEAST ass-tastic of the both. I really think whomever picked these rosters didnt know what the hell they were thinking OR didnt know anything about the characters due to Cables appearance which contradicts what LAST happened to him months ago,Storm becoming okay with killing DESPITE her saying she was against it WHOLE HEARTEDLY to Wolverine AND Cyclops face,Puck being in HELL but suddenly coming back to life, Spiral last seen was trying to kill the X-Men,Red Hulk and Venom both being on the Avengers, Uggghhh X-Force is GREAT the way it is and sells best next to Wolverine and the X-Men. Now Cyclops view to me is actually the best than any other X-Men due to time. Time has taught them about the road they were on and if he DIDNT make those decisions the whole mutant race would have died out. Thats why I said him being younger he was naive. Even Xavier was naive. Hell he was kicked out of his OWN X-Men.lol That whole peaceful thing would have got them absolutely annihilated during decimation, necrosha, second coming, messiah war, fear itself and Curse of the mutants. There was just NO way that thought process would have helped them. They gained powerful friends(Magneto, Namor, Danger, Sebastian Shaw, Emma, and Frenzy) that if he stuck with the whole"urr durr we be mutants and no matter what people do to us we gonna protect them" Thats just crazy. Think about it ,Cyclops had his whole race wiped out, No help from "friends"(avengers or FF), enemies found out about the decimation and wanted to finish them off, and NOT KILLING would have sent them all to thier graves. Cyclops to me has shown he is the best leader in Marvel over the years. He was a boy and thought as a child then he grew up and realized Xaviers dream wont help the race survive.
  3. Um i have seen MANY times of Superman being mind controlled/body controlled Poison Ivy did it Max Lord did it Starro did it Jericho did it. And If she is caught off guard then Batman could win. She lost to Sabretooth
  4. the line ups look ridiculous. Uncanny X-Force with SPIRAL, STORM, AND PUCK? WTF That makes no sense. Storm was disgusted by knowninG Wolverine was killing and so was Beast but Beast took Wolverine back VERY quickly. and Now she is doing the killing? last time i check Spiral was a bad guy and Puck was useless. Then Uncanny Avengers makes no sense due to the fact havok and Polaris just got back on X-Factor not too long ago. The O5 X-Men returning is just........a horrible idea due to the fact with the real ones running around why bring back the weaker more naive versions into the picture when there are bad guys more ruthless out now who would eat them alive. The Thunderbolts are basically the same line up Red Hulk picked to face the X-Force when looking for Domino years ago. Then you have Cable and the X-Force that shows a regular colossus(no juggs),But Cable has been healed By hope completely but now he has an eye patch and STILL missing an arm which makes NO SENSE. Like why fix this character to cribble him the SAME WAY months later. and they are fugitives saving the day while on the run Like the New Avengers during Civil war. Marvel now has a LOT to explain and havent even started.
  5. Um I have read comics.lol Have you? If you did then you would know that Vulcan was able to mess with Adam Warlocks power so he had to get the HELL away from him. and as sirmethos pointed out Vulcan can take punishment from a superman type character so............
  6. Vulcan can manipulate magical energy thus making him pointless, when Vulcan can basically make him and superman human
  7. Jesus Christ man, This must have been written by a 2nd grader. That aside Emma could shut down supes if he doesnt speed blitz Wonder Woman destroys Storm Danger and Colossus could win if its Colossonaunt Psylocke could win if Batman doesnt sneak up on her Green Lantern and Flash destroys them.
  8. so all in all its a tie. Iceman is a major threat to the JLA and the rest are great supporting cast. god forbid it rains during the fight or MM sits still long enough to be flash frozen.
  9. he has been shown to be resistant from that and also having the ice dupes makes it hard for people to find him
  10. Said the guy who thought Superman would beat up New Sun/Gambit.lol yeah you didnt say anything that didnt make sense.lol @bigballerju-Sirmethos gave the best description of the fight but all of that depends on people attacking the right people. For example if Superman attacks hope then he might get his ass handed to him because having every mutant power is quite powerful that means northstar speed, darwins evolution, and deadpools healing. and also telepathic abilites. Or Wonder Woman against Magneto would not fair well for WW. All in all he summed it up, a stalemate. Because X-Man can see the futre and manipulate time as well.
  11. No im saying since Vulcan and copy and use mutant abilites even better than the mutant that has then i,e Shuting down Rachels power couldnt he do that to J'onn? or Iceman freezing The Flash or MM, freezing their blood, or turning into mist and freezing them from the inside
  12. unless he decapitate him then Cyclops taking off the visor kills him
  13. i asked him a question how was something disproven? lol also the reason Hal and his ring doesnt matter is because his giant fan cant get rid of all the mositure in the world and similar to Mantis, he can exist anywhere where moisture is, meaning put him in a pocket dimension and he comes back into the lake across the street, or the sweat coming off of your head, or the rain, or the ocean. Its also be stated that he can almost instantly travel to where water/moisture is.lol but nice try.
  14. Boy you must not know Cyclops is more than optic blasts, he is a great h2h fighter and is the best strategist in Marvel.
  15. In Energy form there in essence isnt a "mind" to assault. and if regular Gambit is highly resistant ten I'm sure Energy based/time travel(the witness), cant me. I said full potential so in essence its a combination of The Witness and New Sun. Now from what you posted you have given the BEST description of the fight taking in comic knowledge, but the witness is also a form of Gambit also and going by his full potential what is stopping him from looking at J'onn and exploding him, or even possessing Flash? Wonder Woman fighting Vulcan is the BEST idea, because she is strickly physical which I have stated many times is Vulcans down fall, but seeing he can manipulate all energy could he do that to the magic in her or the electrons in her brain like the did the entire X-Men or use J'onns power to shut down wonder womans brain? @Godspeed I told you why flash cant do that............................ICEMAN can exist as moisture, meaning he can travel anywhere he wants. He was absorbed before and froze the person from the inside out.
  16. he cant do that either. Telepathy doesnt work, mind control doesnt work, so..........try something else. but why is it that im asking people to read up on these characters to avoid stating foolish things and no one is like "hmmm let me read up on these characters". No one can read Gambits mind.................NOT EVEN XAVIER. New Sun vs Gambit is pure PIS. let me ask you a question. How can a person who can time travel, take away a persons speed, and blow things up by looking at them lose to Gambit? please explain a way that even makes sense to you. Thats like Batman 1 million losing to regular Batman h2h.lol Also look at Witness and New Sun powers. let me give you an example of what this conversation is like 1)Godspeed- oh punisher would beat up spiderman because he is a better fighter 2)XMAN4LIFE-huh? spiderman is stronger and faster than him. How about you read up on spidermans powers 1) Godspeed-yeah but Punisher uses guns 2)XMAN4LIFE-It doesnt matter spiderman can dodge bullets 1)Godspeed-yeah but then he will just sneak up on Spiderman then or get Nick Fury to help 2)XMAN4LIFE-Dude Spiderman is faster than BOTH of them combined, why would you think Nick Fury makes a difference if he is human? reading up on the characters or even reading the stats i posted on him would stop the foolishness. You are either neglecting to read, cant read, dont want to read, thinks that these characters are in regular mode, which still means he cant read because i stated at their highest/full potential.lol
  17. Who can beat Lobo? 1)Thor 2)WW Hulk 3)Mr.Majestic 4)Kilowag 5)Atrocious 6)Hawkman 7)Zealot 8)Thing 9)Red Hulk 10)Wonder Woman 11)Magneto 12)Black Adam
  18. dude its no point i posted Gambits full potential but they overlook it and still say foolish things like MM can mind control him or superman can beat him up! LMAO jesus christ man how do you have a debate about full potenial but dont eben know the persons regular powers.lol
  19. yeah but whemn you get to the point where you can create universes then I think thats in the same league. I dont see a difference in making and destroying a universe.
  20. did you just say MM could handle him telepathically? LMAO dude you dont know jack do you? Hell regular Gambit is immune to mind control.lol READ ON THESE PEOPLE DUDE. Godspeed your comic knowledge is ridiculous because you keep saying things that are outlandish. Gambit can exist as an ENERGY FORM, So can X-Man, Hell so can Hope, Icveman can exist as moisture. So if Superman inhales Gambit Superman will be stopped due to Gambits ability to "STOP MOTION" Then make him explose from the inside out. Yes JLA has the speed but whats the point? we all know only flash is going to speed blitz and unless EVERYONE does then the fight can be over very shortly.
  21. dude you can ask Sirmethos is you like. Just because YOU dont know these characters doesnt mean everyone doesnt. I said each Mutant is at their full potential. Gambit manipulate KINETIC ENERGY. Which means punches, kicks, and general movement. MEANING SUpermans punch will be the equivalent to a gentle breeze if Gambit wants it to be. "At his full strength and power, Gambit can control all aspects of kinetic energy down even to the molecular level, allowing him to manipulate the potency of his bio-kinetic energy to burn, cause molecular discomfort, incinerate, create timed detonations (and manipulate the potency of the energy release), fire energy blasts, defy gravity, heal wounds, charge objects within his line of sight without contact, and effectively exist as an energy being. Under such conditions, he holds sufficient power to cause another being to be unable to move—or unable to stop if in motion. He has been able to cause or simulate various energies by manipulating the kinetic energy present, such as infrared and microwaves, by increasing molecular agitation, or cold by reducing it. He was also able to use his powers to travel through time by transforming himself into living energy which joined with the kinetic flow.[volume & issue needed] Finally, Gambit was able to heal himself by stimulating his cellular activity" as an energy form what will superman, wonder woman, mm, and flash do? punch them?lol dude you not even reading on these people because if you did then you putting Superman on Vulcan is pointless. Now again i will ask did you read up on these people or are you still just talking?
  22. Duse they have the same powers. SAME. both can create universes, both bring people back to life, can talk to futre/past selves, so unless Jenny has another power that helps her(which once you have reality warping you can do anything)then no they are equal. Jenny makes a truck fall on him and he turns the truck into rain then makes the rain into Thor and she turns Thor into Superman and he turns himself into whatever Raw power? how more powerful can you be to create a universe? what more versitility can you have than being able to do ANYTHING? i have looked up their powers multiple times on kultiple websites and they can do the same thing bro
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