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  1. I didnt see gotenks dude so calm down. also Kid Flash isnt really street level.Daniel X can be beaten. She is a master assassin breed to kill, she has enhanced senses so she WILL find him and once she is close........................................ her superior speed, strength, skill,healing ability, and claws, finishes him off before he can even think about making anything. As the bloke stated this is him in the end of the first book which means he.needs.to.concentrate and think, she need to slash. which is easier?
  2. I think that Batmanas a comic is good but the time line is horrible and its soooo messed up that they cant even speak on it within the comics because it makes NO SENSE. A robin a year? come on!!!!! somebody dropped the ball on that and made a huge blemish on the character. Now Wolverine and the X-men is an AWESOME comic, I have nothing bad to say. Uncanny X-Force is great and was a top seller but of course Marvel thinks that something that good can be better(smh god help them). But of course their line up is going to change DRASTICALLY which i already talked about. But the thing i dont get is X-23 has potential to be a great character why in Gods name are they puttinbg her in BS series? Better yet heres a question no one thought of. X-23 said she didnt want to go with Wolverine and be a kid, but she RATHER be with the Avengers and be a kid? WTF. She traded one school for the next. Again that makes no sense either. Now i like X-Factor simply because they have thier own thing going on seperate from the x-men, i like having options. what happened to scarlett witch giving all mutants thier powers back? in childrens crusade she was soooooooooooooooooo hurt and sorry about that and said even if it takes forever she would undo the damage but the only person she fixed was Rictor. and what happened to Layla? she had the same power to give mutants back their powers? AND Sage also. Marvel is going through their shitty times as usual. when the comics are REALLY good a year later Marvel will screw it up. I love bad ass Cyclops now im sure they are going to screw him up also. also why does Thor have swords now? ugggghhhhhhhh come on Marvel. When Marvel NOW starts im going to be with DC until they straighten up.
  3. Now after that abortion called Marvel now. I have to speak on the new 52. Now they completely destroyed Batmans family. To have 4 robins(excluding Batgirl) in 5 years AND have Jason Todd as his partner after being Batman for 10 years makes the math horrible. and Im astonished they werent like Um guys this doesnt add up. Action comics is just the worst, They completely screwed up Static and Mr. Terrific. They also need to make the solo books tie into these team books because Batman doesnt even acknowledge half of what goes on(court of owls), Wonder Woman CANT be the same from her solo book, and Hal is on adventures AND on JLA at the same time. wow
  4. so like i was telling AVP he is food for X-23
  5. yes i do. he does possess super speed but nothing on the level of quicksilver or flash which means he is fair game for X-23. and having telepathy doesnt mean you cant be snuck up on. He is in the middle of a jungle against a girl who is trained for it. and his power is very limited. So she CAN sneak up on him and being rushed will break his concentration. Plus she is resistant agiant telepathy. so thats strick two. Now if he sees her coming then yeah but in the jungle she doesnt have to attack she can wait them out. This scenario plans to her strengths unlike the others.
  6. now Osiris will be an issue, Daniel x not so much. He can be snuck up on and he has to be calm while using his powers which means X-23 would tear him apart quite easily. anakin has human reflexes, kid flash doesnt have the stones to kill so that plays to her favor. and if the Muramasa wasnt listed dont assume it's there.
  7. except she doesnt need weapos.lol she has her own, she heals, she doesnt tire like regular humans, and she has enhanced senses and out of the characters listed the best and most ruthless fighter.
  8. Let me see if i understand your logic. Your talking about a competition where your kids are pitted aginst each other to kill each other(killers for the first time), and have to survive the outdoors for extended periods of time and NOT think X-23 would have the upper hand? lol yeah Kid flash is a better choice.lol
  9. the fight is which gods win Going all out 1)Highest potential 2)Classic version 3)Regular version In character 1 2 3
  10. X-23......................and i win. She stalks everyone and kills them while they sleep or rest. and since she is a trained and bred assassin with enhanced senses. I think she wins.lol
  11. @Sirmethos:But if he was able to battle him mentally and hold his own then why cant cant he be close to Galactus(he was not starved). I i have seen multiple fights and Odin doesnt seem too far down from Galactus. Yes Galactus is higher beyond a doubt but it doesnt seem as high as people make it. I liken Galactus to Odin as Thor to The Thing @kidstranglehold:Also Odin isnt important to the universe. TLT only acknowledges important beings(Oblivion,Phoenix, Infinity, Galactus) but he did SLIGHTLY hear of Odins death(as stated as a whisper)which is a great feat because LTL doesnt acknowledge 99% of the universe because they are easily replaceable and hold no significance.
  12. 1)Each at maximum potential 2)Each at regular version 3)each at classic version
  13. Odin Hercules Thor Heimdall Sersi Loki Valkyrie Ares vs Highfather Dessad Granny Goodness Darkseid Orion Big Barda Lightray Kalibak
  14. i mean with prep Darkseid does stand a chance because Odin doesnt use anything oter than his powers(no machines or amps), Now im a stright up fight Darkseid to me doesnt even stand a chance, not strength wise nor power wise. The OB/OS/OE cant work on a being of his stature, if he can go toe to toe with Galactus mentally then Im sure that not something Darkseid wants to deal with. Also wit the ease Odin crushed Thanos then if Darkseid is a bit more powerful than that he would still get beat
  15. I see a good bit of discrepancies. Not putting Glaactus in the same boat as Oblivion, and Eternity is crazy because they are listed on the same level TOAA is still beyond the Beyonder. and so is LTL.
  16. Dark Phoenix is actually the weakest version other than the Phoenix Echo that Rachel Summers had. it could be close
  17. Full Metal Alchemists are all at full potential an have complete knowledge of of the Brotherhood 1)50 yards away from each other 2)In the jungle 3)Downtown New York 100 yards away. Izumi *just added Scar *just added Basque Grand Roy Mustang Edward Elric Alphonse Elric *just added Alex Louis Armstrong Solf J. Kimblee Shou Tucker Giolio Comanche Isaac McDougal Tim Marcoh vs Omega Red Spiral Lady Deathstrike Daken Mystique Sabretooth Blob Chimera
  18. This is a person in comics who doesnt really have people on his level. He has alot of people lower and some higher but none really equal. But I want to know how powerful is he exactly. We generally agree he is higher than Darkseid but lower than Galactus. But he has faced Galactus before and did very well even to the point of injuring him physically(though he recovered quite fast) and battled him mentally and also did very well. TLT also slightly noticed him when he died which itself is a testament to his power. So in the comic world how powerful is he?
  19. @Force_Echo: that one does count as far as her being able to be sneaked up on but there are other times where it has happened. Now if she is LOOKING for him then yeah he won't but she can be aught off guard if not expecting it. @Sirmethos : we all assume that someone like Emma cant do it even though she is a powerful telepath herself.
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