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  1. The thing i didnt like is that they should have used his name or abbreviations or something. And using the name John Blake first name Robin is CORNY. But it was ok. Or they could have said this is Detective.....And he jumps in like just call me Tim. Bane was great and the odds were soooooo stacked against him I was like damn they over did it a bit.lol But the people who knew his identity was Selena Kyle Comissioner Gordon Fox Alfred Blake Talia Bane
  2. Now I just seen the movie and OMFG is it awesome. It is literally like a fraction behind the avengers. Both movies are the best out this year. Now I have only one small issue and thats when it comes to John Blake and who he REALLY is in the movie. Boooooooo they could have done it better in saying who it was. Didnt like that part. And the movie has many twists and turns. It got to a point where I was like Jesus how can he cone back form this? But all in all I give it a 9/10 and thats due to "John Blake" and "Catwoman". She (Anne Hathaway)was sexy in the movie but I kept seeing her as kinda out of character. Plus how many people in the damn movie knew his identity. I counted SEVEN people.
  3. No that doesnm't because Batman is VERY territorial when it comes to Gotham. You thiunk he would be ok if Superman flew into Gotham and caught the Joker in 3 seconds? Hell no he would tell Superman keep his ass out of Gotham.
  4. but if they are fighting together then why cant they pull it off? Batman and nihtwing together can beat cassandra but three on two X-23 and cassandras odds are pretty good.
  5. The thing is X-23 is actually VERY VERY skilled in martial arts but she goes for the whole "Wolvie take damage thing" because Its just easier to slash than to use martial arts. But she is faster and more lethal than wolverine is. He just has wayyyyyyyyyyyy more experience which makes him a slight bit better then her. But I think that it would be a great fight between these two teams. But Batman and Nightwing COULD win but you better believe if team two doesn't hold back and are trying to kill team 1 then team 1 is screwed.
  6. Damien is that good of a fighter? if not then when Batgirl and X-23 gets done with thier people then its a wrap for him. But X-23 is leaning toward killing and Cassandra is probably just going to do pressure points so she doesnt have to hurt anyone but THERE lie the conflict because they are already having issues between them internally between each other so add that to the fight and ANYTHING can happen Trust me its going to be a great finale. I want my arc to go down as one of the best arcs made on cbub.
  7. Keep in mind Cassandra is the best fighter in the Batman Inc and is actually a better fighter than even bruce is, Not to mention X-23 is more lethal/better trained than Wolverine is.
  8. This was taken from my arc and I thought this would be an interesting fight. So it takes place in manhattan, who wins?
  9. great question. They just have to escape. Meaning they dont have to actually BEAT nightwing and Batman just get away from them. and because Batgirl knows Batman she is hip to his tricks to an extent. they have about 3 mins before the whole network is upon them. Now that I think about it Batman and Nightwing vs Cassie and Laura is an awesome match the network is: Batwing Red Robin Knight Squire Damien Nightwing Batman Wildcat Batwoman Catwoman Huntress Azrael Batgirl(stephanie) in the room that they are in is Batman,Nightwing, and Damien.
  10. If you went the most recent showings against the Phoenix um he didnt do ANYTHING. Less than nothing. He build an armor to kill the phoenix but it hit her and she just went into the Cyclops, Namor, Colossus, Magik and Emma. Therefore doing NOTHING and while cyclops having one a fraction of the power Casually beat Thor as if he were a child, Emma beat him also. Cyclops also stripped him of his armor like a bananna.lol
  11. How do the New Avengers do against the New BOEM Brotherhood of Evil Mutants: Daken Omega Red Blob Mystique Skinless man Omega White Omega Black Shadow King Sabretooth vs Luke Cage Iron Fist Daredevil Mockingbird Spiderman The Thing Dr. Strange Spiderwoman Ms. Marvel
  12. see the problem with alot of debates is the whole different universe thing. For example I'm not really one to follow DBZ but alot of people do. Not one of my favs but who cares. Now problems come from things like feats. Like saying Professor X is weaker than MM. MM is the most powerful telepath in DC (I THINK) and in Marvel Xavier is up there but moondragon is the most powerful. But Xaivers experience and skill is make make him forrmible to even the best. But whose to say that Xavier level isnt the same level as MM. Thors feats put him on the on the level of supes But what of Goku? What of Android 18? Batman to Daredevil Batman to Punisher Batman to Moonknight Batman to Black Panther Sentry to Superman feats to someone like superman is like a buffet but Someone like Luke Cage is small. Also in Marvel people arent allow to go faster than light in earths atmosphere but in DC they can so it's alot of Maybe and could be thrown around I think CBUB need to maybe vote and come to agreement on certain things. I feel sorry for the DBZ fans here because they are victims of this the most.
  13. Read X-Force starting from when it became Uncanny X-Force. Obviously it must be GOOD taste because its a great selling book.lol But i listed how it could be better. and also I speak on things I KNOW unlike most people here. so if i KNOW a book i speak on it. Why would I comment on a team I dont know and don't follow? Hmmmmmmmmm XMAN4LIFE kind means that I maybe like X-Men or X-Men related things. Whats wrong with that. I also read JLA, Batman, New Avengers, Avengers, and Teen Titans but my preference is X-Men
  14. CLASH OF THE TITANS While Batman looked at the gruesome crime scene he had a feeling of intense anger and a bit of sadness as well. Nightwing walks over and places his hand on his mentors shoulders. "Well its over I guess" said Nightwing, That's it for the clown. Batman sat and looked at every detail of the crime scene struggling with his own emotions. You know me more than anyone else Dick so how should I feel? Said Batman. Nightwing paused and took a deep breath. "Well there is no correct answer Bruce. The craziest, most psychotic, and evil person you ever knew also made you the greatest hero." Said Nightwing "Do I feel conflicted because it was someone else who took him down or is it because I finally know that I don't have to constantly fear for the lives of those around me?" Said Batman Nightwing looked at Bruce and then noticed a clue out of the corner of his eye. Bruce! Said Nightwing pointing at a slash mark on the wall. Batman raised up casually and walked over to it. What ever or whomever did this had to have been very sharp. Said Batman Batman looked into a pit with spikes at the bottom of it. "Dick" Said Batman. Get a sample of the blood down there and see who it belongs to. The fact that there isn't a body there indicates the body was moved or that the person survived and I want to know who is missing from the party. RECOVERING X-23 sat and rubbed her stomach of where her wound used to be and looked at her torn outfit. I need some thread if you have any? Said X-23 Batgirl looked into her utility belt and passed it to her. "We crossed the line".Said Batgirl X-23 started sewing and ignored her. "Did you her me Laura? We crossed the line!" Said Batgirl. X-23 exhaled in annoyance. "How?" He was an evil man and we took care of it. You were the one who killed him anyway not me. It would have been alot worst than using a death touch. We stepped on toes! Said Batgirl. That was Batmans bad guy to deal with. The same goes for Sabretooth and Wolverine. It's the principle Laura. THERE IS NO PRINCIPLE CASSIE!!!! shouted X-23. The Joker was a mad dog that needed to be put down and Batman wasn't the hand to do it. He just kept sending it to the pound! Batgirl snapped back "Laura how dare you?" The way that you and your "X-Force" Manuever is different than Batman Inc does. I was with you because sometimes there is evil that isn't meant for jail but The Joker is a delicate case simply because Batman and him has history and worst than that we kill him together IN GOTHAM! So may I ask you a question "Batgirl"? Said X-23 Yes. Said Batgirl So if Adolf *uncreative* was killed in Mexico do you think the Allies would have minded? Said X-23. "This is not war Laura." Said Batgirl. We are not soldiers. Were heroes! X-23 stood up quickly and gestured to Cassandra to be quiet. She kicked through the wall and it sent Robin flying into the hallway wall. She then grabbed him by the neck and held him up. "You better have a good reason for spying on us kid" said X-23. Batgirl ran over and grabbed X-23. I know him. What the hell are you doing here Damien? X-23 put him down as he caught his breath. You guys are in trouble! Said Damien. By who? said Batgirl. By Batman and the Network. He ran a DNA test on the blood at the crime scene and it linked to your friend here! Shit! Said Batgirl. "You came here to warn us?". No. Replied Damien. Just to give you guys a head start because Batman is going to come for you. He traced the deaths to Deathstrike, Deathstroke, and The Joker. You guys were on a roll huh? I don't care that you killed any of them but HE does. and he wants you to explain youselves and he has sent out the whole Network to bring you in. Sorry but I don't answer to anyone! Said X-23. And if Batman thinks he can scold me as if I were a child he has another thing coming. "We just have to talk to him and come clean". Said Batgirl. I cant take that risk. Mutant relations with humans are already bad and having me implied in the death of these people goes against what X-force stands for. We do covert operations with no witnesses and having Batman with intel about it wont sit well with my team said X-23. So what then your going to kill him? Replied Batgirl. "No" Said X-23. I just have to leave and return to my team before I be forced to have to deal with him. This is exciting! Said Damien. BATMAN COMES It was fun while it lasted but I have to..... (She stops immediately and sniffs) Damn it he's here. We hav................(a explosion blew the wall and windows from the building and Batman and Nightwing swung in.) "This ends now" said Batman. Cassandra how could you do that? Hold on she did what you didn't have the balls to do! Snapped X-23. "Gotham is mine and you do not operate under the bat symbol and take lives". As far as you are concerned LAURA leave Gotham NOW! Well if you ASK politely me and Cassandra will leave. Said X-23. "You heard the man! We are more than capable of taking you down if need be". Said Nightwing. Batgirl looked around and told X-23 that they should leave. X-23 stared at Batman as she walked out giving Cassandra time to talk with Batman and Nightwing. I'm sorry. We got ahead of ourselves. We shouldn't have do......(Batman interrupts) "GET THE HELL OUT OF GOTHAM". Do not come back The Joker was mine! You knew that! X-23 walked back in the room to grab Batgirl. "He isn't listening cassie let's go" Said X-23. Casually looking over her shoulder she says "Too bad we were the ones who had to clean up Gotham" with a slight smile on her face. Batman became enraged but before he could react Nightwing grabbed X-23's arm. "I don't know who the hell you think you are but you don't know anything little girl" said Nightwing. You shouldn't have done that "Nightwing"! said x-23 and elbowing him in the nose. Batman quickly punched her and went for another punch and Batgirl grabbed his arm. "Stop it"! Dick provoked her said Batgirl. Batman then spin kicked her of which her casually blocked. "Stop it please don't force my hand" Said Batgirl. Nightwing then punched her in the stomach and was going to kick her until X-23 stabbed him in the side. "I told you you shouldn't have done that". I hit no major arteries but next time I..... Nightwing took out one of his sticks and smacked her across the face with it. "Now your options are gone!" said Nightwing. He is then tackled by X-23. Batman radios to the rest of the Network. "All points converge on Cassandra and X-23"
  15. Yeah I knew he is a master of it. Also did you know that there are only 22 Sokes in the world(people who started a fighting style or is one of the most respected/best in their fighting style.
  16. but Aikido is defensive and has joint locks. Good luck adapting to arm locks.
  17. Um why would you use the 90's version when the recent ones are wayyyyyyyyy more powerful. The old X-men vs the new X-Men is like the old JLa vs the new 52.lol How about: Cyclops Magneto Colossonaunt Magik Emma Rachel Frenzy Box Namor Wolverine Gambit Iceman Fantomex Deathlok. Darwin Dazzler Banshee Havok Polaris Danger Warpath M Domino Longshot Storm Hope(with everyones powers) Rogue(with everyones powers)
  18. see thats where your wrong. Aikido is mostly DEFENSIVE not offensive. Meaning when you try to attack my style counters it.
  19. Um YEAH they do.lol I listed FORGE. and if supes is in character then he wont kill or "beat them up" and the fact that he pulls punches might not help them that much.
  20. ill take your wing chun and raise you a Aikido. You stand and fight if you want but my style is mainly defensive and joint locks. So my style thrives off of attacking opponents that stand an fight and with the submission holds that are included makes it so that not only can we be defensive but offensive with hard strikes and locks.
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