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  1. OMG dude I just watched it. He didnt land NOT ONE BLOW!!!!!!!!!!! he got his ass royally beat. here count the hits please. Dude Ozymandias was toying with him WATCH THIS AND TELL ME that this was a "good" fight? Please ,aybe its ,e but does anyone see The Comedian "holding his ground"? lol give up dude http://youtu.be/dTsFOqSaub8
  2. ok thanks for telling me that BUT they still werent able to fully hurt each other. That goes along with MY point. Majestic wouldnt be able to hurt him like people are claiming
  3. ok well lets compare Cap is way stronger,faster, faster reflexes, faster preception,heal faster, mastered multiple forms of martial arts and MADE his own style of fighting.................................... Batman is.................................................weaker,slower,heals slower, is peak human, but has master multiple forms of martial arts. Oh yeah Batman has it in the bag.lmao.
  4. And as i said Batman would be beaten everytime without that utility belt. And as I stated before a flat out REAL kick from Cap would send Batmans head off or shatter his bones. Please. He also has faster reflexes than Batman so when the trees shake from Batman coming down for that "drop kick" Cap looks up then kick Bats out of the air and proceeds to snap his neck.
  5. ok and did you read MY post because if you did I said that people must be confusing comics and the movie even though you clearly stated it. I gave a break down of both for the confused ones. again READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And um NO the fight did not last longer than 30 seconds. 30 seconds is a while when not counting and Comdeian showed no skills. No flips or spin kicks or anything that even impressed me. If you slowed down a normal fight that same way that was even that would look cool. But dude WATCH THAT FRIGGIN MOVIE AGAIN. You had toi be high to think that the comedian showed any real skill.lol your comparing a 1 minute fight MAX to multiple scenes of Bane beating down everyone including Batman twice. Um yeah not so impressive.
  6. if were talking the MOVIE versions then Bane in a stomp!!!!! Bane was beating Batmans ass BOTH times they fought. Batman just got lucky and remembered the mask thing. Other than that Bane was beating him down. Now The Comedian showed no real fighting skill in the movie. He got HIS ass beat as well and thrown out of the window. So............um yeah Bane wins. People are confusing comics with movies. If were talking COMICS then Comedian maybe but MOVIE Hellllllllllllllllllllll no Bane hands down. Which Watchmen movie did YOU GUYS see? the one i saw the fight lasted maybe 30 seconds and he was beaten easily.
  7. and the kicker is they wont kill the loved ones just torture them over and over and over again. Thats worst than death to have to hear the screams and pleas for death. and to escape they have to kill a hero. I firmly believe each person would snap.
  8. This is a bit of a complex thing because I'm a firm believer that eachg and every hero COULD break. Spidey too. Imagine Mary Jane, Aunt May, and even Gwen Stacy being totured in front of him and them begging for him to help. Yes he WOULD break. Same for Superman. He was willing to kill Doomsday(wonder woman) when Max Lord was controlling him but wanted to "make him suffer first"In his words. Each and Every hero would break but the question is who does it first which everyone says Punisher. i actually think Batman would follow next honestly because he lives his whole life on the edge.
  9. Yes but we all recal WW3(THAT ONE) and the one that fought SBP is the one I'm referring to. and THAT BA wont be beaten by Mr. Majestic when SBP couldnt do damage.
  10. they were not listed as your weapons sir.I didnt list Majestic as having them so your down to a fist fight. and Black adam is superior to superman also. but again the only thing majestic has CLEARLY is speed over adam and thats not enough due to the fact Balck Adam fought SBP to a draw basically makes possesing Majestic m00t because he wont be able to fully hurt BA.. and seeing that Black Adam is a sorcerer also it really makes the fight pretty one sided. Once Black Adam defeats "majestic" Your team is DEAD within moments. Because then he can alert the rest of his team THEN go off knowing your teams plans and slay them.
  11. Taking out Black Adam? Flaw number 1, he may be faster but stronger not so much. That fight will take a while and since Black Adam will know whats going on due to his knowledge he will quickly alert the others to watch out THEN use his magic to take care of She hulk.
  12. to the death play to Caps advantage. Bats DOES NOT want to get into cqc with Cap that i can promise you. Cap is a solider trained for war. He wont grow tired before Bats and heals faster, not only stronger and faster. Now honestly you really think Bats can win. Steath or not Cap is above street level. a REAL kick from Cap would kill him.
  13. Black Adam is resistant to those things, So is Doom. HUGE flaws in your plan. Doom is of magic and science. So even if his force field glitches he knows magic and could easily swap bodies or teleport them away. Not to mention he is in a suit of armor. Mr. Majestic is also ULTRA FAST so if he is tossed into the negative zone he will probably get back into the portal before deadman can come back seeing that he is many many times faster than the speed of light therefore slaying your whole team almost instantly. Nice try though.
  14. Dr. Doom has convinced Mr. Majestic,Black Adam,Namor and Batman 1 million. that the world needs to be destroyed and rebuilt into a military state with all 5 of them as leaders. He has employed a host of others to his cause too. Your mission is to stop the group at all cost. They are on the abandoned island of Genosha plotting to overthrow the worlds governments. They will be on genosha for 2 more hours and then they will each go the the country on which the will rule and start their plans. They will each kill all members of government thus throwing the country into anarchy. You must stop/kill them before they finish their plans OR find a way to save the worlds governments. Dr. Doom(London and will rule europe) Mr.Majestic(Tokyo and will rule Asia) Black Adam(Cairo and and will rule Africa) Namor(Syndey and will rule Australia and Antartica) Batman 1 Million(New York and America and canada) they will all share South America 1)You hacked their computers and know their targets 2)You can have a team of 10 3)No pre cogs, telepaths, reality warpers, and matter manipulators 4)May have 1 superman character,OR you can use a speedster and one superman strength character but not all three at one time.
  15. Dr.Doom intelligence borderlines insanity Thanos intelligence is about right for his stature but because he is a cosmic being he doesnt get shown as much as dr.doom. so yes doom will have more showings but overall Thanos SHOULD be making things that make dooms armor look like tinfoil. but again he SHOULD be.
  16. Dr.Doom while being like the master of NEVER really losing. Thanos is by far smarter add to the fact he is immortal so when it comes to that department Thanos SHOULD be the better. But all I can say is Thanos took over the Universe 4 times to dr.dooms 1 or maybe 2. As far as showings are concerned then Doom but far as being realistic/how it should go then Thanos
  17. well for 1 Martian Manhunter ISNT on the JLA in the new 52. Jean Grey is dead(and has been for YEARS) and these are current rosters
  18. vulcan can shut down her powers so she cant even use them. She isn't beating Vulcan, let alone dr.doom and wiccan. Marvel Universe for the stomp.
  19. Batman Spiderman Captain America Daredevil Wolverine Superman Wonder Woman Black Panther Punisher Each hero is bound with adamantium chains and in an unbreakable force field they have to sit back and watch each one of their loved ones be tortured by their worst villian. and the only way to escape or to free them is to kill another hero in the room. Who breaks first or whats the order of the people that will break.
  20. no i just hate the fanboy references as if i cant LIKE the X-Men AND be logical as well. people look at my screen name and say "ohh fan boy" or see my matches and say fan boy because i use the X-Men/X-Force alot. And i use them alot because i actually KNOW them. I wont post matches on people i dont know. Like you wont see me making a match btween ryu and Naruto, or hardly anyone from anime, and barely even DC. I post matches on people I read on and have knowledge about. I love the X-Men but i know without it being certain things set up they could never beat the JLA(well i dont know about now though but still), Or the X-Men vs Avengers. and when i do have a disagreement with someone involving an X- character i know them enough to explain WHY and give it in detail and hell if push comes to shove even issue numbers. for example Deathlok vs Midnighter. Or(aoa) Iceman vs Ghost Rider
  21. ^^^^And you STILL didnt read any X-Force stuff. so were back at square one where your talking about a chracter you don't fully know. My screen name has nothing to do wit the character deadpool hun. Despite my name when it comes to X-Men im not a fanboy its just the comics I prefer. My comic collection goes back 4 years so I know these characters very well. from Warpaths "sometime flying ability", Cannonballs self doubt, necrosha, utopia, messiah war, second coming, fear itself, curse of the mutants, and in that span deadpool does NOT break the fourth wall during X-Force. And I have ALL of the wolverine led X-Force comics.....ALL OF THEM.
  22. you havent read x-force then to say that comment. He doesnt break the fourth wall in x-force. in his OWN series yes and maybe a team up yes but x-force no. He ALWAYS makes jokes. like "How do you kill a circus? Go for the juggler" i love that one. right before he sliced a guys throat.
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