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  1. lmao are you serious? Because he isnt always moving ftl.lmao, nor is he always walking around with a shield. A regular human is a wildcard because he wouldnt be looking for that. he is also arrogant so that punisher could easily snip him from a distance and that would be it. @bigballerju: Vulcan is stated at actually having a limit. a very high limit but a limit nonetheless. a person like Galactus would easily do away with him but someone like silver surfer would have some trouble.
  2. Hal Jordan, Alan scott, Deadman. the reason I bring him up is because he cant be infected by you flea sized machines and can go as far as possessing say someone like Wonder woman, BA, or any villian just to get close to brainiac. he is my wildcard. hal jordans ring would shield him from that also and alan scott as well. the others like red tornado or cyborg would help also due to the machine part of them. same for booster gold. what are your plans for them?
  3. Havok was amped up when facing Vulcan and Havok has a degree of resistance against him. Other than that to face Vulcan you have to have alot of people with you and have multiple ways of trying to win to beat him. Again he feeds off of energy so if you Had a wild card like Domino and a pure human like Punisher then you actually have a chance simply because a bullet to the brain would either kill him or slow him down.
  4. were staying true to form right. Well then if we ARE then Deadman DOES pose a problem and you still havent explain why magic wont work. Zatannas niche nshould wor just fine. Now Kainboa 1)why is Damien not on earth even though I listed him? 2)How the hell do you plan on getting the tesseract? either from Asgard OR from Doom. You pick the location.lol either way Sinister isnt going to do it. And also if you have the tesseract you can EASILY take over the world from that, no need to make a plan. 3)how do you plan on getting to Utopia? They have defenses and you cant just "walk up". 4)you wont be able to infect everyone at once meaning there will be gaps(going from utopia to new york) giving people time to find a cure OR protect themselves. 5)Ghost Rider CAN find you. Domino and Longshot may survive. 6)Magik and Damien can both go to Limbo and in Limbo they have all the time they want to come up with a plan. time slows down drastically.
  5. Well someone like Deadman could be pesky, along with immortal man also. lol so yeah dead people are tough. Not to mention why wont spells or magic owkr on technology? Kainboa: Do you know what wicked and layla Millers powers are to make that claim? And Sabretooth clones would get crushed by Thor easily. and since your using this virus idea and plan on commiting mass murder Heroes would be MORE inclinded to take it to the max. I.e Scarlett Witch, wiccan, dr. strange, Magik, Ms. Marvel, Thor, Damien Hellstrom, Ghost Rider, Vision, Omega Sentinel, and Rockslide. These people together could ruin your plans QUICKLY. 1)They see the deaths. 2)Thor uses his "sometime magic" to protect them or Scarlett Witch does it(either way) 3)Layla Miller and Wicked resurrect EVERYONE that died then they kick sinisters ass. OR Thor goes all out and looks for you and kills you for the murder of his friends.(seeing he can teleport and move ftl) lmao.
  6. Since Im aware to both peoples powers I can honestly say its a stomp match for Vulcan. 1)Vulcan can manipulate energy on a WIDE scale even as far as the controlling the electric impulses in your brain and even magic. 2)He survived a yell from Black Bolt........................Nuff said 3)His force fields stopped gladiator also. 4)He can literally shut down your powers so that they wont work. 5)He is pretty fast himself. can fly ftl. 6)Replicate powers of others around 7)Make hard light constructs like green lantern 8)Track energy over vast distances 9)Regeneration 10) So now with knowing that ,using energy on a person who manipulates energy it is like Hydro man vs Iceman.............VERY VERY onesided. Vegeta can do NOTHING to Vulcan. Not speed blitz or anything. He is stuck having to physically fight him without using kai which means he cant fly, use his super speed, or even his strength.lol this fight would be Vegeta power level 10 vs Vulcan.lol
  7. the emporer doom scenario wouldnt work now
  8. Magical beings,spells, and dead people all make a flaw in your plan. not to mention green lanterns even the engineer Now as far as Kaniboa you didnt have that in your first post. you edited it to make it SEEM like your plan was flawless to being with but NO. And your virus takes 24 hours and with that you have magic people running around meaing your virus can easily be take care of. So Unless you going to kill all of the magical beings FIRST then your plan will probably kill about 1 billion people and a good bit of heroes but your plan can be stopped. its not fool proof.
  9. Ohh yeah AND you have magical people on everyones team(Magik, dr.strange,scarlett witch, zatanna,and damien hellstrom) THEN you even have a pro cog(Blindfold), Then flat out dead people, then cyborgs/robots(vision/cyborg), Pure magical beings(Captain marvel, wonder woman, Thor).lol Virus is a horrible plan. So these better be a fool proof ideas.*looking at everyone* Learn who your up against(the heroes), their locations, strengths and weaknesses.
  10. A month? with all of these heroes around? you forgot to add where you would unleash the virus? you cant just say "Oh make a virus and it will kill everybody" because viruses don't work like that You either have to capture,infect, then release these people back into civilization for them to infect other people. and because of your quick death period if would make that rather difficult. now if it was longer then you would have a better chance but again people like Thor are immune to earth disease, so is Valkyrie, and a host of others. Plus heroes are all over Avengers regular(new york) Secret Avengers(mobile) X-men(san fransisco and new york) X-factor(New york) New mutants(san fransisco) New Avengers(new york) Fantastic four(New york) X-Force(Desert) Punisher(new york) Hulk Family(mobile) Ghost Rider(mobile)
  11. Wonder woman was trained by the amazons in ancient ways of fighting and weapons. NO different from Thor but Thor is ten times older than her. Wonder Woman only faced her peers. Thor faced Giants, trolls, and all sorts of things. Keep in mind the only time she left the island was when she was already 20 something. Thor since a child travelled to different realms and fought ALOT more than she did.
  12. Lets try something original. Lets see if you can take over the world. Let me list the rules 1)Pick a villian but you must remain true to character. 2)You may pick a team of any villians that would actually work with your character up to 6 people 3)pick a universe(Marvel or DC) 4)write out in detail how exactly you would take over the earth and how long it would take and how fast you could take over the world. 5)Your scenario must be true to form. 6)No Cosmics, No reality warpers, no time manipulators I will list the heroes Marvel: 1)X-Men(X-Force, X-Factor, New Mutants): Cyclops,Wolverine, X-23,Emma, Colossus, Magneto, Magik, Warpath, Storm, Hope, Psylocke, Cannonball,Multiple Man, M, Layla, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane,Rachel Summers, X-Man, Hellion, Ariel, Fantomex, Deathlok, Havok, Polaris, Danger, Nemesis, Box, Rao, Kitty Pryde, Iceman,trance,omega sentinel, Match, Anole, Rockslide, Dust, Prodigy, Beast, Gambit, Rogue, Frenzy, Mercury, Loa, Namor, Sunspot,professor x,blind fold, the cuckoos,kid omega, dani, cypher, warlock, magma, nightcrawler, deadpool, archangel, zero, transonic,wicked, dazzler, jubilee gabriel, primal, elixir, domino, longshot, shatterstar, surge, armor, kid gladiator and toad. 2)Avengers(Secret, New,Academy, Young and Regular) Captain America, Thor, Ironman, Hawkeye, spiderman, daredevil, hank pym, black widow, valkyrie, ms.marvel, luke cage, moon knight, iron fist, dr.strange, scarlett witch,spider woman, stature,the vision,brother voodoo wiccan,damien hellstrom, hulkling, hercules, Cho, quicksilver, tigra, protector, patriot, speed, finesse, mettle, striker, white tiger, black panther, mockingbird, and hawkeye(kate) 3)Fantastic Four the thing, human torch, mr fantastic, and invisible woman 4)Punisher 5)Hulk Family (Hulk,Red She Hulk, Red Hulk, A-Bomb, Doc Samson, She Hulk, Lydra) 6)Ghost Rider -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DC: 1)Teen Titans Beast Boy, Red Robin, Starfire, Wondergirl, superboy, miss martian,blue bettle,deadman,immortal man,donna troy, bombshell, red arrow, kid flash, terra, red devil, bunker, ravenger, cyborg and raven 2)JLA Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hal jordan, flash, vixen, green arrow, the ray, Plastic man, black lightning, the atom, zatanna, captain marvel, booster gold, and big barda 3)JSA Hawkman, hawk girl, dr.fate, power girl, barry allen, alan scott, wildcat, mr. terrific, atom smasher, red tornado, liberty belle, stargirl, and citizen steel 4)Grifter 5)Batman Inc/Birds of prey Nightwing, azreal, cassanda cain, oracle, black canary, barbra gordon, stephanie brown, batwing, dark ranger, catwoman, the hood, nightrunner, knight, squire, and el gaucho. 6)Suicide Squad Harley Quin, King shark, deadshot, black spider, el diablo, and jeanette 7)Stormwatch Apollo, Midnighter, Engineer, Martain Manhunter, harry tanner, adam one, jack hawksmoor, the projectionist, jenny quantum
  13. ^^^^^^^^ this. Wonder Woman is a bit faster but by all means he is fast enough that her speed wont be a huge advantage its just slighty, While Thor is a good margin stronger. Now as far as training goes Thor has it hands down but Diana is no slouch but Thor has centuries under his belt.
  14. I looked up Aang and he is actually under the title of anime. *just saying* but i can replace him
  15. "Each team starts off in the middle of a continent team marvel(south america) team dc(africa)and evil(austrialia) can they make it to the coast?" everyone is in the Marvel Universe.
  16. Aang(substituted for Jiraiya) Ryu Ken Akuma Saskue Ichigo Fist of the north star Andriod 18 Naruto Kakashi vs Ms.Marvel Iron fist Spiderman Magik Cassandra Cain X-23 Iceman Nightcrawler Midnighter Quicksilver
  17. The thing is Thor is actually a master of combat and can learn fighting styles rather easily(its listed as one of his powers) plus he has centuries of fighting experience and in war. If Thor was Written properly then this would actually be a better fight to see than him vs Superman. Now Wonder Woman may SEEM as if she has more experience but she really doesnt compared to Thor. And due to this I have given various scenarios Wonder Woman vs Thor(strictly H2H in a comic)Maybe Wonder Woman Wonder Woman vs Thor(strictly h2h NOT holding back)Thor but VERY VERY close. Wonder Woman vs Thor(in a comic)=Thor but it will be VERY close Wonder Woman vs Thor(Neither holding back)Thor by a comfortable margin Wonder Woman vs Thor(Using ALL of his powers)Thor by a landslide
  18. each team has people with enhanced senses so being invisible wont help Batman 1m. also each team has great fighters and dudrable people to make being brought down rather hard if they work together.
  19. Batman 1 million is hunting down heroes to imprision them. Each team starts off in the middle of a continent team marvel(south america) team dc(africa)and evil(austrialia) can they make it to the coast? Each team has to atleast have 1 member make it to win? Who can survive? Team Marvel: Wolverine Warpath X-23 Mantis Daredevil Punisher Captain America Spiderman Team DC: Batman Karate Kid Cassandra Cain Midnighter Azrael Ravenger Black Canary Cyborg(no teleport) Team Evil: Deathstroke Sabretooth Kraven the Hunter Bane Dark Beast Vandal Savage killer Croc
  20. "I can't even tell if you're trolling or not. You clearly don't know what you're talking about" Um if you saw the clip of Ozy beating his ass(the comedian) for 3 minutes straight then you would know its not trolling. Your talking about the skill of The Comedian. and I'm saying he got utterly thrashed for 3 minutes. Ozy took his time beating him SIMILAR to how Bane beat Batman. Both were horrible fights because the winners(Ozy and Bane)were so far ahead of the other person that they didnt have to try hard.
  21. oh easy, Bane knocks him the f--- out before he does. he couldnt even use the gun against Ozy so yeah he should be fine.
  22. see heres the thing. If he is dead then yes(maybe) BUT when Thor calls for it it will rip his arm clean off to return to Thor
  23. he was TOYING WITH HIM beating him effortlessly. he was savoring the beating. like your saying "oh it lasted 3 minutes" when it WASNT a 3 minute fight.................................... it was a 3 minute ass whooping. Not impressive seeing that he didnt DO anything but throw things AND MISS and when it did connect Ozy CAUGHT IT. lol dude come on. Bane beat EVERYONE in the movie. The Comedian died the first 5 minuts of the movie. Great comparison
  24. either the ww3 was psi OR the power girl fight was. either way it doesnt make sense how she could hurt him one fight and not hurt him the next without and upgrade.
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