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  1. Odin beat the hell out of Thor quite easily....................and Thor is superman level. Odin is so old there isnt a proper way to calculate his age well over 20,000 years old. He(Odin)said he is the one who made humans The Doctor has the knowledge of all other Doctors before him which makes him.......................what 3 thousand years of knowledge?
  2. A)Ok now the idea is you pick your favorite team(Avengers,X-men,JLA,JSA) B)Then pick a roster to combat certain scenarios C)The person under you will point out a flaw in your team by picking a bad guy they can see that could beat your team 1)Street level...................You can only pick a team of 3 and must be street level people 2)City wide...........Pick one higher tier person(Supes,Mags, Ironman), and 5 others to protect a city from Anything(so please think about it) 3)Global(pick a mixed team of two higher tier and 5 others to protect the world from any threat) 4)Space................Pick a team of 7 of your most powerful to protect a galaxy from any threat(no reality warpers) 5)Multiversal.......................Pick your most powerful team to protect the multiverse from any threat(can include reality warpers) When picking out flaws you can to pick accordingly meaning a street level would be Sebastian shaw, mystique, sabretooth city level would be juggs, Bane, Joker World level would be Black Adam, Ultron, Brainiac Space would be Annihilus, SBP, Multiversal would be Monarch, Darkseid, Thanos
  3. Then you add Thor to the mix and the authority doesnt stand a chance. Odin AND Thor=Swift defeat(literally)of The Authority. Odin and Thor can move ftl so then Apollo can only stop Thor from getting to The Doctor but NOT Odin. Jenny and the gang will get willed away or banished by Odin before they have a chance. Odin doesnt have to chant anything or make hand gestures he can just do it. Or to make it worst make EVERYONE Thor level in Asgard then turn the fight from a slow defeat of The Authority to FTL OMFG stomping. Odin does control time as well.
  4. Apollo stop ODIN? LMAO uh no he wont. The Doctor is powerful yes I DO know that BUT he is still human. Odin is a God. Older, more powerful, wiser and is a galaxy buster. Apollo would get steam rolled over trying to stop him. yes speed wise he can match him but strength hell no. A bullet is faster than a stream roller but.........a bullet wont be able to stop, or slow it down even a little bit. I know its not a 1 vs 1 match. I was just saying comparing The Doctor(who is quite powerful) to Odin(who is INSANELY powerful) is not really close. It may SEEM that way but its not. Similar to say Scarlet Witch vs lets say Black Adam. Magic wise maybe it seems close but Fight wise..............................F--- NO.
  5. side note wouldnt sinestros ring help against Darkseid?
  6. The Capes have mr. majestic who is one of the fastest people in this match. Silversurfer has to be number one. But team Machines has Amazo. But to say that the team cosmic can beat team 6 is interesting. (there obviously isnt any correct way to judge them but I like seeing peoples different views.)lol
  7. 1 at the bottom. very interesting
  8. The Doctor vs Odin. Unless I missed something The Doctor would have nothing to combat the speed and strength of Odin. Odin could speed blitz him and literally knock his head off like a flick. and will him dead. Those reality warpers .....sooo much power to be just human.
  9. Black Bolt wins REGARDLESS. If the scream doesnt kill hulk the matter manip damn sure will.
  10. Um Doom possesses the Cosmic Cube so........................................................And also does Dr. Doom ever really loses? lol
  11. To sum it up Vulcan is powerful but does NOT have unlimited power he is insanely powerful but he has a limit,granted a foolishly gigh level but still a level. He is equal to a person like Silver Surfer but someone like Galactus treats him like an ant. Vulcan can be beaten and honestly if your smart enough you can beat him fairly easy if you play to his arrogance. Thats why I said someone like Punisher. He is a human and has NO power whatsoever so while Vulcan is busy he CAN be snipped and killed with a bullet to the brain. Just like Scarlet witch or Legion both which are reality warpers but are still HUMAN. A bullet to the brain, a slit throat, a crushed head THEY ALL DIE.
  12. Asgard has Odin...................THE END.
  13. which team wins beats them all? Team 1:Divine Thor Wonder Woman Thor Girl Beta Ray Bill Black Adam Isis Captain Marvel Team 2: Capes Superman Mr. Majestic(no weapons, no warping reality) Supergirl Sentry(not void) Blue Marvel Gladiator Powergirl Team 3: Rings Hal Sinestro(fear ring) Kyle Atrocitus Larfleeze John Guy Team 4:Cosmics Silver Surfer Quasar Nova Prime Binary Black Bolt Adam Warlock Martyr Team 5: Machines Ultron Brainiac Vision Cyborg Superman Amazo ragnarok Danger Team 6:Conquest Thanos Darkseid Mongul(elder)
  14. Wonder Woman is strictly physically of which plays to Thors favor he prefers physical over using powers. But either way he beat her because even if you wanted to say she is more skilled, he has more experience. She is a bit faster as far as reflexes, he is marginally stronger, yes she has the lasso and bracelets, but he has the hammer. His strength and his powers is what tips the scales tremendously on what would be a rather close fight.
  15. also im not sure if that cant be stopped by magic or not. Because if it was something like a machine to stop it then maybe but magical defenses are different.
  16. Not to mention Blue Beetle, Deadman, and a bunch of the others you really didnt touch on.
  17. Darkseid is cosmic and i stated no cosmics so you have to pick another person to align with. What of Captain Marvel, Wonder woman, hal jordan and alan scott?
  18. You forgot Rachel.lol She is quite powerful. Ruby Summers, also Adam X is in there as a half brother to Cyclops and Havok
  19. Well then you know that Utopia DOES have defenses against teleporting on Utopia.lol its called Pixie. She and Magik came up with them for any case where a bad guy just might teleport onto the island so.......thats ONE flaw. Same for the baxter Building. each place has defenses unless you plan on waiting for them to come out. and once symptoms show you dont think the super hero community would be alert. again due to the gaps and the fast turn around. if it was spaced out then you would actually have more success. giving time to infect everyone but the quick deaths work against you. Due to someone like Vision, Danger, and Omega Sentinel would quickly ruin your plan. The clones are a good distraction but its spotty. It depends on who is left because say it's Hank Pym(through sheer luck), Danger, Vision, Omega Sentinel, Ms.Marvel(she would be immune), Damien Hellstrom, Thor, Deadpool(he is immortal), and hell even Iron Fist(he cured hisself of cancer before through his chi), then even this squad is sufficient then add to the fact that you have a magic person on the team they COULD and WILL find out who it was then.........................................Its over.
  20. ^^^^liking already but i have to hear the second part. because you have alot more heavy hitters to beat
  21. if it was unlimited he kinda would be unstoppable, him being beat by havok wouldnt have worked and him being damn near destroyed by Blackbolts yell wouldnt have made him look like freedy keuger.lmao
  22. your not reading my posts correctly. I'm saying once Deadman hops into a body he controls it correct? Whether it has the machines in them or not. Your saying that even if he possesses a body he CANT control it? and as a ghost your telling me he cant simply go through the force field? also whats stopping him(brainiac) from being posessed by him? I'm saying if your seeing a world take over which one is on top of your priority list? "oh he grabbed my purse" "oh he's killing me" "oh he's destroying the world" I will let you decide. A hero would WHILE trying to make a plan beat up who he could but even Batman in this scenario wouldnt run out into the street and be like "fight me black adam" lol. he would make a plan while the world is going to hell THEN act. Plus with Brainiac taking over that will add to the amount of people wanting to overthrow you to not just heroes but bad guys too.
  23. Yoi thinkl a hero with the ability to hop into ANYONES body NOT a threat? talk about being cocky. Lets say he hops into brainiacs body? and yes i know exactly what you said about the villians but in a case like this there is no point in going after villians.lol you would go after Brainiac FIRST screw everything else and try to mount a resistance. you really think at the end of the world they would be trying to lock up bad guys still? um No just no.
  24. Which team would do their mentors proud in a fight against a veteran enemy? 1)Old School Juggernaunt vs Young X-Men(Dust, Armor, X-23,Zero, Hellion,Rockslide, Match, Elixir, Gabriel, Transonic, Surge, Anole, Hope,Genesis, Kid Omega, Pixie and Magik) 2)Mongul vs Teen Titans(Red Robin, Blue Beetle, Red Devil, Bombshell,Red Arrow, Wondergirl, Superboy, Kid flash, Beast Boy, Ravenger, Terra, Cyborg and Starfire) 3)Ragnorok vs Young Avengers(Stature, Speed, Vision, Patriot, Hawkeye(kate), Hulkling, Wiccan, Finesse, Mettle, Hazmat, White Tiger and Striker)
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