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  1. but thats if they can even incapacitate them, they are reality warpers so stealing speed wont do much.
  2. SBP beats Mr. Majestic? really you think so? lmao nope physically you do NOT want to go there. Its ok to at least TRY to come up with an attempt, You plan is a failure I just want you to know that. Did you forget apollo is on the team also. You have in essence two superman type characters,two reality warpers, two of the best figthers in DC, and the others have a very unique powers. Yes I made a mistake about saying Vulcan, but I will allow SBP because he did try to be a hero, but Doomsday, Apocalypse, and Helspont,no. @Sirmethos yes you can use prep. They dont know your trying to beat them so in essence if you stay undetected you can have as much prep as you like.(this is how you actually fight them)
  3. Great great great idea, now you intend on speed blitzing Mr.Majestic and Apollo? But the idea is actually a good one.(looks at Legacy and Delta Force)lol Of all the heroes with powers under cosmic level you cant think of anybody?
  4. I actually have a great idea on how to do that. And you still can use someone like Thor, SBP, MM, Wonder Woman, Vulcan, and a good amount of other people. I actually have a great idea on how to beat the team myself honestly. It invloves a person from teen titans, a certain young X-Man, a person from JSA, a person from the 5 lights, a person from JLA, and a certain God. With these people I think I could do it. I have a strategy and all. if Sirmethos would be willing I could pm it to him and he can just post in this thread if it would work.
  5. I have stated before that The Authority was impossible to beat and actually Sirmethos told me that he knew of a couple of people who could beat The Doctor AND Jenny Quantum. So with that being said try again.
  6. Delta Force same as I told Legacy, Chaos war Herc is BEYOND cosmic, Silver surfer is cosmic, and Odin Force Thor is beyond cosmic as well. @Sirmethos I cant wait to see what team you pick
  7. Legacy a couple of issues 1)Superman 1 million is BEYOND cosmic and so is Captain Atom also your team loses unless you have a great plan in order
  8. Mr. Majestic has claimed the world as his and have brought heroes from his universe as well. He has gone mad and needs to be taken down. Create a team of 6 heroes to take him and his regime out and how you would do it. They are always station in the Carrier until they make moves. Rules 1)No cosmic beings 2)No reality warpers 3)No time manipulators The Wildstorm Regime Mr. Majestic Spartan Warblade Nemesis Engineer Zealot Midnighter The Doctor Jenny Quantum Apollo Grifter Jack Hawksmoor
  9. um if his speed is three times his normal speed he takes it with ease
  10. Like I said, Mixter X is a low level telepath, Amadeus Cho is just smart, no real powers.lol and yes he is top 8 in Marvel. the only thing that makes it seem like a power is the fact he needs chocolate.lol
  11. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/lmsbHGEB6UU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> This is an AWESOME cover!!!!!!!! I love Lissie.
  12. Fav Artists of All time(in no order) Bob Marley Jimmy Hendrix John Lennon Erykah Badu(awesome live) Jill Scott La Lupe The Weeknd(he is awesome live) Micheal Jackson Prince Bono Madonna The Clash Wu Tang Lupe Fiasco(awesome live) Queen(Freddie Mercury is the man) best LOCAL band(Legfoot Messiah)THEY ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Captain Marvel(DC) Nova Prime Beta Ray Bill Quasar Gladiator
  14. I dont mean full potential Iceman nor do i mean SS supreme Dr.Strange. Dr.Strange now is nothing how he used to be and Iceman now is still rather powerful but he isnt going to go all out because he is in character and isnt at his full potential.
  15. Mister X is stated as a "low level telepath" and Elektra can mind control someone, hypnotize people and has her silent scream. not exactly normal.lol
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