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  1. After years of battle and defeat of the magical creatures' forces, the master of the goblin blacksmiths offers to build an indestructible mechanical army for the elven King Balor. Influenced by his son Prince Nuada, Balor orders the building of this Golden Army. The humans are devastated by the Golden Army, which mercilessly destroys them. Balor is ridden with guilt, and forms a truce with the humans: Man will keep his cities and the magical creatures will keep their forests. Nuada does not agree with the truce, and leaves in exile. The magical crown controlling the army is broken into three pieces, one piece going to the humans and the other two kept by the elves. Prince Nuada through secret means left the elve's realm of magic through a magic portal and reappeared in the Outworld Realm Prince Nuada enters Shao Kahn's throne room and offers his services and the golden army to the dark emperor. Shao Kahn was intrigued by the Prince's offer and so he agrees. Prince was delighted. However Shao Kahn made one demand! Prince Nuada had to prove his worthiness in Mortal Kombat. Against another and different kind of Prince. Another Prince who was also making a deal and alliance with Shao Kahn. And the other Prince was Prince Lotor! Prince Lotor the son of Zarkon and prince of Planet Doom. Through their combine mights they would plot to overthrow his father and Prince Lotor would rule in his place. But Shao Kahn would only help the one worthy Prince. Moments later both Prince Lotor and Prince Nuada enter the mortal kombat arena and faced each other. Prince Nuada draws out his fighting elven telescoping spear. And Prince Lotor draws out his electro-fighting sword. And then Shao Kahn says:"Begin!"
  2. After a Third World War devastated the Earth, an authoritarian state emerged whose ideology determined human emotion to be the root cause of conflict. All emotionally stimulating material is banned and "sense offenders" are persecuted. Illegal materials are rated "EC-10" for "emotional content" and incinerated. Everyone is required to take daily injections of Prozium, an emotion-suppressing drug for common economic and social benefit. John Preston is a high ranking Grammaton Cleric and is currently leading an assault in the Nether region against a team of assassins lead by a powerful and bold master assassin gunman who was named Deadshot. Deadshot is often a hired assassin, but now he is a leader and regularly boasting to "never can miss a mark." He is capable of using a large variety of weapons, but is most frequently portrayed as using a pair of silenced, wrist-mounted guns. Like now Deadshot shoots twenty-three attack troopers and fights on. And as seen in the movie "Equilibrium" John Preston being a formidable Grammaton Cleric and well trained in the martial art of gun kata charges and explodes into the room of groups of assassins and rapidly dispatches them. And then enters in the gun on gun battle against Deadshot. both gun masters block and dodge and roll across the floors shooting at each other and still they match each too well. However this match can only end with a good precise shot
  3. In the beginning, and throughout the God of War series until the very end, Kratos is a very destructive, amoral, self-centered anti-hero with a level of guilt so strong, that he is constantly haunted by visions of his past misdeeds, because of this he is often moved to extreme rage. Kratos has never shown any sense of care and love for mostly anyone, except his wife Lysandra, his daughter Calliope whom he murdered in a fit of blind rage orchestrated by Ares. Kratos also treated Pandora as if she were his own daughter, he protected her against the ville-beasts of Olympus and he saved her numerous times from deadly traps when they were on the labyrinth. However Kratos isn't the only the warriors in the labyrinth. In another and yet well hidden section, a fight is happening. A Mortal Kombat between two fighters, Akuma VS Motaro. And Motaro is a centaur-Outworld Centaurian form too. Akuma was once not the demonic warrior he is today. Long ago, he and his brother Gouken began training under their master, Goutetsu. Goutetsu trained them in the art of Shotokan Karate. Gouken used the art as it was truly meant, to obtain inner peace by using it to achieve his full outward potential. He went on to become a teacher himself, training two young warriors named Ryu and Ken. Akuma chose a different path. He lacked discipline and wanted to achieve his fighting prowess more quickly than Gouken had. He began drawing off of the darker side of the shotokan arts, and perfected his methods of them to bring death. Akuma began drawing on the dark powers, increasing his own abilities. His appearance and fighting style became very demonic. Feeling he needed to be even stronger, Akuma unsealed a death art that had been locked away in the labyrinth for centuries. He didn't care that the inner demons within could be killed by using it. Now accepting the challenge of the Elder Gods Akuma fights his way back into life and quests through the Labyrinth and faces warrior after warrior up to Motaro. And now after Motaro's defeat Akuma goes on. Akuma also quest for the mighty mimic sword. The mimic sword is a standard looking sword at first, but it soon takes on a different form. The mimic sword is also said to have no attacks of it's own, but instead takes on the form of the opponent's weapon. The thrown value for the mimic sword always stays the same, but the other attacks change depending on what weapon your opponent has. If your opponent is also using a mimic sword, both mimic swords take on the attacks of a straight sword. And Akuma succeeds and goes into a room where the mimic sword is in a stone within a arena type room where then suddenly Kratos explodes into the same area and immediately the two fighters see each other and this Mortal Kombat of War match has begun. Kratos has no interest in the Mimic sword he just sees an enemy and Akuma sees only another opponent
  4. The Addams Family characters in this match include Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, Lurch, Grandmama, Wednesday, Pugsley, Pubert Addams and Thing. The Cullen Clan It consists of Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Emmett, Edward Cullen, Rosalie, Jasper Hale, and of course Bella Swan as a human. The Addams Familyare a satirical inversion of the ideal American family; an eccentric, wealthy clan who delight in the strange and bizzare and also are unaware that people find them bizarre or frightening. The Cullens are known to be very loyal to each other and put more value on human life than most other vampires. Abstaining from human blood takes the competitive aspect out of their hunting instincts, and as a result allows them to form stronger family bonds than traditional vampires. They currently live in Forks, Washington, which they have no plans of leaving, unless forced to. Which may happen? The largest and most powerful coven of vampires, The Volturi, as seen in the second Twilight movie and also after the events from the second Twilight movie have convinced the Volturi to take action against the Entire Cullen Clan. For in secret they want Alice. The Volturi main leader, Aro has made a summons to a very unusual ally, Gomez and his entire Addams family. Shortly after their arrival both Aro and Gomez go and discuss and plan along with the other two Volturi leader members Caius and Marcus. All these events triggers Alice's vision of their possible doom and the coming of the Addams family
  5. Demona was a member of the Gargoyle clan at the medieval Scottish Castle Wyvern, Goliath's mate and second-in-command. Like the rest of the clan, Demona originally had no formal name, though Goliath frequently referred to her as his "Angel of the Night". The two mated and eventually had a daughter, Angela, who would join the Manhattan Clan 1000 years into the future. Resentful of human prejudice toward her clan, Demona conspired with the Captain of the Guard to betray the humans inhabiting Castle Wyvern to the Viking raiders. And for those 1000 years Demona had seeked revenge against all humanity for the prejudge against her kind. Some time before the year of 1994 "Awakening", Demona breaks into David Xanatos manson and steals from him the Grimorum Arcanorum book and begins her research for the destruction of all humanity. Demona finds a spell that transports her into another realm called: The Outworld Realm. Once there Demona immediately notices that she no longer has the Grimorum Arcanorum book, because it was of Earth Realm magics and it can never leave, then suddenly Demona is greeted by Sheeva who appears out of no where from mid air and lands with booming force staggering Demona and sends the female gargoyle flying into the air a few feet. Sheeva:" You are and intruder to my Queen Sindel!!" "And all intruders must die!!" Sindel suddenly appears by hovering down. Sindel:"Wait Sheeva!" "I wish to meet this creature!" "So leave us!" Sheeva:"Yes my queen!" And so Sheeva leaves and the queen Sindel goes over towards Demona and they talk. Demona tells Queen Sindel everything about the gargoyles and more. And after she was done Queen Sindel tells Demona that if she serves her. She would help her and the gargoyles when Shao Kahn invades the Earth Realm. Demona refuses and then Queen Sindel challenges her to fight in Mortal Kombat and Demona excepts. And then Sindel swings her hair!!!!!!
  6. Ogre is known as The God of Fighting by the ancient Aztecs... a weapon of war left on earth by aliens in ancient times. He has the ability to absorb the champion warriors and gladiator's life energies. And thus consume their fighting abilities as well to increase his mighty power. It states that many years after Heihachi had reclaimed control of the Mishima Zaibatsu, he formed the Tekken Force, his own military group. One of the missions of the Tekken Force was to search an ancient temple located somewhere in Mexico. Soon after arriving there, Heihachi learned that his entire force had been obliterated by Ogre. Heihachi, having witnessed the power of Ogre sought to capture it in hopes of creating the ultimate life form. Ogre attacked many world-renowned martial arts masters around the world. Because many characters from previous Tekken titles were not featured in, it is believed that their disappearance is due to being a victim of Ogre. But now what Ogre didn't expect was that there wan another similiar and yet very different kind of creature that seeked him out. His named is Gargos and a long, long time ago, a mysterious man rose to power literally from out of nowhere. His name was Gargos, and at only 17 years old, he was already making quite a name for himself. With only a few weapons and limited soldiers at his expense, he had already conquered a great deal of the countryside, won a good number of battles, and terrorized quite a few villages. As Gargos's victories increased, he found a large number of soldiers who were ready and willing to join him in his quest for destruction. With Gargos's arsenal and manpower supply growing every day, it seemed like Gargos would be well on his way to total power before he even reached twenty years old. At the cost of his humanity, Gargos became immortal. His power also came with limits if he was defeated in battle, although he couldn't be killed, his energy could be sealed up in the Seal of Gargos. If this happened, the seal would break in two, and Gargos would be trapped in the two halves until they were reunited. Having gone slightly insane from his transformation, Gargos disappeared for three months. But when he returned, he came back stronger than ever. He began a rampage across the countryside, killing and destroying. Realizing that he had transcended humanity, Gargos decided that he should become the ruler of the Earth. He began the ritual of proving himself worthy by establishing his superiority, by force. However, a group of monks, realizing the stipulation of his immortality, banded together, used their powers, and defeated Gargos, sealing him away. Gargos was locked away for over 1000 years. Somehow, during this time, his legend spread. Unfortunately, it spread somewhat incorrectly. And now, Gargos has awakened!!!! It has been address that it was Heihachi that awakened Gargos to use him to fight Ogre. However Heihachi lost control of Gargos and Gargos left Heihachi's stronghold. However the spell that Heihachi had used still worked. And Gargos flies away and goes to the God of Fighting temple made by the ancient Aztecs. And goes inside the temple and sees Ogre, in humanoid form, sitting on his throne and Gargos roars aloud and yells with fury directed at Ogre. Ogre stands up and flying hovers and prepares to fight this beast of fury.
  7. This match takes place in future in the 41st century in space ten years after the Earth-Malev war. Where a Malev type space ship is spotted by an Terra space patrol. Malevs were vampiric machines that feed upon humans and used them as a source of bio-fuel. Now ten years after the war a Malev ship is spotted and looks to be dormitt and adrift too. The mighty Magnus, robot fighter was summoned and das later was brought the area where the Malev ship was and then with a group of 20 well armed human battle troopers armed with ectultimu-disruptors, weapons designed to damage Malevs, and so with Magnus boarded the sleeping Malev Ship. With lift support still good too. Once inside the Malev ship, Magnus and everyone else saw that there had been a battle here. There were bodies of wrecked Malev battle drones and their mangled human familiars too. Commamder:"What do you think happened here sir?" "Who could have done this to the Malevs?" Magnus:"I don't know, commander?" "Lets go to the ship's bridge and see their computers." "However pass the signal to your men to stay alert." Commander:"Yes sir!" And so many ship levels later Magnus lead his men to the ships bridge and still there were no signs of any danger just more and more wrecked Malev drones but nothing else. This made Magnus feel very-very uneasy. Magnus also felt as if he and his commando team were being watched too. However Magnus payed no heed and rejoined his team in the bridge and who have also access the main computer and views on what had happened a board this particular Malev space ship. It appears that the Malevs still alive in this galaxy anyways. After the war too. Have found an even more powerful than them race of machines called the Replicators. Once discovered the Replicators started to consume the Malevs. And there was more too. Some of these Replicators are in humanoid form. Magnus also learned that this particular Malev space ship was from a Replicator-Malev battle and five leader class humanoid formed Replicators lead a number of Bug Replicators aboard. If that was the case where are they now? Magnus ordered the 20 commandos battle to their ship and the 20 commandos beam back and Magnus stayed aboard to search any clue on these Replicators presences. Magnus didn't have to wait long because the Bug Replicators appeared in the large numbers and Magnus faced and started fighting robots.
  8. I just hope in your match Bane loses. Because in my match Bane won
  9. And it is very well done too. I salute you! You've got your confedence is back too I trust.
  10. This match takes place on planet Eternia............................................................ It begins with a energy portal appearing in the mountains on Eternia. And emerging from it was the unique firebender who is named Combustion Man. And he's on a mission for a group of Fire Sages who have journey from the Edenia realm in the past and gave Combustion Man the orders to go to Eternia and find the hidden Fire Sages temple and retrieve the large gem of Blaze, the firespawn. And if the fire nation gets Blaze. The Fire spawn would not only be a great weapon against the Avatar. It would increase the fire nations plans for world conquest against the other nations as well. And so Combustion Man quested onward and eventually found the hidden fire temple within a Eternian forest. Combustion Man uses his unique ability. He channeled chi energy from his stomach, and then focused and fired it from his third eye, through a tattoo on his forehead the impact blast triggers an explosive detonation that starts a fire within the forest. However not too far away was Snout Spout, a cyborg with a human body and a metal elephant head. He serves the Heroic Warriors as a firefighter, his main power being to spray jets of water, stored in a special pack on his back, from his trunk. Snout Spout was flying on a special jet sled aircraft when he spotted the smoke from up in the air. Snout Spout flew towards a waterfall and used his special trunk and not only fill his trunk but his two special tanks that he carries on his back Snout Spout returned to the skies on his jet sled. And from his jet sled, Snout Spout rains down water and controls most of the fire and then suddenly Snout Spout's jet sled was struke by Combustion Man's detonation blast and made to crash. Snout Spout survives and emerges from the wreckage and Combustion Man appears by landing close bye Snout Spout and reacting quickly Snout Spout shoots out a powerful stream of water from his trunk and baths down Combustion Man. And so being soaking wet Combustion man couldn't firebend and so he grabs stones and throws them and Snout Spout cleves one in two with his war fire axe and blocks against the other. Combustion Man enraged abandons his quest and charges at Snout Spout and locks into a grip on grip lock and wrestle stance against Snout Spout. Combustion Man tries again and again to use his firebending. However Snout Spout uses his trunk and trunk slaps Combustion Man down and soaks him again. Enraged Combustion Man charges at Snout Spout again and fight on hard against this firefighter.
  11. As seen in the episode of Star Trek: The Wolf in the Fold, Scotty, on shore leave is attracted to a belly dancer named Kara and invites her to walk down a fog-shrouded alley. Shortly thereafter, Kara is slashed to death by a claw hand and Scotty, in shock, is wearing the claw glove on his hand, the main murder weapon. However he claims to have no memory of the event. Dr. McCoy had previously diagnosed Scotty with a mild concussion, caused by a female crew member aboard the Enterprise. McCoy had already concluded that Scotty has developed a resentment towards women, and that distrust could manifest itself in murder. Hengist, the Chief Administrator of Argelius II, demands that Scotty be locked up suggesting he may murder again if left unsupervised. Prefect Jaris suggests that Kirk seek the advice of his wife Sybo who is an Argelian empath. Kirk agrees, but he wants Scotty monitored by a "psycho-tricorder" and orders Lt. Karen Tracy to beam down and administer the test. Kara's father mentions another suspect: Kara's former fiancé Morla, who, unlike most Argelians, is extremely jealous and fought with Kara. Morla is brought in for questioning but he claims he had nothing to do with the killing; he actually left the cafe where she danced in order to maintain his composure. Lt. Tracy begins testing Scotty. Suddenly, the lights are cut off, screams ring out, and when power is restored, the others find Tracy slashed to death and Scotty once again in shock. Hengist claims that Scotty must be the killer, as there is no way into that room except through the room in which the others were setting up for Sybo's seance. Jaris and his wife Sybo insist on continuing and Sybo falls into a deep trance. She senses a great evil and cries out only one name many times over again and again: "Kruger, Kruger!" "Freddy Kruger!" all names for an ancient entity that has intense hatred for the life of women and children. The room goes black, Sybo screams and when the lights come Sybo is fatally stabbed, lying in Scotty's arms. With no weapon this time. Kirk has everyone beamed back to the Enterprise so that the computers can analyze Mr. Scott's testimony of innocence. The computer confirms that both Scotty and Morla know nothing about the murders. Scotty insists however, that he felt the presence of a cold, evil creature during Sybo's meditation. The computer confirms such a creature could exist, but would be incorporeal, existing as formless electromagnetic impulses. The computer cites the creatures of Alpha Carina V who subsist on the emotion of love. It also suggests that the creature may take a solid form at will, as the Mellitus cloud creature of Alpha Majoris I that can change from gaseous to solid forms. Science Officer Spock believes this "Freddy Kruger" to be an entity that gains nourishment from the fear of its victims. Kirk decides to run the names spoken by Sybo through the computer. The machine returns information that Beratis, of Rigel IV, and Kesla,of Deneb II, are names given to the unresolved identities of serial killers on those worlds. It also identifies Freddy Kruger as a mass child and female murder of the late 20th Century of Earth. Then after Kruger's murder it was believed that he invaded individuals minds as they slept and from the mind of their individual nightmares this Freddy Kruger would continue to murder people. Spock notes that all the histories of the murders across the galaxy locations lie sequentially between Earth and Argelius. Then the computer adds that the Beratis killings took place on Rigel IV less than one solar year ago, and that the knife used in the killings matches the claw hand that was crafted by the indigenous individual named Freddy Kruger on Earth. This implicates Mr. Hengist, who is from Rigel IV. Mr. Hengist becomes nervous and denies the evidence points to him. Spock says, "An entity as evil as this Freddy Kruger which feeds on fear and terror would find a perfect hunting ground on Argelius, a planet without violence, where the inhabitants are as peaceful as sheep. The entity would be as a hungry wolf in that fold." "And if you are this Freddy Kruger within the body of Mr. Hengist what a better way to travel." Spock stands up and quickly moves towards Mr. Hengist. However Mr. Hengist displaces the Freddy Kruger claw hand and tries to slash at Spock. Spock blocks the razor attack and quickly mind meddles with Mr. Hengist/Freddy Kruger and the battle of the minds begins!!!
  12. A very long and well detailed match. However I've already made the Goliath VS Bane match, the first one!
  13. After the defeat of the two combined Highlanders both Connor and Duncan MacLead together. Rayden did what he never did before. He broke a Elder God rule and transported himself back in time. To a point where Rayden made a new plan and captured the Sorcerer Immortal named Kane has feed on many Immortals and possesses sorcery. So Kane might have a chance against Shang Tsung were the two in one Highlanders didn't. The Highlander is confronted on Holy Ground at a former Buddhist shrine by Kane as seen in the third Highlander movie however this time rayden was watching, who proceeds to challenge him. The resulting fight is a violation of the Immortal Golden Rule; the battle ends when MacLeod's katana blade is shattered. Kane flees, and Connor decides to return to Scotland to build another sword though his initial attempts are unsuccessful. And short after Kane escapes the Buddhist shrine Rayden appears and captures Kane and forces him back into human form. Then Rayden introduces himself and bargans with Kane for his help and explains everything that has happened including the deaths of the two Highlanders Connor and Duncan. Kane realizes that he was going to lose against Connor here in this time line. So he agreed to go with Rayden back towards the future and to Mortal Kombat island and face this sorcerer Shang Tsung in Kombat. And besides the idea of possessing the two Quickenings of two Highlanders was to mouth watering for Kane to pass up. And so Kane goes to Mortal Kombat Island and fights opponents with his powers of illusion and then finally faces Shang Tsung. Immortal/Mortal Kombat Kontinues...................................
  14. The Evil Shang Tsung has returned to Mortal Kombat Island with a new plan to usurp the emperor of the Outworld Realm and conquer the Earth Realm. Shang Tsung had challenged and changed the effects of time and space itself with the the aid of a handful of Shadow Priests and started sending a signal to all the Immortals in Earth to come to Mortal Kombat Island as the place for the gathering the final place for the quickening. However Shang Tsung had other plans for the Immortals and their quickenings and their souls too. And the Immortals did come, and Shang Tsung would face them in Mortal Kombat and using his sorcery, Shang Tsung vanquished every immortal he faced by removing their heads and then stealing their quickening and then their soul too. Shang Tsung was become more and more powerful. But still mortal as the rule of Mortal Kombat state. However despite his following of the rules. The ever watchful protector of the Earth Realm, the thunder god named Rayden knew that Shang Tsung, the demon sorcerer had to be stopped. And so Rayden seeks out Duncan MacLeod the chosen champion hero of the Earth Realm after defeating the legendary demon of Armageddon. And also in the events of He discovers Connor had been spared by Kell, so as to make his life even more of a misery. Kell wants to kill Duncan only to agonize Connor further, and given the number of Quickenings he has received, he would succeed in doing so. Therefore, Connor forces Duncan to kill him, to absorb his power, thereby enabling Duncan to defeat Kell. Duncan once again has to lose a friend but in the end he understands that Connor's death was necessary and it was the only possible way for him to kill Kell. Duncan buried Connor in the Scottish Highlands, in Glencoe, next to his first wife Heather's remains. It was from there Lord Rayden appeared to Duncan. Rayden:"Greetings Duncan MacLead of the clan MacLead!" Duncan:"And who are you?" Rayden:"I am Rayden, God of Thunder and Protector of the Realm of Earth!" "As you are one of Earth Realms elite heroes, Highlander!" Duncan:"Are you here to kill me?" Rayden:"No!" "I am not apart of your Immortal conflicts!" "But I am afraid another has become one!" "I need your help and another s help to defeat a demon sorcerer." Duncan:"A Demon Sorcerer?" And who is this other to help me?" Rayden then steps up and places his hand on to Duncan's shoulder and replies:"You already know him!" And then Rayden sends a powerful surge of lightning throughout Duncan's body and then where Duncan once stood Connor MacLead stood in his place. And Connor stood up and looked at Rayden. Rayden:"Welcome Connor MacLead, you and Duncan are one!" Connor:"Why have you done this?" Rayden:"It will take more then your combined Quickenings to fight this Demon Sorcerer and Duncan may have destroyed the notorious Kell but he is no match for Shang Tsung!" "While you, Connor MacLead, have faced a sorcerer one named Kane." "You and Duncan will change back and forth to help you battle your foes in Mortal Kombat!" "This is as the Elder Gods command!" "For a time the Earth Realm needs two Highlanders!" Then Rayden teleports Connor/Duncan to Mortal Kombat Island and the two in one Highlanders enter in Mortal Kombat and with their individual combined skills they have progressed through the Mortal Kombat tournament to finally face Shang Tsung. Shang Tsung drew out his straight imperial broad sword and faces the the two in one Highlanders, first it was Connor and then Connor and Shang Tsung fought Katanna sword to Broad sword in a fierce fighting and then Connor managed to disarm Shang Tsung and Shang Tsung morphs into Goro. Goro strikes at Connor who rolls out of the way in time and changes into Duncan. Duncan with his dragon fashioned Katanna Sword slashes at Goro and wounds him and Goro then changes back into Shang Tsung. Shang Tsung takes a Glaive type weapon this time and now fights Duncan. And so that particular Mortal Kombat Kontinues with the grand final fatality/quickening outcome being there can be only one!"
  15. Now the Green Lantern Corps has double trouble from outer space! And MOGO is out of reach too! Unicron is jamming the call!
  16. The evil Space Monster King Ghidorah is defeated and subdued by the mighty members of the Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians of the Universe. However the Planet OA has been ravaged and there was much work to do too restore the cities across planet OA. However the moments of peace was brief. Because from outer space and also from the skies appeared elongated crystal pyramids, lots of them and they surged with power. These elongated crystal pyramids started absorbing energy even the green energy of will. The elongated crystal pyramids made a pattern all over the planet of OA and started draining the energies across the world. Then Space Godzilla himself appears and changes into his monstrous form and lands and feeds. Members of the Green Lantern Corps were falling to draining effects. Space Godzilla's wounds that he received in his battle against the ultimate machine-world Transformer named Unicron, were beginning to disappear. And Space Godzilla continued too feed and more and more titanic-sized elongated crystal pyramids appeared. Both regenerating and recharging this space energy monster. Back at the Guardians temple, the Guardians were gathering a legion of Green Lanterns for a counter attack. And yes the heroic Hal Jordan was in the group. The 1st Guardian:"We must find a way to defeat this monster!" "If it drains reaches the central battery all could be lost!" Then Hal Jordan steps up. Hal Jordan:"I know!" "We can make more Green constructs of giant monsters and use them as armor against this monster!" The 2nd Guardian:"It's risky!" "If you use all the energy up you could die!" Hal Jordan:"Not if certain Green Lanterns combine their powers together!" The 3rd Guardian:"It could work!" The 4th Guardian:"Yes we must destroy those spires as fast as we can!" Then suddenly all the Guardian felt an even greater disturbance from space. And emerging from a space rift was Unicron! Unicron followed Space Godzilla to OA and now the Green Lantern Corps has a double menace to deal with. Either the space energy monster absorbs the central battery the source of all the Green Lanterns powers or Unicron devours the planet of OA This is planet OA's darkest hour!
  17. This match is a combination mesh from both of the two movies the Fists of the Northstar and the Watchmen......................................................................................................................................... Due to the increasingly negative perceptions of vigilantes by the media, Veidt predicted that the public would turn away from them. Two years before vigilante crimefighters were banned by the so-called "Keene Act," Veidt revealed his secret identity, retired from superheroism and marketed his image, while maintaining an ethical streak he never marketed the images of his allies or foes, despite having a decently sound legal loophole to do so. He became the richest man in the world and was known as a great humanitarian, and he used this to bankroll his secret scheme of creating a catastrophic event to deceive the world into uniting against a common enemy and thus avert nuclear war. Upon completion of his project, Veidt planned to murder all of his (unwitting) accomplices and arrange the psychological deterioration and self-exile of the presumably invincible Doctor Manhattan. However in this world Veidt used his advanced knowledge and planned a trap for the good doctor. He created an energy disassembler and reconvert and trapped Dr. Manhattan and changed him back into a formless form of energy. That Veidt used to power his plans and his Arctic City Fortress. And now Ozymandias has took control of the world now as a waste land and has created a new world order and soldiers called the Pharaoh's Crossmen. And these Pharaoh's Crossmen enforce Ozymandias new world order and it begins with the extermination of all costumed heroes and others and more. Even the last greatest school of martial arts called: the academy of the Fists of the Northstar. All great heroes and fighters were wiped out. However a lone warrior named Kenshiro had survived the massacre. And for years after Kenshiro has wandered the world. Facing challenges and defeating foes and learning all that he can so that he can defeat this Ozymandias, this so-called emperor of all mankind. Then the day can in an land called Argo. And after a major adventure with another hero a demigod called Perseus, Kenshiro asked to barrow his black winged horse named Pegasus. And so Kenshiro took Pegasus and flew to the Arctic and to Ozymandias's city. Then Kenshiro walks inside and is immediately greeted by fighters and guards which he dispatches with ease. Then Kenshiro enters the main throne chamber where Ozymandias was sitting waiting for him. Ozymandias:"Greetings Fists of the Northstar and welcome." "I must say your method of travel was quite amazing." Kenshiro:"Yes and now I am here to finish you and your mad ideas." Ozymandias:"MAD!" "What you call mad, I call change and it has been a good change towards progress." "only stupid fools like you can't see it!" "So I ask you to just walk away and let the future begin unhindered by the need of heroes. Kenshiro:"I've got to admit it you sure do love the sound of your own voice!" Ozymandias:"Then die fool!" Kenshiro:"You first!" And then Kenshiro and Ozymandias fight for the future.
  18. I can see some simularities here with this match to the ST:TNG Series when the Enterprise-D Crew first made contact with the Borg. Oh how outmatch they were back then. And I can say the same thing here. The Daleks will defeat this Enterprise Crew and destroy the Enterprise as well. "Exterminate!" "Exterminate!" "Exterminate!"
  19. This is a Three-way Monster Throw Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frankenstein is stricken by lightning!!!!!!! And is fully energized! Frankenstein then clobbers Nemesis and crushes all of his guns! Then Frankenstein gorilla presses Nemesis over his head and throws him off the bridge. Nemesis fell down in the Raccoon City water dike and then shortly after Nemesis stood up. William appears and attacks Nemesis. Nemesis had no gun or cannon left to use or fight with. William started clawing Nemesis. However William was halted because Frankenstein from high above lands on William. William was stuuned by the blow and Frankenstein grabs William and swings him around and throws the beast afar down the water dike. Nemesis spring jumps up and grabs Frankenstein from behind and wrestle against the man-monster. William recovers from his assault and charges at the two of them and this three way battle goes on.
  20. here it comes a mortal/immortal kombat like no other! It starts with Duncan MacLeod entering the final arena to face Shang Tsung in a final Mortal Kombat event. Duncan drew out his Dragon type Katanna sword and stood ready.Then Shang Tsung shape changed into Connor MacLeod! Duncan:"Connor?" 'Is that really you!" Shang Tsung as Connor:"Yes Duncan, it is me." "Did you really think that you could take my head and go on!" "Just stand there and let me take your head and all of your Quickening and I shall be whole and you can go to death fully redeemed!" Confused Duncan didn't know what do and the Connor MacLeod reach for his straight broad sword and attack. Duncan:"You are not Connor!" Connor:"Are you sure?" The Mortal Kombat Kontinues!!!!!!!!!! And there can be only ONE!
  21. In the aftermath of World War Hulk, and after a new Red Hulk emerged brutally beating and then shooting the Abomination to death. After this occurred, Jones escaped from a secret base in Alaska that had been destroyed in a "Hulk-like" manner.Following this, Red Hulk confronts Jones at Gamma Base, where Bruce Banner is being held. In defense, Jones inexplicably transforms into a creature resembling the Abomination, calling himself The A-Bomb. And During the fight, the base security measures activate, and giant android harpies, with the new added faces of Betty Ross. A-Bomb attacks the two, and attempt to remove them from the base. A-Bomb manages to disable one mid-flight, and they both crash to earth, the robot exploding as it does. And shortly after the two androids have exploded. A-Bomb reverts back to his human form as Rick Jones. Rick Jones is knocked out and at that point was secretly and swiftly taken by a Predator Capture patrol. And taken into space to the Predator's hunting world for the most elite Predator clan of all, the Spartan Predator. Spartan type Predator is an Elite Yautja and is the leader and eldest of the Yautja Elite Clan. Spartan Predators are not afraid of anything that could be classified as their prey. The greater the prey, the better the hunt. Spartan Predators love to face any prey that is classified as greater too. Rick Jones awakes in the jungles on the Predator's hunting world and is confussed. However his confussion is short lived because two Kometridons, four legged reptilian predators from another world are hunting him. Rick hides behind a tree in the jungle and the Kometridons move in for the kill. Rick Jones have a hard time believing any of this still he manages to change into the A-Bomb form and from behind the jungle tree A-Bomb emerges and fights the two Kometridons and smashes the first one and turns camouflage and dodges the seconds charge and then jumps up onto the brutish creature's two fin back and smash it too. And during the battle unaware to both Rick Jones and A-Bomb that they were both being observed by the Spartan Predator. The Spartan Predator was intrigued to see that A-bomb had a special natural adept camouflage equal to a Predator's form of stealth. This made the Spartan Predator even more interested in A-Bomb. The Spartan Predator lead A-Bomb from a distance towards a ruinated temple, (-Temples as seen in the first AVP-) and on top the Spartan Predator stood looking down at A-Bomb. Then the Spartan Predator went inside the temple and made a final weapons check. Two Anti-Gamma-Plasma Casters, Two, dual extending blades upper wrists gauntlets, mutli-attachable weapons, telescoping staff, Guided Spikes, throwing discs, and lastly a Augmantiun Metal expanding capture net. Then The Spartan Predator cloaked himself and went deeping inside the temple as the A-Bomb enters it. The hunt has begun.
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