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  1. granobulax Enter your Set-Up for the match here. This is your post - it belongs to you - and you may use the [b]EDIT[/b] function at any time in the future to update this post.
  2. Which one? Bridgestone? Goodrich? Firestone? Good Year?
  3. Duck Hunt because no matter how many times I shot that damn dog, he just wouldn't die.
  4. The worst movie I've ever seen was Wolf Creek. Terrible. As for these movies, Batman and Robin was FAR worse than DBE.
  5. I also agree with 50x50. Just right.
  6. Aaah, those were the days... We would frequently get over 100 posts and they were actually MEANINGFUL posts.
  7. Heh, that's just the way I am. I won't have time for a while, but I would be very happy if you're still around by the time I'm out of college. Then I could refine my skills with your help. Thanks!
  8. This is truly good work. I admire artists such as yourself as you have an innate ability to express yourself through your art. I enjoy drawing myself but sadly do not have the time to sit down and draw. Perhaps, when I get out of school, you could give me a few pointers to improve my own art work? Anyways, I agree with Treacherous. Your art is clean, precise, and professional. I believe I can speak for others when I say we're blessed to have someone with your talents here on the EF.
  9. As I remember it, M Bison lost to Batman in that empty pool fight and people were in an uproar because Batman wasn't allowed to have his belt or any prep time and yet he still won against someone who would have ripped him apart. Although that tourney was good, it still doesn't compare to the tournement of swords.
  10. This was a great idea. Ever sinse we talked about this in Vegas, I've been excited about it. I've been wanting to leave the country for a vacation for a while and I've never been on a cruise. What do you think the price total will be for a trip like this with everything involved and would anyone mind if I brought someone with me? *Note: Treacherous, you'd better be able to go to this one!
  11. It was fun. I learned a valuable lesson that night too. Don't stay in a casino mall talking for a couple of hours behind a large fish tank when the mall closes or you'll get escorted out by security guards.
  12. I'll be out there on the 19th at night for sure. How am I going to know where everyone is? If someone can send me a PM of a cell # to call when I get there or a room number where everyone's going to be at it would be appreciated.
  13. I went back through and saw that Artemis had already picked Durza. Sorry Cosmic Deadpool, looks like you've still got the Borg though. @ treacherous: No, I haven't had any time at all. I've got a big exam tomorrow and then 3 consecutive 12 hour days after that. Go ahead and write it if you'd like and remember to follow the directions when pasting from Word Thanks treach.
  14. Ha! Do you think I was getting mad? I wasn't mad, just pointing out that physics can't apply for comics and anime is all. Just look at some Hulk feats. Using physics, could a being of Hulks size really blow up an asteroid 2x the size of earth by punching it or do major damage to the eastern seaboard from a step? (I think those are his feats anyway) How's about the physics of Superman flying at light speed in earths atmosphere? Or the physics about BlackBolt's voice? Or how's about my favorite, any character that goes inside the event horizon of a black hole and makes it out live. I'm not mad at all, I was just pointing out that debating against a comic or anime based on physics would eliminate the whole genre. There would be nothing to debate.
  15. They've had ample time to pick another character. If they only want one character, that's fine by me. We'll just have one more contender in the tournament is all. The more the merrier.
  16. Right on Art! You're the first to get the idea of this tournament. I hope more people respond though. This has been rather disappointing so far as far as participation goes.
  17. Cosmic Deadpool gets the last characters.
  18. Everything you said is up to interpretation. I happen to think that SS2 Vegeta>SS2 Gohan. A tiny bit of power every second? Did you watch the movies? He got exponentially more powerful in a VERY short amount of time.
  19. If you read my previous posts, you'll see that I'm saying that Buu can destroy galaxies and that the laws of physics shouldn't apply when debating comics or anime.
  20. Yes, I did say that. It would also be completely impossible by our laws of physics for that to happen. Who knows what would happen? Every time they stepped into the hyperbolic time chamber, they did step into a different dimention and could still use their powers.
  21. Ruinus, Two things. 1. You really need to stop using physics in comics and anime. The laws of physics in our universe simply do not apply in the universe of the imagination. 2. The DBZ universe is based on a completely different universe than is ours. For all we know, their universe may actually consist of north, south, east, and western galaxies.
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