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  1. I said it is in progress. I am still trying to think of a set up. Didn't you read the comment?
  2. This match is in progress, so I'll be putting up the real match up when I can. Don't vote or rate it yet.
  3. Harrasment? What are you, jfreedan? This guy was around long before you and your telling him that he is harrasing you?
  4. Really? Chris Bores writes better than you!
  5. I have got to give the edge to Sora. "I fought my share of gods." Yes he has. That and he has more combat experience than loki when it comes to hand to hand. Loki does go physical when needed, but he relies more on his magic and his minions.
  6. Here is my challenge for this month. http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=26489
  7. "What a fantastic specimen." He looked at a crogenic tube that held a person inside it. The person had long white hair, dog ears, golden eyes and had claws. Wesker has been chasing this thing all over Japan for about 5 weeks now. All they had to do was tell him about Kagome, a friend of his. He promised that he would come with him if he didn't hurt her. He agreed. But he didn't say anything about any one else. He had doctors and scientists do tests on her, and there were some unexpected out comes: She had some kind of energy inside of her that is able to protect her from deadly viruses,, especially from the Los Plagas. They have put her in the same room as an infected 'volenteer' to see if her energy can do anything from some that was biten. She was actually able to heal his wound before he turned. That is, when we gave her enough of the G Virus. It seems that they gave her so much of the virus that her body has excepted it and made it into her power to use energy to use healing and also attacking. She has become one of them now. Later one, they gave her more and more of the virus that she was being controlled and had her mind wipped out. She was like Jill when they took her. Only problem is that she has emotion. It made Wesker annoyed. She would protect a puppy that they would use as an experement, she would cook meals for Wesker and even would ask the gaurds and scientists to take breaks. Over time though, it would seem that the role of the villain and hero was reversed. Inuyasha has become puppet like with all the experiments they have done on him. They have given him every virus to see wich one gave him more power, and it seems that the T Virus gave him that. His eyes were now a dark red, he had purple marks on his face, and his claws were now sharper and more powerful that he could even cut up steel. He had no memory now. He lived only to serve. Wesker had now grown a conscence. With all the time he had with Kagome, it looked like he was warming up to her. Despite all of her annoyances like her being clumsy and sensitive, They were able to get along, just like how Inuyasha was with her. Wesker was now the friend and Inuyasha the beast. 3 years have passed since the day Wesker had captured Inuyasha. Wesker was walking down the hall of his Umbrella headquarters. He had heard a noise down in the labratory. He ran down to check it out. He had found scientists all over the lab in a bloddied up mess. They have been cut up and beatin to death. He had looked around to find any hint on who mightr have done it. When he had looked at one of the bodies, he found claw marks. "No. It's not possible." RATATATATATATATATATATATATATATAT There was the sound of machine gun fire. But there was also screaming and call for backup. He was dening who it was. Until he heard him scream out a name. "KAGOMEEEEE!" It was Inuyasha. Somehow he was able to walk up for his cryogenic sleep. He ran towards the area were the soldiers were trying to fight him off. He found that Inuyasa was brutally murdering the people who were escaping and going up against Inuyasha. When he was done with the soldiers, he found Kagome fighting against him "No....Don't!" He yelled to stop fighting him, that she could not go against him. Kagome stopped fighting and turned to Wesker. "I want to fight. To protect you. Because.....I lo---" The moment was interupted by inuyasha: with his hand through her chest. Kagome was dead. "Kagome. You....are...an enemy." Inuyasha removed his hand from Kagomes body, and she fell to the ground with a sickening splat, from the blodd and bit of her chest on the floor. Wesker looked in shock. "She...was everthing to me." Wesker clenced his fists. "She gave me a heart." His eyes now glaring at Inuyasha. "She may have been an experement, but she was human. She was careing. She cared about me, a killer. I never gave her a chance to know me more. But there was one thing that she knew. Something that I was afraid of admitting, even to myself. I loved her." Inuyasha ran towards him. Wesker took off his sunglasses. His blue eyes showed. "How ironic: I was the monster and you were the hero. looks like the roles have reversed." Huis eyes now turned to a glowing red. He ran towards Inuyasha. Both of their fist meet one another. The force was so strong that it sent a shockwave through out the room. Who will win? You decide. Oh, and this is for the May challenge.
  8. I don't think any set up is too long. It's just that for some reason, people just don't like to read it seems. It's like some of my earlier match ups: I have made an Invincible vs Babidi match up back in 2011 and it got a 3.5 wich is ok. But when I have made Incredible Hulk vs Godzilla and Incredible Hulk vs Flower Division, they got 2.6 (vs Godzilla) and a 3.2 (vs Flower Division). This makes you wonder if anyone even READS the match ups any more, and they were not even that long!
  9. That answers my question. Thank you for the help.
  10. I am trying to put an image for a character I am submitting but it won't except the images. It is size 200X200 and it is a clear picture but it just won't accept it. Is it because it is a PNG image??
  11. I admit that 5 days is a long time by internet time, but it is also a reasonable amount of days because there are a lot of times people have to think before they choose who wins: Why should the person/team win, what are the weaknesses, what is the history of the characters/teams, etc.
  12. Can someone tell me how to shrink my signatures? Seriously, I tried shrinking some of the pictures, but they keep going back to their huge forms.
  13. I have added Dr. Franken Stein from Soul Eater and Kurumu Kurono from Rosario + Vampire.
  14. I have also added the Nirvana Crew from Vandread.
  15. I have added Cheiron Archer, Diana Caprice, Ratchet Altair and Roserita Aries.
  16. To Culwych actually. I wanna hear his thoughts.
  17. I would like to know your thoughts on my fight: Johnny Cage vs Mr. Hercule Satan.
  18. "A long time ago, In a galaxy far, far, away." As I said to the people who thought Darth Vader, Yoda, and Starkiller didn't fit in Soul Calibur IV, that's what the movies said at the beginning of the prequels and originals. So lightsabers should not be slicing through their armor like butter. But since it's alien technology, it should at least be able to dent the armor and shields and at least be able to stab through it, not slice.
  19. They said about Bartleby and Loki: No Duo teams. I tried again, quality unaccepted by editor. 1. I am still confused to why some people will not have duos (again Batman and Robin and Billy and Jimmy Lee, etc.). 2. Quality unaccepted means I have to find more reliable sources, right?
  20. Why NOT duo teams? I mean, I tried putting Bartleby and Loki, and it makes sense why they should be in here. They never seperated like how Jay and Silent Bob never moved away from each other. So they are denied because they are duo? Might as well not have Jay and Bob then...
  21. Hope it's good for the challenge. http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=25285
  22. Yeah sorry dude. I was in the middle of almost finishing the set up, but the computer shut down in front of me somehow. I'll try to put the diolouge up here as soon as I can. And this will be an entry for the CBUB Challenge when it's done.
  23. "YEEEEAAAAH! Your world champion, Hercule, will crush anyone who dares challenge me like he was one one of those peeled grapes!" I crushed the radio before I could hear any more of this guy’s stupid voice. Hercule, Hercule Satan, Mr. Satan, Mr. Hercule Satan. I see this guy on billboards, magazines, blogs, videos, infomercials, even on my cereal box. This guy won't even let me enjoy my breakfast without having to advertise about an action figure about him on my box of Corn Flakes. "Come on buddy, what’s wrong? You haven't said anything. Not that I care or anything, it's just that I'm used to hearing about your next movie idea and who your partnering up with." I sighed. "It's this guy." I point at the ad on the box. "This guy won't even let me finish my cereal." He looked at the box. He let out a huge laugh. "Your bothered by Hercule!? Oh god that's rich!" I look at him with an evil glare. "What's that supposed to mean?" "I'm saying that you two are alike! Your both loudmouthed, your cocky, always bragging about your fame and always want to be famous." "But Unlike him, I can actually fight, my movies are actually not tales of heroic deeds that have been altered too look like I was the one who did all the saving, I killed combatants, and I have my Shadow Kick! And unlike you, Jax, I don't need cyber enhancments to boost my strength. They are pretty awesome, but still." Jax rubbed his chin. "Okay, you got a point there. But what are ya' gonna do about him?" I got up from my chair and ripped my shirt to reveal "JOHNNY" tattooed on my chest. "I'm gonna give this guy a taste of Johnny Cage!"I put on a pair of shades that I happened to have with me. "I'm back baby!" Jax face palmed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "BWAHAHAHA! That challenge I put up will be enough to put me through a lot of fun! And that little line just made me 20 percent cooler (you get one free internet if you know the reference.)". He was sitting down watching T.V., drinking a beer. He heard a knock on the door. "Oooh! I wonder if it's a fan wanting an autograph!" He got up to answer the door. But when he opened it, no one was there. He looked around to see if someone was trying to hide, but all he could find was a note on his door step: Dear Hercule, You have been challenged to an ultimate showdown of epic proportions! Meet me at the World Martial Arts Competition! From, Johnny Cage He had to read it over again to actually believe that somebody not only accepted his challenge, but it was also Johnny Cage, the world famout movie star that entered Mortal Kombat. "BWAHAHAHA! This guy wants a challenge? He'll get a challenge!" He got into his car and drove to the W.M.A.C.. While driving, he heard him on the radio: "Yeah that's right I accepted his challenge! And I'll beat him into submission! You wanna know why!? Well let's see: my movies are actually successful, I can actually fight more than one person at once, I train in my spare time when I'm not doing movies, and I entered Mortal Kombat! Yeah, that's right: Mortal Kombat! You might be world champion, but I actually helped save the world numorous times! And guess what? You will get CAGED!" He turned off his radio. "I’ll show that little movie star...." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When he arrived at the W.M.A.C., he found a crowd on people waiting at the parking lot. When he got out of the car, Hercule posed. "I see you fans are here to support me! Well I..." "We're not here for you old man! Were here for Johnny!" "WHAAT!" A limo pulled up at a parking space with a 'reserved' sign. A person got out: He had slicked back brown hair, had shades on, and he had on a tuxedo. "Johnny Cage is in the house!" The people ran up to him and begged for autographs. Next thing you know it, even the news cast was there wanting and interview. Hercule was so pissed that he pulled a huge tantrum. One so bad that everyone stopped what they were doing and watched him. "This ain't fare! I am the world champion! I won the Cell Games! I am the big hero!" "Yeah, he's the hero here! Not the fake movie star!" Hercule turned around to find a lot of his fans backing him up. "Everyone know that Mortal Kombat was a just a story that Johnny made up so he could get famous!" Johnny’s fans shouted back at Hercules: "We could say the same with Hercules 'victory' at the Cell Games! Did you even see him beat up Cell? No, you didn't!" The fanboys and girls were debating with facts and sources and even the stuff they believed happened. "Hercule" Everyone stopped and stared at Johnny who was pointing at Hercule. "Let's have a match. Right here, right now!" Hercule put his hands on his hips. "GYAHAHAHAHA! All you young punks think you can beat me because you make movies and do tricks!" Faster than he can even blink, Johnny did a Shadow Kick,and stopped inches away from Hercules nose. "You call that a trick? Then where are the smoke and mirrors? Where are the projectors?" Hercule was sweating bullets. He put on a fake smile. "You must have a device strapped somewhere on you, that’s how." Johnny put his foot down. He then ripped the top of his tux to reveal his bare muscular chest with his first name tattooed on his chest. "The only trick there is is talent." Hercule got into a fighting stance. "If you win, you get to have my title as World Champion!" Johnny got into a stance. "And if you win, I'll tell everyone in public T.V. that I was the 'fake' all along." "Deal!" Fanboys and fangirls were cheering. They were cnahting Hercules name and Johnny Cages name. Hercule ran towards Cage and did a flying kick "Dynamite Kick, HYAAAH!" Cage did his Shadow Kick. Both of their attacks were gonna connect. Who will win? The Wolrd Matial Arts Champion Hercule Satan? Or the famous action movie star and Mortal Kombat kombatant Johnny Cage? You decide.
  24. So we have to put the link to the match in here?
  25. Now this REALLY makes me want to get rid of my writers block. I HAVE to get to work!
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